Roshan Morar’s fingers in every pie, including KZN education and SAA - The Mail & Guardian

The controversial auditor’s firm seconded staff to run the education department’s finance offices for more than 15 years. What’s more, former KZN education director general Cassius Lubisi is the audit firm’s new chair

2021-06-17 10:34:00 PM

Startling claims have emerged that Roshan Morar, one of the directors of the Takatso consortium awarded a 51% stake in SAA, has effectively captured the KwaZulu-Natal education department’s finance office for more than 15 years.

The controversial auditor’s firm seconded staff to run the education department’s finance offices for more than 15 years. What’s more, former KZN education director general Cassius Lubisi is the audit firm’s new chair

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And Bidvest has been in SAA for how long konje? Are we talking state capture again...still...? 😂 man has been milking it for 15 years. Leave him alone. This stinks 😷 bathong. To think 🤔 blacks have been sold the Gupta story for so long. It’s bigger than WMC. It’s financial hegemony across color lines. Downfall of RSA, Corruption.

Ask urselves why ANC govt is more concerned with SAA that caters for ANC politicians & their families..& not the railway system & taxis that cater for the majority of poor SAns & workers..why? ANC and Indians dailymaverick please do your thing! Ramaphosa weeee. Batho ba gago ba dirang naa? Indians hayi suka poweful bayawathanda okudlula abantu bakubo.

Can we please just have one single business deal that DOESN'T have a dodgy side to it! Just one! Indians rule the roost in KZN in every sector of the economy, while blacks are useful idiots to keep the ANC in power while they get nothing from this ANC govt

KZN, did you feel the earth move this morning?Residents in various areas in KZN reported feeling a tremor today at around 4am. Only those who were doing tlof tlof felt it It's all the diamond digging

Indians have mastered the art of getting tenders lucrative tenders in this ANC govt ,while black people are just spectators only useful for ANC t shirts come election time. I smell curry. Ooohhh I forgot am in pravin gordan's kitchen DCJ Zondo must get commision extension till end of 2022 and must include all this new allegations.

RediTlhabi 😥😥😥🙄🙄🙄 pierredevos Damn, another Gupta running the 'new' SAA Not surprised … ANC donors no doubt Is he related to the Guptas by any chance? Question.. if I have to buy shares in any company, I need to show the monies, what has the 51% takatso paid in... ? 3 billion divided among them... R they valued at their shares... SARS Attention here

Off-duty KZN K9 police officer killed in tavern shootingAn off-duty KwaZulu-Natal police dog handler was shot dead on Tuesday night while playing snooker with friends in a tavern. In a tarven

🙈🙈🙈 So this means they beat the Stellenbosch mafia to this deal? Now they dealing with them! Thumaminas at war 😆😆😆😆😆 After 15years only now you find out Siyanyelwa kuleli He is a rogue Has pulled the wool over Pravins eyes The more things change the more they remain the same in Mzantsi 😭😭 Anything associated with CyrilRamaphosa’s myanc is a morass of incompetence, thieving and lying. Absolutely non surprises here.

And these people you will never see them in ANC rallies or doing door to door.Poor blacks are the ones doing all the spade raining or sunshine.Same as the Guptas.But lucrative tenders to Indians. ANC never loved us. Oh no! Is this Morar guy who's been both a player and referee? pierredevos what did you expect? SAA is not viable, so the 'new co' is only an extension of the 'old'. Same problems.

Off-duty KZN K9 police officer killed in tavern shootingAn off-duty KwaZulu-Natal police dog handler was shot dead on Tuesday night while playing snooker with friends in a tavern. For all those who are new to this working from home Bitcoin trading options Here's a little tip: Get a trusted Bitcoin expert and stick to him Patrick_1964628 Invest and play at similar times each day. Because : In times of chaos, your investment is your anchor to success

I'm willing to bet that Mumbai Gupta route is suddenly going to happen again. He's going down Straight from goolammv tweets. Shame on you mail and guardian. pierredevos Y’all thought Julius was gossiping when he said the Indian cabal is untouchable PG Lol..the way our fellows wil defend their own for free bus ride... while other are very busy.

pierredevos Harith is also in big business with Remgro of Rupert pierredevos Not surprised there is no transaction the ANC Government can conclude that's not utterly corrupt and benefit the ANC will not be surprised if the successful company was another big ANC Donor and just received its reward with the SAA transaction

pierredevos Will it never end. It's worse than the Corona virus...maybe we need an 'Upper command counsel' to tackle it.

Off-duty KZN K9 police officer killed in tavern shootingThe killing of Sgt SC Radebe, who was stationed with the Umlazi K9 Unit, comes a day after two police dogs were shot and killed and a third injured while their handlers were tracking a gang of cop killers near Pietermaritzburg on Monday. My heart goes out to Sgt Radebes family 👪 our prays go out to them and the police dogs that were killed in the line of duty 💔 may they all rest in peace and the injured one praying 🙏 for full recovery

pierredevos Gupta cousin? GuyMuppet Why am I not surprised🤬🤬🤬Standard Black Elite Enrichment strategy pierredevos I can’t… is there nobody with integrity out there? Amandiya ne corruption Schabir Anoj State capture Digital vibes Nali elinye Yhuuuuu Nazo he's a friend of Jamnandas this one am shure uchomi ka Pravin Gordon lo

IFC_org BBCWorld WHO EU_Commission eu_eeas AusGov NewZealandGov EnglandGov MoodysInvSvc stat_world questCNN MinPres NEDemocracy en_germany UKParliament DailyMailUK SwedenUN swiss_un FBI FitchRatings UN Where are you guyzini? This one is everywhere. Who else is in the consortium? Are there any women?

Wife of ANC KZN heavyweight who is now MPL implicated in in R140K tender fraudAmanda Bani is the wife of William Mapena, the former speaker of the eThekwini municipality and former ANC eThekwini deputy regional chairperson who was fired together with Zandile Gumede. She needs to be reported to both SAPoliceService and the FashionPolice They can't stop eating damn Imagine. R140 000 only.

An appendage to Pravin Gordhan Wendy94669657 We can't catch a break from corruption at all. 🙏🏿🙏🙏🏻 New Messiah Send him westville prison , they will chow his pie Daar vat hy nou!!😂😂😂😂 Stop the racist vitriol please Twitter should take out such people we don't need this. This should be declared hate speech. .imagine the outcry if it was said 'Nibesabani abantu abamnyama' 'abantu abamnyama amasela'...

Jamnandas gynaelogy, anything to say, confirm or deny or no comment MshenguKwazi The whole ANC is captured by nefarious private interests. The citizenry are a secondary consideration. kabelodick The cookies finally begin to crumble...what about KZNDoT Can't wait for that to hit home RSASIU We are waiting with bated breath

shufflesdu Why are we even surprised anymore? Mxm😒

I’m not moving: KZN man’s struggle for survival on isolated landNGO fights for elderly man who has been cut off from society, living with no running water, electricity or basic services angiyindawo

The indians have captured MYANC Kuphethe wona eKZN ayikho lento yabo MshenguKwazi no sziks Friends with . . . AkanyangM Pravin's footsteps KhandaniM No surprises here MshenguKwazi ? An Indian again. We are doomed🙆🙆🙆🙆 I don't know uncle Roshan but he looks very guilty What crime was committed? Ohh gawd!

Viva Anc Is this true MEC MshenguKwazi? The very own South African Gupta🤣😏 It never stops. 💔🇿🇦Same characters, different 💩 show ANC KZN and these corrupt Indians yeses , it’s nauseating