Rein in those wearing a hat and a ‘doek’, Ramaphosa

Rein in those wearing a hat and a ‘doek’, Ramaphosa

2020-05-29 09:27:00 AM

Rein in those wearing a hat and a ‘doek’, Ramaphosa

Everyone opposing our freedom to smoke can, it seems, be identified by strange headdress. Uncle Cyril, let’s leave the hats and use our heads instead.

What started out as “we’re all in this together”, has now changed to a matter of “us” and “them”.When Uncle Cyril announced the national lockdown two months ago, everyone in South Africa was behind him. I’m afraid I don’t see much of this unity anymore.

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In a small way I blame the great man himself. Two months ago he told us the lockdown would last for 21 days and reminded us of the sacrifices of the poor Chinese people who were in lockdown for three months.It is now dawning on us that those people had an instant lockdown compared to us.

Which is okay – we have to sacrifice comfort to flatten the curve. But you have also promised us twice that cigarette sales will be permitted. And both times this didn’t happen. I’m sure you have the interests of us all at heart, sir, but I’m worried that we can’t trust you to keep your word.

I don’t imply that you are behind the vilification of our beloved ciggies, but the people who are denying us smokersentjiesgwaaishave been appointed by you, sir.I know from my own experience that it’s no Sunday school picnic to deal with an ex, but the aunty with the doek who is fighting smokes as if they are Satan himself, isn’t your ex. She used to be married to the guy who did your job before you. But it might not be a bad idea to consider making her the minister who used to fight tobacco.

You appointed her and you have a duty to resist irrational and draconic regulations.The same with your police minister. He was gloating last week that smokers have to prove they have bought their cigarettes before the lockdown if they are caught puffing. That man with the mobster hats might dream of a SA police force based on the Stasi, but, as he was recently reminded by a judge, we are still a constitutional democracy.

Our legal system is based on the principle of the assumption of innocence – the burden of proof rests on the shoulders of his henchmen in blue.Everyone opposing our freedom to smoke can, it seems, be identified by strange headdress.Uncle Cyril, let’s leave the hats and use our heads instead.

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Nkosazana abafowethu withdraw them & keep those who pick up & tender managers like CAR ambush. Abafowethu withdraw them & keep your army personnel that is deployed in Covid 19 to manage tender prenuers businesses The fractions within the ANC have never stopped hunting down those who struggled. Even today the 80s kids are hunted and sabotaged within ANC. The army must be withdrawn and all military personnel must be quarantined

The army must be withdrawn in level 3. All army personnel must be quarantined during level 3. If they gunning to expose ex MK, APLA, AZANLA personnel to Covid ambush then our freedom is at stake. How do you kill the army, send them to manage a pandemic without being vaccinated The part of the article viewable to me is pretty sexist. Discrimination based on race, gender, religion etc is against the constitution . ‘Unity’, however, is not a constitutional requirement.

CyrilRamaphosa cant.After announcing on National media that cigarettes will be allowed, it was changed.Lot of thumbsucking and influence of political special interest groups

POLL | Should government allow sit-downs in restaurants under level 3 lockdown?President Ramaphosa said sit-ins at restaurants will not be allowed under lockdown level three. No Is this even a valid question honestly, it's a goddamn pandemic. I think so as long as social distancing is observed. Numbers can be observed as others will buy and eat at home. Check that the number of staff +customers make 50 before being fined for having 50+1. Hopefully so. Taverns will be like that. So, food! It must be. Hope is healthy!

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Sunday declared National Day of PrayerPresident Cyril Ramaphosa has announced 31 May as the National Day of Prayer. They can open street vendar too if is like that This should be unconstitutional. I like the initiative from the President. We need supernatural intervention.

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POLL | Should religious leaders be considered 'essential frontline workers'?President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that churches, mosques and synagogues will resume from June 1 Nooo.... Look at how the fake prophets exploit the gullible by selling them water, salt, etc;look at the lavish lifestyles of the big churches like Rhema, Rivers, Hope and them pretending to be giving back a fraction of what they take in! I do Not know about other faiths, but 99% of pastors are pompous, pretending as if they are Jesus's twin brothers while taking advantage of the confused. Their focus is not in helping those in distress, but in helping themselves to other people's monies. No...simply because they went hiding and helped in no particular important way since 'pandemic' began! now they r going to continue milking our gullible parts of society for what they r worth. without donating a single cent, no tax paid, just a systematic looting.

Level 3 briefing postponed due to Ramaphosa's church announcement: MthembuPresident Cyril Ramaphosa’s announcement that religious gatherings were allowed under level 3 of the lockdown was one of the reasons why a briefing by the national coronavirus command council scheduled for Wednesday was postponed. Rules will comeback difficult Another about turn comeing . Same with alchol I smell...I smell 🏃🏾‍♂️🏃🏾‍♂️