Rich Mnisi unveils 2K mask

Local fashion designer Rich Mnisi has sent out shockwaves by blueprinting SA's most expensive face mask.

2020-06-02 07:13:00 AM

Local fashion designer Rich Mnisi has sent out shockwaves by blueprinting SA's most expensive face mask.

Local fashion designer Rich Mnisi has sent out shockwaves by blueprinting SA's most expensive face mask.

The most expensive mask in the range costs R1,999.Modelled by influencer Sarah Langa, the protective face accessory that has been dubbed the 2K mask is a cherry leopard design studded with Swarovski crystals.Compared to other designer face masks that have been unveiled in SA, this is the most expensive yet. A signature MaXhosa Africa mask will set you back R600, while Gert-Johan Coetzee's range of masks cost between R180 - R380.

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"The Azania face mask range is an extension to the Rich Mnisi ALKEBULAN collection which we launched earlier this year before the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak.The wearing of masks are a preventive measure and a new standard to how we need to live moving forward," Mnisi told Sowetan.

"The collection is a premium limited edition of five face mask designs; The Swarovski Crystals Cherry Leopard, The Prayer, Colliding Zebras, Rich Leopard and Just Another face mask."The cheapest mask in the collection costs R399.Mnisi said an undisclosed percentage from the proceeds of sales will be donated to charities affected by Covid-19.

Rich Mnisi's Rich Leopard face mask.Image:SuppliedWhile Mnisi declined to comment on whether South Africans can afford the masks amid Covid-19-induced economic uncertainty, social media has received his collection with polarising views."If Rich Mnisi says I must buy a mask for R399, guess what I'm going to do? Buy the mask," @moesuttle tweeted.

"So Bonang wasn't lying when she said everything from the Rich Mnisi collection is R2million. Did you guys see the prices of those masks?!," @_LordThamie wrote on Twitter."You not the target market mos, Rich Mnisi's is 1 point something," @MbaliK90 shared.

Mnisi was dubbed"Mr 2-million everything" after a video clip of media personality Bonang Matheba went viral with her joking she can't afford his designs."Let me tell you something about Rich Mnisi when you book him to be a creative director for whatever editorial it's 2-million. If you want a trench coat from the Rich Mnisi collection it's 2-million. If you want earrings from him it's 2-million. If you want a dress to go to the Samas it's 2-million. So you ask yourself why I don't wear Rich Mnisi clothes it's because he's very expensive," Matheba said in the video.

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He only needs to sell 500 and he'll be smiling all the way to the bank 🙌🏽😊 So Fancy! Why not ? G-Star is selling theirs for half the amount DoubleStandards😏 I can tell that you haven't released your price for your masks ne? Sentletse Crazy Unless wearing it cures the virus, him and his target market can keep it. Mxm.

Higher than Covid19 test at a private hospital.🤷‍♀️😭 Covid 19 cure That’s excellent - we must all buy one. It's not Poor Mnisi, it's Rich Mnisi. It's a luxury brand. They have their target market that can afford it. This article is rather sad and disappointing Does it cure corona for 2k? Mxm some things are ridiculous but hey🤷‍♀️

Booooooooo👎🏽 Besides being unsafe because wearing it mens breathing in fibers that will cause cancer in five years, it is similar to many other masks that are available and cheaper. Yeah but it has a built in ventilator 🤷🏽‍♂️ I hope the proceeds are being used to feed the starving and not fashionista egos

It’s not ‘RICH MNISI’ for nothing 😅

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