SAMA: Get tested for COVID-19, even if you think it's flu

The organisation said there is a very thin line between the flu and the Omicron variant.


2021-12-07 07:00:00 PM

Get tested for COVID-19, even if you have mild flu-like symptoms. That's the advice from the South African Medical Association

The organisation said there is a very thin line between the flu and the Omicron variant.

Managing our health over the last two years, has been challenging. The slightest hint of a headache or a sore throat, has been cause for concern for many of us. So, when should we treat it as just an ordinary sniffle or a cough? And when should we get tested for Covid-19? eNCA speaks to SA Medical Association's Mvuyisi Mzukwa for more. Courtesy

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JOHANNESBURG - Get tested for COVID-19, even if you have mild flu-like symptoms.That's the advice from the South African Medical Association.READ:The organisation said there's a very thin line between the flu and the Omicron variant."It's important to test no matter how mild symptoms look like," SA Medical Association's Mvuyisi Mzukwa said.

READ:"You need to make sure it's not COVID-19."Don't treat lightly whatever symptoms you have until you test, that's my advice."

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lol.. imagine coughing R800 to be told you are sick Cause it is flu... 😅 😂😂😂😂 yeah because flu doesn't exist anymore The country has a lot of emergencies, rape cases, GBV, accidents, unemployment, poverty and many more. Why are you stagnant with covid? Never dear enca Covid-19 government grant is still only can also be beneficial add me up or text up for more information

So now they've run out of ideas to increase the so called fabricated numbers, the moment you test even a minor normal summer flu will be declared as covid-19, stay at home and take your normal flu medication as you used to Only fools will sum on Oh, so to keep the numbers up? There would be no pandemic without the testing. The testing is what's creating the panic.

COVID-19 | SAMRC: Vaccines vital in fighting OmicronThe council is urging people to get vaccinated as this prevents severe disease and death. It doesnt work for omicron so please explain You being in my life has been a blessing my regards and praise to God for bringing you into my life and that of my family 👇👇 Michaelafuchsfx 🤑🤑🤑

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You people enjoy seeing us panic neh But you can still cook numbers without our involvement. Why do you wanna make us spend money? 😂😂😂 No. So you can ramp up the fear!!!!! Try to find another way to test COVID-19 cz yhoooooo ibuhlungu le ndlela kwenziwa ngayo Congratulations to the lucky winners yesterday.We are still giving out a payment of R17000 to R19000 to the first 30 people to comment CASH just like we did yesterday .Mike67857

Is obvious what you called COVID is flu Problem ke masente bosso R850 for a mere rapid test, is other countries that's a free test.

What is so concerning about the Omicron variant of Covid-19?The World Health Organisation (WHO) says Omicron poses a “very high” risk. Bullshit Follow the money Voetseeeeeek there's no Corona where I stay. Vaccinate Ramaphosa's children

So that you can say I have Covid-19? Soze Ya'll are cooking numbers oko.. We see you 👀 Lol nope Now if I test positive for COVID-19 will I be hospitalized this time around? If I have flu it ends, now around my area people have persistent flu. Does that fall under the coronavirus concern or is there something sinister we should know about?

Voetsek We earn R350. How do you subtract R850 from R350, Don’t be stupid y’all. That's the message from those benefiting from the R850 experience. Fully appreciate the need for testing, not sure how the pricing could not have changed by now. Someone is getting VERY rich from all of these tests!!... The truth

Until when?

The PSL, Covid-19 and a scary strategy of play-at-all-costWhat is going on? Well, it would have been nice if the PSL would let us know.

Y'all evil AF!! To hell we don't worship disease here to helll you guys No. Be it covid or flu, we have to live with it! Look at daily infections vs deaths... This covid thing needs to end now! We cannot be dictated to and trapped like this for life! If people are meant to die then so be it. No man has control over death so we need to face life head on!

They need more tests to manipulate the numbers It's a scam South Africans have to pay R850 for a Covid19 test You want to tell us percentages🤦🏽‍♂️ we are tired So that you will lie

What is so concerning about the Omicron variant of Covid-19?The World Health Organisation (WHO) says Omicron poses a “very high” risk.

Voetsek We know you gonna say it’s Covid nje, happened to me few days ago R850 for covid19 test. Andizi Is anyone investigating the prices they charge for covid tests? Vele its flu....flu its normal and obviously you just say its covid🙄 ..and be told it's covid even if it's flu So now even flue is covid 19 now.....

No... 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

COVID-19 Vaccine | Nedlac supports mandatory jabsLabour Minister, Thulas Nxesi, says mandatory policies will depend on risk assessments. Mandatory vaccine is needed especially to people with stubborn minds.CovidVaccine South Africa can jump start its economy if it does the following: 1-Remove the race based BBBEE laws! 2-Remove all labour law red tape! 3-Reduce Corporate Income Tax to 22%! (This will be lowered to 27% next year tho) eNCA DStv403 Nedlac can support whatever they want. WE, THE PEOPLE don't supoort Mandatory Vaccinations. What happened to determining what the people want? Is this world dictated by 'scientists'? If THE PEOPLE don't want Vaccines, why force? We will RESIST!

Ayi anime kancane Too expensive They'll say it's Covid even when it's not. REMEMBER THE LAW OF GOD DO NOT KILL Mncm Ori_Debig_Beats Badzakiwe labo They want to jump up the numbers Nisile nina we'll test Jan I never once visited the hospital nor clinic, now you're saying I must get tested for a flu that my immune system can just get rid of naturally all of a sudden? While it's those who have taken the vaccine who are actually sick, dying.

Ori_Debig_Beats Soyicela ivuthiwe.

The yo-yo of Covid-19 contradictions keeps Brits guessingThe UK will soon know if its scientific feats have produced a normal Christmas

They wanna sabotage our economy 😏 Ori_Debig_Beats Collecting 850s I see! Ori_Debig_Beats Lol So that they can keep the numbers up to scare us into joving, oskalayo asjovi udoti wabo lo. What's the catch... you demon ka satan set a trap To add to your billion dollar profit? Who will pay for it? So has the good ol flu somehow vanished ?

What the hell I can barely cope financially, but they want us to pay 850 per test And if you go to the hospital, you will only have results when you are over it. At R850

Phone your boss and tell him you’re not coming in because you have no symptoms so you may have covid whose costs? Of course that's their advise easy money for them No thanks. Can't be treated anyway. Its just like a cold. Who is going to pay for that test you fools. Get tested and they will say you have Covid to get total infections up! Then you'll have something to justify your VaccineMandate agenda! We not dumb! Suka Wena!

So if we have flu we must test for Covid-19? Is this an admission! Boost your body with vitamins Beter still one should have flu shots by May each year. I had mine 1 May 2021. Getting tested 4 something that is created only these fools who will agree to your scam, I don't know how stupid they are not to see the government want to see everyone injected with their shit, xa une nqondo do you think this virus would still smash us at this time futsek....

So you wanna suck us dry financially, then kill us. No thank you. We dont trust anything now. What if there is poison even in those diagnostic test kits? We dont trust this government. Its president is a liar. Have those test kids ever tested if they are not contaminated? Make testing free ... Are you being serious right now?

So they can boost the number. For themselves to keep busy under lockdown and to get more money from WHO At R850 a test? That is exactly a tank petrol brother! Who will cover the R850 bill, lahlanya. We have kids to buy Christmas clothes with this money than wasting it on all this nonsense as if we haven't been having flu all our lives

HiV testing its completely free and yet people hardly opt to do it. Covid-19 testing is one hella expensive (not the looters route) and here they are still expecting my fellow poor brother and sisters to get tested..fascinating.. Are you being serious right now? I have never visited the clinci or hospital to just check that im doing... njani njenganini lmao we see ur tricks

Ain't got time for that bullshit ke busy job hunting NO Great idea except clinics turn people away when they have been in contact with someone +. They go as far as to say they don't waste government resources & write it off as flu. Happened to me & again this week to a family member. Forced to fork out the R850 and +

PCR test fraud Vaccine for what exactly when your same government speaks like this... 🤣 Somebody markets a profit making scheme based on that

So now you want to cook the test results?Obviously whoever comes will be positive regardless So that you can say its omicron 😂🤣asfun At R850 a test. Yes I am sure everyone can afford that. Some people are battling to put food on the table. So how's gonna pay? voetsek Why? How does it help? Yes so they can up the numbers good👍

Lol. Who can afford to get tested in South Africa? No free clinics near me, and the one I phoned the number did not exist.. So you can ramp up the numbers? Is government not meeting their target for this wave? Wy And if you tested negative for the first time, go test again in few days…just to sure-SURE. Cos I saw this TikTok the other day.

Hmmm… no thanks And what's the point? What's that, so I can isolate and panic? How Sway? I live in a small apartment with wife and kids. By the time we test we're all positive anyway. The best I can do is keep the kids in the house (no school, no playing outside) as soon as I see some symptoms. More fake stats

All u vaccine pushers ,the truth will come out Voetsek naaiers Media Induced Indoctrination Get Tested Let's get those cases up. Lockdown must go to higher levels. Christmas Holidays must be cancelled. ScamDemic Covidmmunism Y'all can't make enough money with Vaccine, now you want to get it through tests.

Please leave us alone . We don’t want that vaccine . We are not interested in 5 shots of fake vaccine that still can’t penetrate Covid in our real bodies . Regards, Twitter Admin Get tested with what money?

Stuff your advice.