Ramaphosa: Young people must rise up

Ramaphosa: Young people must rise up

2021-06-16 05:38:00 PM

Ramaphosa: Young people must rise up

President Cyril Ramaphosa says the youth has great ideas and government wants to put these to good use to move the country forward.

READ:"Our challenges today are many and those are the challenges of young people," he said."Nearly 64 percent ofyoung people are unemployedand no country can afford that."Young people are the momentum that drives a country and grows its economy, young people historically are a source of innovation and new ideas, they are so because they have energy, young people are resilient and never give up even when it's difficult.

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With people refusing to retire how must we rise up 🤦🏽‍♀️, solve that problem first He is right, it's time we remove him and ANc What does this even mean Is he suggesting a coup 🤷🏾‍♂️ Young people must rise up and get rid of gatekeepers... And sell outs.... Young people must rise up and create a system for themselves and shun politicians.

The President has spoken so Leuthlwile Lothle 💓💓✊✊ Rise where? Old cabinet must step aside first 😎 Mr Ramaphosa please create more job opportunities and promote young blood so that unemployment rate can be reduced Like an uprising? Just say when! Pastor needs to pray for South Africans youngsters, they have to receive délivrance from crime and unemployment xhenophobic behaviour. Please be human again 😭.

How to start a 'side hustle': 3 ideas for young peopleWhether it’s funds, fun or fulfilment you’re after, if you’re thinking about starting a side hustle but don’t know where to begin, here are three ideas to get you started.

Rise up to you and your corrupt party officials 😂😂YAZI LOBABA The man has just invited the youth to take power back from the retirees they are at all cost and I agree with him...let's unseat the ANC in as many local elections by splitting votes(Vote for smaller black parties since that's the only way we can weaken this old age home 🏡 ANC

If there is no job opportunities how are they to rise We will rise up against ANC, that's for sure. Njani when the police force shoots us dead. Haibo Who is he How? when every time we try to rise up he lock us down with stricter Lockdown rules. Ramaka Totally agree

How a young advocate is protecting families with a legal sword and a sharp mindAdvocate Tarisai Mchuchu is protecting the next generation while doing everything in her power to make women safe.

How the hell can I rise up with a bank balance of R0.00 🤔 Mr President, tell us how young people are being retrenched left, right and centre, on the other hand you are deploying the madalaz on positions where young people can do wonders, then you come and tell us to rise, how When we do you arrest us..

How many times has he been sayng this without jobs Rise Up kanjani singasebenzi? Akuve elikhuluma isobho kodwa lobaba. Rise up against the ruling party, correct Mr President! Was this youth jobs promised ....and old man should retire One ANC policy that hinders me as a youth employed by government but earning peanuts is the one that hinders government employees from accessing financial assistance or applying for tenders but a multimillion company can.

Are we down?

Millions of young South Africans are without jobs: What are the answers?The unemployment numbers are expected to increase given the booming youth population in Africa. Get rid of the ANC government and jail the current looters. Or brainwash the youth for apartheid has caused no jobs😂😂😂 Apparently the answer is on us to create jobs. Re feng capital hee. 🤷🏾‍♂️ Getting rid of the MYANC will be a good starting point VoetsekANC

Another useless network management program to be implemented and I don't know how many youth programs have been made by the government In eradicating unemployment but still nothing has changed. I don't think this new youth network is going to work. Rise up where because your police shoot them everytime they try.

We will rise and make him fall and very soon. Futsek Silili must just rest njé 😑😑 Ramaphosa calls for Youth Uprising So you agree, we should rise up against you CyrilRamaphosa 🖕🏾 Benzeni? Unless we rise up and remove him Rise up ya sebono . Nxa

More than 300 000 young people employed as teacher assistants – MotshekgaIn an effort to draw young people into the economy, the Department of Basic Education has employed 320 000 unemployed youth as education and general education assistants, says Minister Angie Motshekga. They won't get paid What do education assignments do is the work to much for the teachers or do they teach the teachers

When i drive pass Cyril They must rise up against him MrsChida Rise how when olda people are on our seats in parliament? 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ We drowning in student debt. Jobs are scarce, even if u have a degree but we must rise up. I hate this man Mxm! Uphuzeni ke lo namhlanje Rise up to where... Written speaches.. Kudlaliwe ngathi la

He must rest assured, de Youth of dis country is tired of his nonsense, and it's rising up against diz sellouts!☝🏾 Personally I'm thanking Jeff_Arnhoff for letting me know how to invest and trade one my own without sending money to anyone now I and my family refer you to this man who has been helping people all this while I'm also grateful to god I met him on time

We can't, keeping us caged up in here...qualified to the bone but dololo work, sooo? Only fools would listen and believe in a fool.

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Young people are always tasked with complex things to solve but zero resources and support... Amakhehla sometimes 😞😞😞😞 The youth of today need the spirit of the youth in Soweto uprisings too stand up too this so called rubbish of a government What a tired useless old man, he exhausts me to my core 🙄

They must rise up and vote MYANC out of power. June16 Or we could rise to the challenge and act as responsible adults: lift them up with responsible govt impacting their health, safety, education, housing and employment? 😂😂😂😂 This a call for us to take arms and overthrow the current government. Vacate your office and hand it to a young person.

From inception right up to 1994 - ANC never managed to teach one black child to read. Twenty seven years later young black people are still of no value to the ANC. Joblessness and hopelessness is their reward. _uPrince Rise up to where,he is busy hiring very old people talking about rising up

Stereotypes about young jobless South Africans are wrong: what they’re really up to | CitypressThe media frequently portray young people excluded from wage work as inactive, aimless and alienated from mainstream society. This image feeds into fears of crime, violence and social unrest. Basically an article to say don't worry they'll be alright.

Rise up and remove the entire ANC. Must rise up and vote MYANC out of power His police massacred ppl when they tried but whatever he says I guess Awu suka madoda! Wakhuluma usozigidi, yakhulum' into eyaphiwa amashezi amahhala hha! Qede yaceba, wakhuluma uvalisango. Can he share his wealth so we can rise up?

_uPrince Gwaan PresidencyZA The unemployment rate of 64% of the youth is a result of the ANC's policies eg: cadre deployment etc & corruption. How many parliamentarians and cabinet ministers are past official retirement age of 65 ? They must ALL make way for younger more energetic prospects And bewitch ANC out of government

For that to happen the old grannies and grandpa's of his organisation should go for pension and let the youth give this country a fresh start. Lots of them tried to and then you brought in Cubans.

Old people must step down Ag voetsek! I'm tired of this guy😒 They r rising up there in soweto Only once the ANC dies down can young people stand up. They are rising up and are being blocked by the same GovernmentZA PresidencyZA. Still too many red tape for youth owned SME. NYDA spending huge chunk of budget on their salaries and renting expensive inaccessible offices than on youth development.

How do they rise up when the country is still being ran by people that are over 70 years You'd swear batho bana aren't aware of what's happening in this country and HOW it got to this state. It's exhausting to see how much they just don't care. 😩 Mmuso o wa re sotlha. Work hard and reap the benefits - nothing comes for nothing and on a plate

Rise up against Ramaphosa. The skelms We must raise up to what.... 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️👽👽👽

Rise up and go where exactly? Mandela said, Mbeki said, Zuma said it, Ramaphosa is saying it and the next President is gonna say it 😴, we live in a parody. Is he suggesting that the youth remove him? Rise up ka eng ba fa their children tenders and Opportunities ? We are led by selfish individuals thinking for their pockets before the citizens. There's no hope what so ever.

The old age must fall They are incapacitated by nyaope and alcohol. 🙄🙄🙄 Deez nuts must rise up But in order for others to rise, others must fall so.....okay then

Ningasi bulalike if we rise up Fusek that's y I don't VOTE💯 Rise to have you removed Puppet! How so since we've been in lock down a year ago, no vaccination, ministers stealing money left right and Centre, no arrests no six weeks update as promised Against him ….yess um up for it 😤 How ? No education system, poor Tertiary system, no employment system, no economic growth, nothing !!! Please tell us how

I thought going to school and getting better education with qualifications and all was a form of young people rising up. 😫 Manje kumele senzenjan bakithi More like RISE UP and vote you out And ur geriatrics in parliament must go rest

Yes, against him. Huh? From the ANC ashes! Too what, cANCer has stolen their future Rise up against himself and his zombies How Against him and the ANC. Mxm What did we do to deserve such a president. 😭😭 He must just fusek

Siyephi 😏 I’m not buying the PR. Only to be pushed down by the ANC. Hopefully talking about all RSA youth all the rainbow nation especially aftwr 27 years ///:🤮 Rise up? Hawu😂🤣 Does this include young people from all races or.... The environment we live in doesn't allow the youth to rise up

We must rise up but they continue to steal billions this country man 🤡🤡🤡🤡 Vula utshwala 🍻 sizo riser Government jobs 18_35😭😭😭18_29 And go where? VoetsekANC VoetsekCyril How can they rise when you have your knee on their necks Mr President? The YOUTH can't breathe Mr President... Rise up and the ANC and the corruption in SA will cut u down short and push u down till u suffer more...tf fuk Ramapoes talks about🤔

Yes rise up against the ANC. You want jobs from a gov who doesnt know how to create jobs. A gov that makes it so hard and so expensive to do business in SA. While he keep selling the country SOE's piece by piece