SA scientists say up to 50,000 COVID-19 deaths possible

SA scientists say up to 50,000 COVID-19 deaths possible

2020-05-21 04:44:00 PM

SA scientists say up to 50,000 COVID-19 deaths possible

The country already has the highest number of infections and deaths on the continent.

File: Health workers fill out documents before performing tests for COVID-19 coronavirus on other health workers at the screening and testing tents set up at the Charlotte Maxeke Hospital in Johannesburg, on April 15, 2020.Michele Spatari / AFPJOHANNESBURG - South Africa could see up to 50,000 coronavirus deaths and as many as 3 million infections by the end of the year as the southern hemisphere winter leads to a higher rate of infection, scientific models showed on Thursday.

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The country already has the highest number of infections and deaths on the continent, with more than 18,000 identified cases and 339 deaths, but a national lockdown entering its sixth week had slowed infections.However scientists and statisticians hired by the health ministry to model the spread of the disease said the country could see between 35,000 and 50,000 coronavirus deaths by November.

READ:Infant among latest COVID-19 deaths in SA"We haven't really crushed the curve," said one of the experts, Harry Moultrie, in a presentation shown on television."We also have some significant concerns that because of the focus on COVID-19, this may compromise other areas like HIV and TB."

The models, which consider best and worst scenarios, see as many 3 million possible coronavirus cases by November, while demand for hospital beds is seen peaking at 45,000, around ten times the current intensive care bed availability.One of models showed the lockdown had reduced the rate of infection by 60%, and that since the beginning of May, when lockdown restrictions were eased, that had fallen to 30%.

"With the lockdown we were creating a physical barrier that prevents the virus from moving," said Minister of Health Zweli Mkhize."The lockdown had a particular value. Now we are trying to move to a slightly different strategy which is the risk-adjusted approach."

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Wher is this figure based from because the bottom line this is inevitable something is created to create fear and then a cure tired of being manipulated Scientists and Economists are the same, they always predict doom and misery... Seniqalile ke nale stats senu 😂😂😂😂😂 they will be so disappointed. We are not afraid of their stats

Are y'all planning to kill them How do y'all know it's gonna be up to 50 000 if there are still less than 400 that have died...? BS Why only deaths? Come up with solutions instead... Useless scientists... 😂😂that's an exaggerated estimate you spreading lies some were predicting 40k who must we blv now Remember when this one adamhousley claimed that SA government has ordered body bags. Any update Adam?

Muskont Feeding the public with information from Covid_19 data modeling is really not necessary - these are just assumptions not facts. An illness can be aggressive or regress at anytime. day56oflockdown Nonsense mani 😠 Why are they opening the nasal cavity with the swab test during our yearly flu season? My husband had flu symptoms the same day . I'm starting to believe people are being chipped with the swab test

If hype was a thing... these scientists. 🤦🏾‍♂️ Just to clarify, winter itself does not make the actual virus any more contagious or infectious. Unless I’m wrong. This is most probably around the increased potential of generating more aerosol producing actions. dont believe these people they dont knw. they keep guessing. ABAZILUTHO

SAFA😢 Wow catching up to the murder rate! And here we go again.....! fearporn LamestreamMedia Its just an opinion! I hope they not proven to be correct. Human life cannot be mathematically modelled unless you are the ones infecting people to prove your hypothesis. Oh kana we have scientists Iyooo I like to know which scientist? Is it the same scientist who said the virus would die here because of our climate? Truth is you are making people scared, most of them are elderly, who's unable to reason or debate. Fear is going to kill people because of idiots like you.

So 6% infection and 1.7% mortality? Great reporting. Gosh 3 million potential number ... Would be highest in the world at peak then wouldn't we ? 225 people die of heart attacks per day 57 people are murdered per day 10 million people fell ill to TB in 2018 of which 1.5 million died the country closed down for Corona these scientist are getting paid huge amounts of money so they have to say something to make them look good

Possible? But not probable. Haha . Last month 30k, yesterday 40k and now today 50k . Let’s be honest , you all in the dark here and looking for the light switch My opinion is that the government/'SA scientists' are using the fear to control the public now.. we knew coming in what it was and know they keep chancing the numbers everyday higher so we remain fearful and easily controlable...

They're insane Some scientists, surely. Was 40 000 yesterday, 50 000 today, guess it will be 60 000 tomorrow and 70 000 the next day. Can I seek employment as a scientist. Oh come on... I hope instead of the estimates, you are hard at work looking for the cure. Prophets of doom. 128 000 SA’s died of AIDS in 2017 and 80 000 in 2018. No lockdown.

🤣🤣 from 40 to 50.. now science is confused. 😂😂 What did I learn from the Wuhan Coronavirus? I learned that people will believe anything. They have got it wrong before and possibly still have it wrong this time. Instead of finding cure they are busy scaring us... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🚮🚮🚮thats nonsense, trying to scare people to accept vaccines. How did they reach that conclusion? How do you predict death... you cannot even predict the death rate even if we are all infected, these are lies.

Aren't they scientists to come up with solutions? Why then sowing fear? Alarmists At least it's not 80k anymore Scientists that are part of the 30%’ers I’m sure People who seem to be arguing with stats coming from experts make sure you at least have a degree of some sought 🤣🤣🙆🏿‍♂️ That’s 0.08% of our population... we tanked the entire country for that. Seems fair

They are busy scaring us, now i have been retrenched because of this 'scientists' and their lies.mxm But their telling us it's ok for the kids to go back to school Mmmm without serious action it will be more. back to level 5 and quarantined all cases for 3 weeks. call early election after pandemic. Which scientists?

And ? Why don't you submissive media slaves lett that every day 1300 people in SA die due to other reasons. More than 400000 a year. Why are you making no story about those 400000 ? Are you getting paid for the propaganda ? WHERE IS THE PROOF?! How were these numbers calculated!?!?! 300 to 50k in 6 months?!? What drives that?!?

What hurts is the fact that they're going to sacrifice the poor black ppl who never visited Italy WOW not a million or 2 million? Over how many years? 2 months and 200 deaths? Those models are bs Hope doesn't get 2 dat point 😪😢😪😢😪😪😪😪 Ahhh off already Quite a substantial drop since March. These scientist must make up their minds! Those in the UK and USA have also reversed their initial projections. These people are toying with our lively hoods …

Don't wear mask's people , mask's are deadly Thes scientist have been debunked. If so what are waiting for?madagascar cure People who are drawing up all these models are smoking socks Firstly none of their model's told us that CT will have more cases than any other province Now they are telling us that we will have 13 mil cases by Nov Meaning more double of current cases worldwide 😂 BS!

So they are expecting 5 million infections? The global total. Just stop. 30%'ers to the front of the row It might be even more than that... but i sure hope not. The way things are progressing this Pandemic is far from being over.

Covid-19 deaths rocket over the age of 50, Western Cape stats showCovid-19 is attacking the young but killing the old, according to statistics from the Western Cape. Seriously, and you get all that from 300 deaths, and what do you get from the 60 body bags of murder victims every single day and the trillions embezzled by the ANC cadres. Remarkable science of the mathematically impaired?

Covid-19 deaths rocket over the age of 50, Western Cape stats showCovid-19 is attacking the young but killing the old, according to statistics from the Western Cape. Yet we must take the 'young' back to school ? WOW !

COVID-19 LIVE UPDATES | 40,000 could die in SA when Covid-19 storm peaks: expertsEven as most of the country prepares to head to level 3 of government's alert levels at the end of this month, the department of health can only hope that it will have done enough to drill into South Africans the need to practise the non-pharmaceutical interventions of social distancing, heightened hygiene and mask wearing, in the absence of treatment for the virus. Black people will not be part of the stats even now we are not

COVID-19: SA cases now over 17,000, death toll at 312Health Minister Zweli Mkhize announced that the Northern Cape has recorded its first death. Ooh my God!!!!🤦🤦over 17000. Please God interven And JUNE is almost here... Not my kids, please. Rather wait till. God have mercy

40,000 could die in SA when Covid-19 storm peaks: expertsSA is likely to face a crisis due to a shortage of ICU beds when the Covid-19 storm lands wreaking havoc and claiming at least 40,000 lives. “Could” but certainly won’t. Government is desperately trying to scare us to justify this stupid lockdown. This model is nonsensical assumes worst cases not seen anywhere else in the world. Utter rubbish Its a guess It could?..'CVD is the leading cause of death in South Africa after HIV/AIDS 5. More South Africans die of CVD than of all the cancers combined 5. CVD is responsible for almost 1 in 6 deaths (17.3%) in South Africa 6. 215 people die every day from heart disease or strokes 6.'

Covid-19 in SA: This is where the 27 new deaths and 803 infections came fromSouth Africa’s 27 new deaths on Wednesday came from the Western Cape and Eastern Cape provinces, data released by Health Minister Zweli Mkhize shows. | Day55ofLockdown Can't wait until it reaches last year's flu levels, 10,000,000+ Minister in EC shitted herself.. And in the rest of the country, people only die from colds, flu, aids related diseases, smoking related diseases, liquor related diseases, ignorance related diseases....