SA lockdown: Sex workers call for inclusion in 'essential services'

SA lockdown: Sex workers call for inclusion in 'essential services' #eNCA

2020-03-26 02:26:00 PM

SA lockdown: Sex workers call for inclusion in 'essential services' eNCA

Sex workers are calling on President Cyril Ramaphosa to include them as an essential service.

Lesego Tlhwale from the Sex Workers Education and Advocacy Taskforce (SWEAT) said sex workers are losing income due to the pandemic."Sex workers are the hardest hit at this point because of the nature of the work that they do, it requires physical contact.

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"With the national lockdown in force, it means that there is no contact that sex workers can do with their clients or ways of making money during this pandemic," said Tlhwale.She said decriminalising sex work in South Africa would ensure that sex workers would not lose money in the future.

WATCH: Transgender sex workers want equality"If sex work was decriminalised, then sex work would be considered work and they would enjoy labour rights, as every South African in the country."So we are saying that sex work needs to be decriminalised so that in times like these they can also be able to claim for UIF and the Temporary Relief Scheme that the President spoke about."

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Grandtrek Uncharted

They are so full of jokes Who are they going to service if everyone is under lock down? Are they going to make house calls and thereby spread the virus? They can claim compensation from UIF if they are taxpayers Kak 🤮 Isn't prostitution illegal?🤔🤔🤔 Why are you even minding them? To spread Corona and HIV... seriously

Do sex workers pay membership fees to this association, SWEAT Nonsense while spouses celebrate lockdown, some still want to grap us away. Then we'll reach a HIV AIDS pandemic 😂 Madness Lmao I’m not saying they are right but I’m not saying they are wrong either They are really pushing it now those Let me fix the title for you...'Sex workers call for financial support from government amid SA lockdown'...

That's irresponsible considering that physical contact is necessary for their line of work. thulidlamini47 The government cannot afford to supply these for protection... Yes and they going to go their clients house, really I don't think so!! Wife uyayazi the car of his husband.. Even the number plates shded

😂 What the...!! Get that bag regardless Yeah, right 😂😂😂 they've got jokes🤣 Selling to who So they want to stay 'open' for business....? I thought the whole idea of LockdownSA is to help with social isolation , less physical contact... Why in your video you show black sex workers as if white people and other races to not perform sex work?

Which part of 'no contact' don't they understand? Is it now legal People are fighting for their rights..... Essensual services ;) For most men indeed an essential service but not in the true sense an essential service....however sex workers should qualify for smme assistance Surely that will be a vote of no confidence in your wife and all your girlfriends 🤔

The government must pretend to register them and take their details, when that is done, arrest them all. Haaaaaaaaaaaa 🙁 Are they for real now? Do they even know how does one get infected ? 🤣😂 Rather report about street vendors than prostitutes We are in this mess because of them, evil workers of Sodom and Gomorrah

Yes, you get this 'service' with and without viruses..... They got a point Are they going to do house calls? Their clients can't go pick them up Their cost will exceed their revenue, they gonna end up being financially ruined. It is obvious that they financial managers and strategy champions is useless Their services involve some serious physical contact, can't work

Well... if anyone is an expert at being risk-averse 🤷🏽‍♂️.... 🤣🤣🤣 No wait am I reading right lmao I wonder what the verdict is going to be

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