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SANDF to deploy more soldiers across the country as fight against COVID-19 intensifies

2020-03-28 10:25:00 PM

SANDF to deploy more soldiers across the country as fight against COVID-19 intensifies

The South African National Defence Force (SANDF) says it will deploy members from its Reserve Force to complement contingents deployed across the country in the battle against the spread of the coronavirus.

President Cyril Ramaphosa has officiallydeployed members of SANDFto support the police throughout the 21-day national lockdown.South Africa has the highest number of infections on the continent with 1 187 confirmed cases and one death recorded. There have been 31 recoveries from the infection.

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“The SANDF is calling up members from the reserve force to complement the already deployed SANDF members in the fight against COVID-19. The SANDF will deploy in various capacities in the implementation of the national lockdown in order to recruit a broad plan of urban and rural operations. The SANDF is grateful to reserve force members for their willingness to serve and appeals to civilian employees to release their staff members called up for reserve force service,” says SANDF Spokesperson Siphiwe Dlamini.

In this video below, President Ramaphosa deploys army hours before lockdown:20 arrests in MpumalangaMore than 20 people have been arrested in Mpumalanga for alleged non-compliance with the coronavirus lockdown regulations. This was revealed by authorities as they crisscrossed the province.

Community Safety MEC Gabsile Shabalala and Police Provincial Commissioner Mondli Zuma were in Ermelo to observe at first hand if people are complying with the rules of the lockdown.Zuma says all those who disobey the call will be arrested. Read more: SABC News Online »

Step down sir before kushube These people are so ignorant 🙄please send each place some soldiers Those soldiers are the ones who will spread the virus since they aren't wearing protection and they not applying social distance SANDF Skop AN Donder Force ANC voters are continuously disregarding the laws like they disregard to pay their electricity in Soweto because they always bargain with their party for lawlessness in exchange for votes

Ive heard and seen President talking about soldiers, what soldiers did he deploy huh 🤔 SMakgobathe Prblm adult want to be treated like kids I don't see these soldiers wearing protective gear I hope they watching their health as it won't help if they end up doing the infecting... Heee I guess corona was very amused by this regalia, why dress-up like this for corona? We just wasted millions of money on students who decided on China for education, just any moment real issues are a moment away.

Soldiers to fight C19? How? He wants to fight his own people Why haven’t these ‘soldiers’ been deployed in previous weeks/months/years to fight crime? Where have they been? Where I live it's like an abandoned town. You could even hear a pin drop from next door. So they waited for the first confirmed case to act, when they knew about the global outbreak and did nothing to prevent it from coming into our shores. We have been let down by our own government.

Tembisa It's high time we utilise neighborhood watch volunteers coz it seems SANDF needs assistance Please allocate more soldiers to high density areas? In the townships too, please It is time that soldiers handle the situation. bongadlamini_ They should deploy them to Port Elizabeth townships. People are living their normal lives this side. Akhonto siyithatha serious.

Please Virginia is in need of soldiers asap tsakalawa Please send some to Western Cape township. These people are moving around a lot I tell you. Kids are even playing in the streets. Bafuna iquza esinqeni qha Asiba sabi💃 🤣🤣😅 Sandy must deploy almost 90% of them. Ku rough outside How does the solders help fight covid'19?

Cape town townships we want lots of solders on ground everytime please More money, taxes will increase more North West I'm deeply sorry to confess that they're late. And those soldiers are not deployed in white areas. 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🍀 East London please Mxm 🙄 we have never been on lockdown here Freedom Park/ Devland South of Johannesburg. Hope this move will bring about change.

HaakMasandf Yes please because wow the ignorance “... as the fight intensifies...” am I missing something here Kgane a se ba bantshe kamoka ka nako e 1? Good Move

Covid-19 lockdown: Be a force of kindness, not of might, Ramaphosa tells SANDFPlacing the country on a 21-day lockdown was a very difficult decision to come to but it was one that had to be made to save lives, says President Cyril Ramaphosa. AlettaPutso JKwritingz Why does the President wear a military uniform without a rank? PTE CyrilRamaphosa? JKwritingz While Bheki Cele is making threats left and right JKwritingz He also said they're going on a mission to save people!😯

Public warned not to taunt SANDFSouth Africans have been warned not to taunt or test soldiers deployed to enforce the 21-day lockdown. Or else?..... a violent illegal assault by the looks of it! Warn the SANDF not to abuse their power I have already seen videos of them assaulting people

This is not the time for 'skop 'n donner', Ramaphosa tells SANDF ahead of lockdown deploymentPresident Cyril Ramaphosa has deployed the SANDF ahead of the national lockdown with a warning that this was not the time for 'skop 'n donner', but a time for the soldiers to help the country defeat the invisible enemy, the coronavirus. Yes Mr President Y’all need to be 1M or more apart sir 👀

Ramaphosa still needs parliament’s permission to deploy SANDFAn influential ANC member with parliamentary experience was worried that, since parliament was not sitting, it could be a problem unless an urgent session was convened. Y’all are just tweeting stupid now, it’s a section 201 deployment . Read your acts ☺️ Can't believe you guys get your facts so wrong. Have you run out of material to write about and now you make things up? Hi GovernmentZA PresidencyZA KhuselaS Can we report this as FAKE NEWS and get someone arrested here? LockdownSA SAlockdown

‘Nothing wrong with Ramaphosa wearing SANDF uniform’ - Defence MinisterDefence Minister Nosiviwe Maphisa-Nqakula has clarified criticism of President Cyril Ramaphosa wearing the uniform of the South African National Defence Force on Thursday. Just because you say it doesn’t make it acceptable every dictatorship starts with a uniform. Khadaffi wore it and see what happened to him I disagree. We are supposed to have a military arm overseen by civil society. That is the white paper concept. CR wearing military uniform implies something else

SANDF to focus on Sandton and Bedfordview as Gauteng’s hotspotsThe SA National Defence Force was deployed at midnight when the country went into lockdown. You see why they fail to keep our borders. Focus where are not most needed. Rich people always behave. The poor like me... gwannyewa nou ... the thought. Hotspot sandton, actually high risk zone