Santaco wants R250 a day compensation for taxi drivers

Santaco wants R250 a day compensation for taxi drivers

2020-04-07 05:56:00 PM

Santaco wants R250 a day compensation for taxi drivers

Santaco estimates that the industry will need about R3.5 billion to provide relief to about 250,000 taxis on the roads.

“We recognise that our members are losing income and their livelihood is severely compromised, therefore we established this fund that will cushion the blow to our members: taxi owners, drivers, rank managers, queue marshals and taxi associations workers,” Santaco president Phillip Taaibosch said at a briefing in Johannesburg on Tuesday.

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Members of taxi associations have to apply for the funding via a portal.“The claims will differ from one province to another but the driver will receive plus-minus R250 a day for the period of the lockdown. The compensation might not be 100% but it is just to ensure you are able to survive.

Taaibosch added they would ensure that owners and office staff would get fair compensation, regardless of the complexity of them belonging to different associations.“Empty seats will be compensated on a fair basis,” Taaibosch maintained.Applicants will only be able to register once on the portal and put through one claim that covers the lockdown period.

The independent relief fund will be managed by SkX – a protiviti member firm which provides “consulting solutions in internal audit, risk and compliance, technology, business processes, data, analytics and finance”, according to its website.Anyone can donate to the relief fund, according to Santaco, which estimates that the industry will need about R3.5 billion to provide relief to about 250 000 taxis that operate on the roads.

“The fund is not aimed at bringing any member to profitability and we call on government and the private sector to contribute to the fund,” Taaibosch added.Santaco will announce when the application process opens. Read more: The Citizen News »

Blessed is the hands that give Santaco give to this situation Knowing Mr Fix...He will say yes in the next headline Biggest joke, show evidence that tax, uif etc is paid before you have rights to make this statement This people don't appreciate, people are loosing their jobs unaware, some companies are going to struggle to open and operate after lockdown...

OK Give it to them - upon production of a valid Tax Clearance certificate as with all other businesses. Are they taxpayers to be able to claim payments from our taxes They should first pay mandatory tax and UIF before they talk too much. Where the hell does they think that R250 a day will come from? Madness!

Who must compensate them? They must go to lockdown with their taxis. actually they want their businesses to operate and government to pay salaries. Other businesses are using their savings and exploring salary cut Y while people we r home Idiots ...... yes pay ... but for math lessons. Good thing the rest of our country are not feeling the crunch ....

From who, are they making UIF contributions? So are you going to give them their Boss's adress or should we organize that? I thought they were allowed to drive mos? One thing nice about this is that protest won't make any difference They are really dreaming yet they don't even pay tax, breaking traffic laws to jeopardize people's lives on daily basis. This is madness

Madness they paying their drivers R500 a week This ' industry ' which the ANC is so proud of kills more innocent civilians in a normal week in 'accidents' than the COVID 19 virus. You do not obey the law and treat other motorists and your customers like shit. So SANTACO can fu*k right off. Not a chance. Let the taxi bosses ( Mafia ) pay then from their own personal fortunes. They do not obey the law even during a crisis and are a law unto themselves. If they want any govt help they must first teach their drivers how to obey the law and respect their passengers

They are a government of their own let them pay themselves the R250 Jaaaas Madness, do they pay their drivers that? Do they pay tax? They are mad They must go jump.. Tell them yo register as a business and PAY TAX first ! They must go jump.. marinavanzyl Nonsense. Bunch of crazy people! They don't know government gets revenue from taxes which they are not paying....

ok Santaco will pay that R250 provided that you provide proof that you have been paying SARS, UIF and provide insurance policy papers that covers all passengers, and proof that taxis are road worthy, license disc not expired and a license to operate etc A day?! Fukc why work then at all? Where they getting the taxes from?!

Took them some time, maybe they were still doing the math 🤷‍♂️ Do they pay tax? Is Santaco paying tax to SARS? I am sure government will help you with the taxes you pay........or not R250 it's a lot Go get it by the taxi bosses don't come and make demands here I don't even get a cent from government why should they give a industry that have his own rules

Maked perfect sense

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