SA citizens must be wary of getting a criminal record - Cele

SA citizens must be wary of getting a criminal record - Cele

2021-01-13 10:37:00 AM

SA citizens must be wary of getting a criminal record - Cele

Police Minister Bheki Cele says police have arrested thousands for breaking new Level 3 Lockdown regulations.

Police minister Bheki Cele spoke with eNCA's Anlie Hattingh. Courtesy ofJOHANNESBURG - Police Minister Bheki Cele is asking South Africans to do the right thing and spare themselves a criminal record.READ:COVID-19 in SA: Gauteng concerned about schools reopening

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He says police have arrested thousands for breaking new Level 3 Lockdown regulations."Since level 3, the mask has become mandatory. It is a criminal record not to wear the mask. Before, it was us urging you to put the mask on. Now, we take you to the police station. We take you fingerprints. You choose to pay the fine or, you choose to see the magistrate. Both processes give you a criminal record. You know what criminal records do to your life, going forward."

The minister hopes the arrests will stop citizens from breaking the law.Meanwhile, the Department of Health confirmed 13,105 new COVID-19 cases in South Africa.SA's death toll is at 34,334 after the department reported 755 more COVID-19 related deaths.

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Malema say the truth agly face that like showing on TV we tired cele ur policies collect cash from pple cz of mask Here's an idea, Cele: 'Piss off'. What's up with madala and this hat that belongs in the bin,wena 2021 not 1920s Pila pila mohola wa this guy ke ofeng mara heh!? Does that include politicians?

SA don't need this type of leadership. If only he was paying as much attention to real criminals. Why are oldies so dictating? Him and his company are afraid of foreigners doing real crime, so they would rather police innocent SAns because we literally can't bribe and capture the state. It doesn't favour us.

And politicians? If he can arrest one of those corrupt anc friends of his than I can say he means business. For NOW FAKE NEWS Aftr 5years dey clear at lapha ka department of justie Crook are still enjoying their life, while poor people just not wearing mask 'll face criminal record. What a shameful How perthetic pride themselves on turning normal people (voter's) in criminals . At the same time criminals run free stealing from the weak and innocent. Wonder now that we forced to wear mask if it makes us sick with say lung infection we can sue the state for millions

I just heard 111 police passed away due to covid-19,so my question Minister whn can we apply because I'm sure you need 111 cops to close that gab? For swimming on a beach? Puss in a hat!! Fok off poephol!! Watch your back ahole, and where's your mask Our own colleagues they are not adhering to regulations.

Likewise, politicians should also be wary of getting criminal records. Please start with your own that has already criminal records. Why must you officialls get suspended with out records What makes SAPS so special Ra blady corruption police Why? You can always become a cop... On what! Wearing a face musk

Foreigners must continue because they don’t have IDs Hope he tells his SAPS members that too! But no one has criminal record for the missing of R500 billion This minister has time to report on masks, when the country is bleeding with major crime and corruption! Really !!!! If you bhekicele and most of the cabinet in every government department don’t have criminal records but still in key positions we might get worried. Clean your house first before you go shouting at us.

Jeez.Using that angle...!?🤔 - smoke found behind your ear - can of beer behind your seat... .....this oak has taken his eye off the ball- now looking for low hanging targets. According to the law, if you are asked to leave a business or private property and refuse, you are trespassing, regardless of weather or not the business is public or private. Simple trespassing is a misdomenor, which is an arrestable offense. Penalties for simple trespassing va

Can you imagine ,the such promising county, have such Minister of police..Shame on us... Unless they become myanc politicians....many many people are roaming freely and without criminal records. If our Police minister is going on trail and has been alleged to have played a part in numerous corrupt activites in his years with his government, what do you expect from normal South African citizens Bheki? 🤔

marinavanzyl This guy is a cake. Are politicians wary of criminal records? Nope cause those who make the law can Break them fokanc Bheki arrest yourself.. again you dont even wear your mask properly.. tell this to someone who gives a fuck.. But I thought that having a criminal record was one of the necessary criteria for becoming an ANC cadres.

Well a criminal record was actually to Cele's advantage ANC must fall VoetsekANC VoetsekCele Dictator Cele sivile u targeting harmless people bt failing in CIT crimes Because why? They can't get jobs? 😂😂😂 Whatever. If only this guy understands that people have lost their jobs and can’t afford rent. They also have been waiting for food parcels since March and they opt to be imprisoned just for free meal and accommodation GovernmentZA

It is a trivial record. No problem in disclosing it 🤷🏼‍♂️Anyway mask is for own protection and scary tactics of criminal record doesn’t work Eish yazi anc makes black people look bad Protect us and stop threatening us.... we are scared enough without you constantly threatening to throw us in jail! It is sadistic for the police minister to say this. The truth, is in a normal society, criminals must have criminal records.

Who killed senzo 🤔🤔🤔 Minister of Alcohol , People are being hijacked on a Daily basis and the SAD REALITY IS that their cars are not being recovered or found. High Crime rate , gender based violent etc. and all we should worry about is Criminal Record !!! Pseudo Science based Criminal Records. We have a new National Party Apartheid 2.0 in ANC.

Lol this funny this government is now all out criminalizing inoccent citizens, darkest year for Africa, while preparing their vaccine on the side! So not only is the current unemployment rate extremely high, but ANC is going to make it worse by giving taxpayers criminal records and make it even more difficult for people to find employment. Well, we can't expect this idiot to think about the consequences.

You can have a criminal record and still be whole minister eg Stella. So a criminal record means nothing in the ANC They don't want what happened in 1976 to happen know.... If you know your history very not talking about those who watched Sarafina🤣 you'd know what's happening now is exactly how it happened prior to the mass murders by government

And you also need to be threatened to believe in a virus... 😂🤣 Yay government got you eating grass shem It would be much like clearing traffic fines. You tell your side honestly, the judge decide. Like. I was sitting in my car alone smoking, windows slightly open mask under chin and SAPS tapped on window ordered me out and arrested me for not wearing mask BTW here is video proof.

The townships are not the only places where people do not adhere to covid-19 regulations, get your policing right and teach the police to wear mask properly over the nose not under!!! As long as you're referring to real criminals like beachgoers, surfers and those who've forgotten to put on a mask. One day we shall revolt

SA has one of the highest violent crime rates in the world and this minister stands there preaching about petty crime - what has he done about actual crime? Hold him accountable. Where's his job performance scorecard PresidencyZA Sounds like we are being threatened, can we lay a charge at SAPS for intimidation against this threat ?

Talk talk talk. Have you seen what’s happening at the Sassa buildings. Lock up the people in charge and that have let the people of South Africa down. While others are proud to sleep in danyana/jail It is because of this man, criminals don't take the law seriously. He is a joke 'No form of violence can ever be excused in a society that wishes to call itself decent' NelsonMandela Lockdowns are what's killing people. Phenomenal discussion MichaelPSenger

We are under the worse dictatorship, worse suppression, harassment, intimidation and worse abuse of power by our so leaders under so called democracy . Welcome to the New Dawn Republic. The New World Order. But 90% of the ANC Government has a criminal record so, what are you trying to say? VoetsekANC VoetsekCele

Nothing like targeting the citizens so it looks like he doing something. They have not arrested that many real criminals in such a short time. Bloody joke and when this is all over pretty sure the odd lawsuit will be going on. 'The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren't enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws.' - Ayn Rand

Yes we know the system was made to oppress black people. Bheki how many white people have u arrested so far? Yaz i thought we had serious issues to deal with as a country 🚶🏻‍♂️but can we at least direct this energy to other important things like GBV and Corruption 🤷🏻‍♂️ In this shithole of a country you get a criminal record for not wearing a mask but you can be a drug dealer, thief, murderer and rapist and be protected by the corrupt justice system and incompetent police force.

He needs to STFU!!!! What about Public servants and Ministers who have blatantly abused our legal system? Double standards once again, you charlatan SA citizens becoming desperate...its hard to be jobless and still be good human Adding to the unemployment rate I see 🤔 VoetsekANC He must voetsekbhekicele

Can’t fight real crime. what about the real actual criminals? They run around freely like they own the country but citizens will get records for not wearing a mask and walking around after curfew Hopes he's talking about high rate of crime, human trafficking and GBV