SA Lockdown: Karim says SA ready to move to Level 3

SA Lockdown: Karim says SA ready to move to Level 3

2020-05-22 01:11:00 PM

SA Lockdown: Karim says SA ready to move to Level 3

Professor Salim Abdool Karim says the peak of infection can be lowered if we stick to social distancing and hand sanitising.

Professor Salim Abdool Karim has become a household name as the man in the know about the coronavirus. He is chairperson of the committee advising government on COVID-19. And he joins us now to tell us how we are doing as a country in our fight against the virus. Courtesy

‘Severely constrained’ KZN government increases King Zwelithini’s budget to R71.3 million Lockdown regulations declared invalid and unconstitutional by high court High Court rules lockdown regulations ‘unconstitutional and invalid’

JOHANNESBURG -Professor Salim Abdool Karim says South Africa is ready to move down to Level 3 lockdown.He says the peak of infection can be lowered if we stick to social distancing and hand sanitising.Otherwise, SA should brace for more infections.WATCH:

Professor Karim says COVID-19 here to stay for a while"If we adopt the current strategies of social distancing, wearing our mask, hand sanitising, wearing our masks when we go into shopping malls and public transport, we could be in a situation where we have a lower peak than what is predicted."

"It is in our hands, if we choose not to follow those rules then we can expect that the peak might even be bigger," Karim said.Professor Karim also weighed in on the debate around reopening schools.He says children should return to the classroom, provided proper sanitation regulations are followed but he warns that small outbreaks of infection should be expected at schools from time to time.

South Africa's total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases is 19,137.Coronavirus Hotline Number: 0800 029 999 from 8am to 4pm, Monday to FridayHelp protect your loved ones by sharing this officialwith your family, friends and community.Send HI to 0600 123 456 on WhatsApp.

The NICD has another Clinician Hotline to improve #COVID19 communication and support for healthcare providers. The Clinician Hotline is 0800 11 1131, operating 24 hrs. The Public Hotline is 0800 029 999 also operating 24hrs. Read more: eNCA »

ProfAbdoolKarim DrZweliMkhize DrButtar DrAnthonyF In South African scenario,Salim Abdool Karim,is just doing what he is being told by American Anthony Fauci.Can Dr Zweli Mkhize,Salim Abdool Karim,Dr Anthony Fauci,and Dr Rashid Batter have a look at the video,then respond Do you think Karim has Kids or Grandkids in School 🏫?

Can we get the reason why like we were given reasons why lockdown was extended, we were told by President we will go back to new normal in phases and scientific evidence will be considered to enable us to move from one stage to the lower one, so we r all ears 👂👂👂 SA ,but not the Goverment. But the idiots NDZ , Cele and Jessie say no because they have another agenda

The old age home of a parliament should close The numbskulls disagree. This old man is confused I guess SouthAfricansP1 Be careful, Health Departement might call for investigation like Prof Glenda Gray Thank you wise master SouthAfricansP1 We not ready to accept anymore communist style draconian laws though.

I still remember his PowerPoint presentation Make up your mind... What model are you using now or has the zol and saliva messed you up. Doesn’t matter what you say Prof..... what say the Fat Lady? My hopes are on him to get through to the others on some sensibility. Communism at play ! What are the levels for?

Let’s see if Govt really are listening to the experts I don't trust this comitee Karim is confused now🤔🤔 The people of South Africa don't realize the power they have, we are being lead by politicians who think they can just wake nd impose thier own rules on us dlaminizumamustfall Y’all just winging it hey but we move

Just delaying the inevitable. But is the government ready for level 3? They appear to have lost the plot completely! Everyday sees new absurd regulations. People will rebel and no longer comply and the govt will be responsible for that! ANC can't even make up their minds, how are they supposed to run our country when they are so messed up. ancMustGo

Great news. What is he saying about tobacco and alcohol because Gogo want to be an unqualified expect. Eish renyako tswa These ppl that r not on the ground just open their traps & talk whatever will sound nicely to their masters. . Western Cape is facing crisis that z irreversible and the schools r opening in a few days. Crazy! Call the MEC fo health Mbombo to account!

Who cares what he says. He will be remembered as the one with the fat lady who sunk the country DlaminiZuma GovernmentZA CyrilRamaphosa and Cyril as the puppet of that fat lady - who by the way should know that being fat is not healthy. With no alcohol.... Mcxim Yes, that's fine. Just give harsher punishment to those contravening alcohol and the smoking regulations. 👏👏👏👏🤝

Lame-stream mainstream media! INVESTIGATE ABDOOL ! And investigate the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation ! Plandemic Agenda21 Agenda2030 VaccineAgenda PopulationControl ID2020 NWO SouthAfrica endthelockdownSA endthelockdownnow By the time we reach stage 1 booooof no one will be employed except the govermuntu. The lockdown was meant for preps to fight the unknown virus,not to cripple the country.r We gonna hide for this virus until when?Sad that poor, are gonna be the victims of all this bullshit

Didn't he say the situation looks very bad few days ago 🤣this one aowa. I agree, we cannot be on lockdown indefinitely. But easing the lockdown cannot be done while cases are rising up sharply, daily deaths increasing, ICU hospitalization going up and the number of people on ventilators is also increasing! This is not the time to go down to level 3.

In the midst of escalating covid-19 cases and increasing deaths? Are we really ready to move down, while the curve is steep and not flattening? I do not think so. All indications are that we should go back to level 5, especially in the WC & EC. ShahanR Akananyani lo tata Government This is very dodgy. Too many 'ifs' in this narrative. Doesn't seem to be fact and scientific based.

dlaminizumamustfall Heeeif jikijki was a person 😂😂😂😂 We really can’t be in lockdown forever, we were give enough to prepare our immune systems. And so may the best one win. Why not level 1. South Africans is really for level 1 last time a checked. Western Cape is also ready to move to leavel 3? 🙄 SKamhunga Its a joke..

Whilst death rates have taken a steep kick up they are still very low in world terms. Nothing that anyone says makes sense anymore. We will go to the next level when the cases decrease and the curve is flattened yet the cases rise and the curve goes upwards & now he says we are ready for level 3. What the heck? These people make no sense. confused

My be its better if we move to level 1 now😭😢 I'm still on level 5.. Move alone Wait till Dicktator dlaminizuma gets hold of him.....🙄 LEVEL 1 Already in level 1 Fuck it, lets gerrit den!!! Level 2 plz Ai Last week they say this week some of the provinces will go to level 3 today is Friday Even the Western Cape🤔🤔🤔?

This professor is on drugs. He told us in order to flatten the curve we must have less than 90 new infections a day but as from today we are experiencing over 700 new infections a day. Based on what? F him too! Will believe it when I see it He’s just nuts🚮🚮🚮 TeaLira12 I don't trust this guy 😓 He is probably bought to say that.........

Well it's done🙂 ProfAbdoolKarim You have not answered the question! Don't tell us it's easy to identify a COVID death, tell us how you have been identifying COVID deaths! Also tell us how, when sick patients who have NOT tested positive for COVID, are identified to have COVID. goss_spg Am parched 🙄

Me a bit stupid ..don't see any flattening of the curve at all lockdown was a complete waste with 40000 estimated deaths from latest models and 1.2 M infections? Me thinks we should rather use mathematical modelling and not this fashion modelling which looks a bit too much. The same guy who said if we had an average of 90+ cases a day we couldn't move lockdown levels? Wow

We have to accept that this virus is going to be here for a long time. There's no cure. There's no vaccine. Life has to go on, but as individuals we have to take precautionary measures to ensure that we don't contract the virus. Whether it's level 5 or level 1 this virus is not going anywhere..didn't make much difference as people did whatever they wanted to

TeaLira12 This Prof is a fool, Oh okay so WHO is wrong to say we not ready 🤨🙁 I believe he wanted to say level 1 He spoke about average 89 cases per week then the lockdown can be lifted,but we average +-4000 cases per week and SA is ready for level 3?😂 How the fuck are we ready Wow great, wonderful .awesome👏👏👏 all we need now is a date!!!Some areas are on level 10 and some have never experienced lock about that date with destiny?

Just open the country once But wasn't he the 1 that said....expect 3mil cases of infections by year end...and 40k death🙄🤔 its go time......people....dont listen to these fools....protect your selves and your families....the covid-19 I'd much more intelligent than these people The rest of SA can move to Level 3. However, WC must stay on level 4 with CityofCT metropolis reverting back to level 5. The Our_DA is busy to murder our people with Covid19SA in WesternCape. alanwinde is a dumb pink arse who have no clue what to do in WC

🍻asbonge 'WISDOM' Prof Karim 🙌😂 Well get on with it then Madness Prof hakeo blame, last time o itse they shouldn't ease restrictions mare habao mamela. So bafe ntho eo bae batlang Then do it now! What the slave contradicts WHO and the minister Prof confuses me. I wonder if he is not selling his scientific soul to the highest bidder. Look how he fashions his views to fit the narrative promoted by the government. Looking out for yourself amigo and if it means throwing colleague under the bus, so be it. Pathetic.

We're ready yes. Recording a thousand cases a day, we're absolutely ready. Ready for Level 0 once Yes!!!! Time to go back to work and earn a living again!!! Power of money final convinced this professor.... So while the infection rate goes up, we can open the economy? 🤔 Tshoarelo_M Vele we are ready for level 3

Wtf. Stupid Then let's do it! I want to zol! He has been saying this for weeks. it's too late ..virus coming winter close up church till August..the flu influenza you How does the growing number of Coronavirus cases and deaths make one think we ready to ease restrictions? What does he say about the lynching of Linda Gray

SA is moving to a level 3 lockdown — but will Western Cape also be moving?Will the Western Cape move to a level 3 lockdown or will it remain on level 4? Nope can't take that risk bona they just need to follow this coz they don't listen I heard that in level 3 there will be liquor and cigarettes sales so do you think capetonians will enjoy not sipping. This is a wishful thinking Let's face it no-one really knows... I don't think PresidencyZA even knows yet... It's all speculation, the Politburo will make a decision when they feel like it, and only then will we find out... Then everyone will bitch and moan, and they will be ignored, and so it goes on...

SA Lockdown: McDonald's wants drive-thrus openFast food giant Mcdonalds calls for government to allow drive-thrus to operate under lockdown level 3. If Cape Town can open, then might as well🤷🏾‍♂️ They should be opened All these type of Fast Food Companies should have been allowed long ago to be open for drive through service. It's just common sense.

Stats SA postpones releasing April CPI figure due to lockdown restrictionsThe April CPI figure will now be published at the end of June. They’ve come out to say they’ve resorted to telephonic data collection on field surveys as a way of innovation. Now they can’t publish a survey that is collected telephonically (standard) over decades. Ok 🤦‍♂️ Sure thing. It’s actually because it’s so bad the government doesn’t want to release it in case it scares the people

SA restaurants call to reopen doors in level 3With the South African government considering a proposal to move the country to level 3 of the national coronavirus lockdown, restaurants have called to reopen their doors for in-house service. IOL_Lifestyle _Lifestyle Ngiyavuma nami one struggle so much to get food esp when on duty 🤔🤔🤔 _Lifestyle Wafa wafa next few months sszonke _Lifestyle And they are going to force people to go sit down and eat there?

Two-day-old baby dies from Covid-19 as SA cases climb past 18,000A two-day-old baby has become South Africa's first neonatal Covid-19 fatality, health minister Dr Zweli Mkhize said on Wednesday night. But they wanna reopen schools 🙆‍♀️ It was a premature baby with under developed lungs, ffs! You are creating panic. Extremely bad reporting, TimesLive! Do you have any idea how much unwarranted panic this article is going to cause?!?!?! 💔

Two-day-old baby dies from Covid-19 as SA cases climb past 18,000A two-day-old baby has become South Africa's first neonatal Covid-19 fatality, health minister Dr Zweli Mkhize said on Wednesday night. 😭😭😭 This was a two-day-old baby that was born prematurely and therefore had lung difficulties, which required ventilation support immediately after birth,' said Mkhize. KuBird 😰😭