SA lockdown: KZN school torched

SA lockdown: KZN school torched

2020-04-09 08:58:00 AM

SA lockdown: KZN school torched

This incident comes after four schools in Soshanguve were set alight.

JOHANNESBURG - There's a disturbing trend in the country. Schools are being burnt down.The latest incident is a school in Bergville inKwaZulu-Natalthat was torched on Wednesday night.The incident is being investigated. Read more: eNCA »

Why would any one torch a school, and the same people will come out to say they are poor, no food , no jobs, forgetting that they deprived the younger generation the right to education, “It is easier to build strong children than to repair a broken adult I have only one question - Do you see any white ppl burning their schools?

what happen. So burning schools is the new trend ey Thinking is not for everyone yazi🙄. Burning a school is not abusing Leadership but rather abusing their own children. I guess that will be noted when children need to go to school 🤷‍♀️ What's the motive behind this Where is SAPoliceService and GenBheki_Cele ?

Why torch a school? These imbeciles torched about four public schools in Soshanguve, if not mistaken. I wish these culprits to be apprehended in haste, how can you burn a school? Why not liquor stores and Saloon's? Reckon some folks are just barbarians. Its unfortunate SA still has such minds. Savages 😡

Obviously no one wants to be educated. What angers me, is that it is MY hard earned tax money that goes to rebuild that school. Why are people so destructive? Lack of discipline? Lack of respect? To who ever did this, hope you are severely punished. Picture is similar to one of Soshanguve. I find this quite disturbing, why r schools being targeted during this lockdown. N is only black schools.

Why? Bathong why Cry for education (free) burn down the school. Something doesn't add up on this. I believe that people are looking for tenders after this Stupidity at its best, find them and jail them with no parole People are just looking for government contracts here, nothing else. This is a Gauteng school.

People here in Soshanguve are burning schools because they want alcohol. I really hope the lockdown is not going to be extended because it's just going to make things worse. People will end up looting clothing stores, it's autumn and people need clothes. Idiots. Then they'll strike when the lockdown is over because there's no school 🙈 We need stricter laws.

Whts with people torching schools, same people tht wil b striking after this lockdown saying their kids dnt hv schools.. Hai suka 🚮🚮 Fake picture!! You said it happened in Shoshanguve... Mxm! D hungry man is always angry Not Sosha The mentality of our people is dispairing🙈🙈🙈 Future is doomed What's going on with the torching of schools now..

One more school....this is why we country is like this. People hate to go to school to learn. Why on earth are people behaving so stupidly! We need our schools. Shocking behavior from stupid idiots! So sad! This is totally unacceptable. Madness Where were the military and police? Very scary 😨😨 the was the time trains torched in Cape town, so school torched in South Africa.....kanti what is going on?

I just wonder what is the motive behind? This us really sickening.. The behaviour of the hooligans responsible is uncouth This is really getting out of hand I thought this happened in Soshanguve yesterday This criminals must be arrested ,what's happening with you South Africans destroying our childrens future😭😭😭😭

Minister Cele now we need you more on this alcohol is no longer a burning matter otherwise our children are going to suffer after this lockdown,it is so surprising that there are Police and Soldiers everywhere but criminal activities are still happening Dumbest thing ever, do people think the world is over or just stupid...?

😳😳😳😳😳 Why pipo are doing this like really

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KZN drug rehab centre to reopen during lockdown after legal threatDrug rehabilitation centres in SA, which were forced to close during the lockdown, have now been authorised to accept new patients on referral by a social worker.

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