S&P keeps South Africa on junk status

S&P keeps South Africa on junk status

2020-05-23 07:58:00 AM

S&P keeps South Africa on junk status

S&P decided to keep the country under non-investment grade and cited a weak fiscal position and the large COVID-19 relief package as reasons.

File:The latest S&P credit rating decision keeps South Africa under non-investment grade.AFPput measures in placeto protect South Africans from the coronavirus.This was in response to the latest S&P credit rating decision to keep the country under non-investment grade.

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Only Junk Status. I thought CR and his N(c)igarette deserves the shit status .... Cause momparras are in charge I cannot see the situation change for the foreseeable future as long we import so much. We need to promote our own manufacturing industries but with the lockdown lot of big companies are using the situation to retrench. Ban retrenchment during lockdown.

Shocked Due to the black people's government, this country is down graded to lower than shit by all three credit agencies. The black people's government is way too corrupt Did ANC members study the tricks of the trade and understood what they had in their hands, to be honest i dont think so It is no wonder why they did all the things they did since then and recently, the looting of money and this system of e tenders nd so on....

Rightly so looking at our current government Currently irrelevant. Later, folks We don’t care Downgraded to poo We don’t care anymore, we have uCyril Ramabillions WeHaveRightsSA well done PresidencyZA DlaminiZuma CyrilRamaphosa It's all the same to us ordinary citizens... Kusafana!! Utterances by Zille and Winde are detrimental to such decisions by S&P

ANC is starting to display dictatorship you cant takeaway everything without giving us something in return take the cigarette and alcohol give us level 1 so we go back to work we dying of hunger and growing in frustration Shock horror.... Ag toe nou. How is it that now all of a sudden it is the corona’s fault. It would have happened anyway. The culprit is MYANC

These organisations r rediculous. The whole wrld is going thru a pandemic nd they find it fit to credit rate countries. 😠

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Madagascar’s ‘green gold’ ‘cure’ against Covid-19 seeks nod beyond AfricaA drink made from a bright-green fern-like plant is being promoted in African countries as the go-to cure for Covid-19.

Defending and advancing liberalism in South Africa after Covid-19Martin Van Staden, kindly explain why Liberalism has not been relevant to the 30.4 MILLION AZANIANS who live BELOW the POVERTY line?

South Africa's COVID-19 cases surpass 20,000 markSouth Africa's COVID-19 related fatalities have gone up by 28. Its getting real😟😟 With more than 10k recoveries Ok this is news🙄now suddenly....what's gona be the case when we surpass 50k 🤔....?is the government really thinking of the innocent people of South Africa 🙄...?

South America ‘a new epicentre’ of Covid-19: WHOThe novel coronavirus death toll in Brazil surpassed 20,000 on Thursday, after a record number of fatalities in a 24-hour period, the health ministry said. I thought it was India😴😴😴 Basically you can get any result you desire... depending on the source of the money.

30 more Covid-19 deaths, as South Africa’s cases surge to 19 137South Africa now has over 19 000 confirmed cases of the Covid-19 coronavirus and 30 more deaths, Health Minister Zweli Mkhize announced on Thursday afternoon. | Day56ofLockdown WHAT PERCENTAGE OF DEATH IS TO THE INFECTED AT THIS STAGE,INCLUDING RECOVERIES. IT WOULD SEEM TO MANY THAT MORE PEOPLE DIE ON EASTER HOLIDAY THAN THEY ARE KILLED BY CORONA VIRUS. WE NEED TO THINK ABOUT THIS. 🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️