SA Lockdown: Police arrest over 7,000 people in KZN

SA Lockdown: Police arrest over 7,000 people in KZN

2021-01-26 10:10:00 PM

SA Lockdown: Police arrest over 7,000 people in KZN

The police say most of the arrests were to do with masks.

The police warn that they will continue with their operations, especially in the hotspot areas of the province. Read more: eNCA »

Winde filled with pride at the achievements of matric class of 2020

Premier Alan Winde says he is proud of the achievements of the Western Cape matric class of 2020, following the release of the National Senior Certificate results.

And not 1 corrupt politician sies Your statement is incomplete...Police arrest OVER 7000 black people in KZN I am sure they arrested black people let me read the article and find out. M wow too, to see Tembisa Police van In KZN The unfamous people get arrested easily Idiots For not wearing mask 😷 neee

Disgrace Mostly people who r arrested during this LOCKDOWN are those who do not hv money or political power. The level of inequality is very high in dis country. So all those 7000 arrested people will be fed on taxpayers money...... In this situation. Intriguing really it is. Where will you put all these people you are arresting? What about arresting the filthy looting politicians that have bankrupted the country to a point far beyond recovery. This ship is going down with the useless filthy corrupt incapable cadres at the helm.

Wenja unamanga Where's Tembisa police station in KZN i see a police van from there? None of them are from other countries yet human traffickers & drug dealer's still own point. Only black Africans I'm 100% sure,u wont find a Indian or white because when Minister Cele comes across them he says (YOU DONT LIKE MASK) and walk away😭💔

Tembisa police van in KZN🤔 👀📸 I'm 1 of them😢 'over 7 000' (CITIZENS, not politicians) autocorrect and yet fail to arrest Mpumalanga premier When are they going to start arresting criminals A public apology, a fine, donation of a 1000 musks and admission of guilt should set them free like other citizens.

These clowns must do their real jobs . Corona nonsense is a looting scam. Exaggerated number. Defy all stupid regulations and f*uck you People must unite and fight back. They cant stop millions. For what exactly? Not wearing a mask? Someone appeared on national TV with no mask but had to pay few cents not to go to jail.

Anc government turns south African citizen into criminals because of a mask that said to help provent the spread of the virus but they say nothing of the negative affect of every day use of mask and our rites if we get sick from constant use of mask 7000 arrests? Where the fck did they out them all? Plz rectify me where's KZN The van states something else

Investing today will save you the stress of financial crisis tomorrow.. Live the kind of life you want today by investing and trading Bitcoin option. Trade with a professional trader and start making good profits today. for transparency and trust DM LISAMARKDONALDD If only the same energy is directed at real crimes.

And that one is o k ? And government changes the rules neh Let me say one thing I know about is that it's fake news and are. Mandated to push a narrative and that is not on the people side but those who fund them so 🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿 Well done. Good job But they scare for the fat cake of anc Why u r showing us a Tembisa police van?...

Tell the police you're ANC and that the regulations don't apply to you. Amaphoyisa asaphenya ngesigameko sangesonto esenzeke on live television 🤡🤡🤡 Big fking clap! They should have been at Jackson's funeral Everyone knows ukuth is raising funds by exploiting black people... A country that’s eat it’s own kids... how can one be proud of such numbers

Good. The idiots in kzn keep voting for scum... Now face the consequences Tyranny!! How about the media talk about the impact of wearing masks on the health of the individuals? Visit - Health Tab - 'Proof masks do more harm than good'. The police have swapped sides imo and they should be ashamed. How much more have paid to be left .Many others never see police policing curfew hours .Those figures would have been much more.

Nami I'll soon be part of that. I'm sick and tired of wearing a mask - my oxygen flow has depleted, I used to be able to hold my breath easily for 30 seconds but now I can barely hold it for 10seconds Imagine if the SAPoliceService should start arresting politicians for corruption! 😱😱😱 However then they would actually have to apply their minds. 🤣

As if those were serious charges majority of those people amaphara n people who weren't wearing masks or imposition of alcohol. Criminals? At ones or the whole year? 🤔 When the lockdown is over we want to see the same energy directed to Human trafficking, Gender Based violence and illegal immigrants.