Remember these tips when test driving a vehicle

2022-01-19 09:46:00 AM

Before you drive off, it is important to know what you might be liable to pay in the event you are involved in an accident during a test drive, such as insurance excesses.


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SAFM Market Update on Moneyweb

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Big changes for driver licences in South Africa – including simulators and online renewalsTransport minister Fikile Mbalula says this department will officially launch online services at Driving Licence Testing Centres (DLTCs) in February 2022 as part of a massive revamp of the country’s licensing system.

SARS is on tech and data science hiring driveThe South African Revenue Service (SARS) has launched a new recruitment drive, targeting highly skilled workers to help build a data-driven ‘smart tax authority’.

Gen Z investors are ditching meme stocks for the metaverseYoungsters are shifting their focus to electric vehicle start-ups and NFT companies

Australia records its worst day of pandemicOmicron variant drives up hospital admissions to new highs

Australia records its worst day of pandemicOmicron variant drives up hospital admissions to new highs

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Competitions MATRIC ","category_class":"child-of-news","time_ago":"2 hours ago","premium":false,"gallery":false,"excerpt":" In just a few hours, the matric class of 2021 will receive their NSC examination results.In a media briefing on Tuesday (17 January), Mbalula said the launch of online services will significantly improve service delivery and minimise the need for motorists to visit a licencing centre more than once.Artificial intelligence; Interconnectivity of people and devices.17 January 2022 - 18:59 By John McCrank Enthusiasm around meme stocks has eased for young investors a year on from the GameStop trading frenzy, with Gen Z’s attention shifting to companies in areas such as electric vehicles and the metaverse, according to a new report.

Follow live updates on \u0027The Citizen\u0027.","format":false,"media":"","oovvuu":"","oovvuu_div":"","external_link_url":""},{"id":2980646,"name":"Matric results: Here are some of SA\u0027s top students from 2021","permalink":"https:\/\/www. He added that his department is taking a number of steps to digitalise driving licence renewal procedures which will result in a completely paperless experience.citizen. “We do this through fostering a culture of voluntary compliance and by making it easy for taxpayers and traders to comply with their legal “Long term interventions include integration of driving licence simulators into the testing\/news\/south-africa\/education\/matric\/2980646\/matric-results-top-students-south-africa-2021\/","image_src":"https:\/\/media. A subscription gives you full digital access to all Sunday Times content.

citizen.” The recording of the driving licence testing and digitalising test results will also be part of this innovation. In its annual report published on 27 October, the revenue collector said it has ‘significantly expanded the scope of detection’, beyond data obtained through declarations, as well as the traditional third party data received which enabled the pre-filling of PIT returns, as well as auto\/wp-content\/uploads\/2022\/01\/joshua-and-caleb-7-300x200. The transport minister said that all of these online features will also be incorporated into the booking of licence tests, motor vehicle registration and licensing as well as online vehicle licence renewals.jpg","image_src_hero":"https:\/\/media. Rebuild The move to recapacitate SARS comes after the revenue collector was ‘systemically and deliberately weakened’ through years of state capture.citizen. Mbalula also recently confirmed that the government is considering a new smart driver licence card for the country, which will be presented to president Cyril Ramaphosa’s cabinet shortly.\/wp-content\/uploads\/2022\/01\/joshua-and-caleb-7-825x550. Read:. “That state of affairs was brought about by the (at least) reckless mismanagement of SARS on the part of Mr Moyane.jpg","image_src_narrow":"https:\/\/ This was more than mere mismanagement.

za\/wp-content\/uploads\/2022\/01\/joshua-and-caleb-7-300x200.jpg","image_src_square":"https:\/\/media.citizen. Their replacements, appointed by Moyane, were simply compliant and neglected their oversight\/wp-content\/uploads\/2022\/01\/joshua-and-caleb-7-300x300.

jpg","category":" . Dissent was stamped out by instilling distrust and fear, while accountability to other state authorities was defied and capacity for investigating corruption was disabled.