Ramaphosa says SA will need around R126bn to ensure water security | IOL News

President Cyril Ramaphosa has blamed corruption as being a significant contributor in the water and drought crisis currently facing the country.


President Cyril Ramaphosa has blamed corruption as being a significant contributor in the water and drought crisis currently facing the country.

President Cyril Ramaphosa has blamed corruption as being a significant contributor in the water and drought crisis currently facing the country.

Writing in his weekly newsletter 'From the desk of the President', Ramaphosa says the country will need around R126-billion to build water infrastructure to ensure future water security.

He said the government had already provided R260-million to address drought this year, including support to farmers to purchase fodder, reticulate water for livestock and for dam distilling.

“Given the severity of the crisis, this amount is woefully inadequate. Disaster Management is working with provinces and municipalities to see how they can reprioritise their budgets for relief and recovery,” Ramaphosa said.

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Your BUFFALOS drink gallons of water than any human being in S Africa now ppl are suffering without water. Le di kiss madolo He is on to something with regards to infrastructure development that shud have been in place to address the increasing demand of water. There's enough water in SA but not adequate infrastructure. But blame will be on Zuma when there were advisors to Dept of water affairs

Bathong CR 17 = Clueless ruler 17 😂 This is one useless president What do you expect when you continue to feed and fix a broken system with ill intentions! He always blames corruption Mr president stop the blaming game soon you'll be putting water departments on business rescue How did we end up with this clown?

Lol is He for real ? Blaming corruption, but still protecting cANCer politicians that are guilty of stealing billions..not a single politician arrested or on trial...

SA Twitter ablaze after ANC's Collen Maine undergoes surgery to lose weight | IOL NewsThe dramatic weight loss of ANC NEC member Collen Maine continues to trigger debate among South Africans. I see Charles kunutu News reporting on twitter again? What debate because the man is in the gym?

Wow, the Thumamina are also accusing God of corruption!!! Nyaope is killing them big time. How does corruption affect the weather? Lobaba is clueless about everything but only knows how to blame blame and keep blaming Presidenting is harder than he initially thought😂😂😂 When he fails to come up with a plan, he blames corruption. Yet he is refusing to be be transparent with his cr17 campaign. 'Our' prepaid president.

This nigga always knows how much is to solve the problem but doesn't know how to solve any of this country problems . Sizalwele inja endlini! Ngalesiduphunga sesi ndwanywampuphu esifinya ngolimi senu . Toothless president, he knows about the rampant looting of the state but he won't do anything about it.

WTF! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 When are we electing a new president Wow 😝😝😝😝😝😝😂😂😂😂 Corruption is blamed by thumaisithuphethu.. For drought.. Isomiso... Haibo bakwethu.. Who is the mother. Ir Sista.. Even umalume okude le

Public Protector wants SA citizens to share resources, stop oppression | IOL NewsPublic Protector Advocate Busisiwe Mkhwebane said the oppressing of one another in the country must come to an end and the resources of the country must be shared by all. No wonder the cabal hate her so much. Tjo that race will push for her booting She is right and if they don't want to share then we must take it all.

onearthling No shit and as with so many other issues we are facing with SOE - can we just get the best people for the peole corruption Corruption_SA He talks about “corruption” as though it is some omnipotent entity that cannot be challenged Most clueless and useless President ever CyrilRamaphosa Kuyagula lokhu ngabe kwathathwaphi

We don't have a President. PresidencyZA can you advertise this vacancy already. Wher is the 250 million stolen under his nose Ai. Ngathi uyaphambana. Inyembezi ne gazi zabantu abangaka!? Uyaphambana sho. The real Demi demi. Your president South Africa Privatizing water

David Mabuza hails SA progress being made in fighting HIV/Aids | IOL NewsSouth Africa's journey to the vision of zero new HIV infections has been difficult, but progress is being made, Deputy President David Mabuza said.

Mr President our country is in deep crisis and falling apart Stop playing musicle chairs with the same corrupt and incompetent people in your government Billions of OUR taxes are wasted We should Stop paying taxes He must blame his cadres 😂😂😂 Savelelwa This man knows nothing about governance.Really?when we talk about corruption we talk about him. He corrupt the whole nation with his billion plus fund. Only fools will listen and believe this twak. The country is still in shambles. Apartheid is back.

This can't be true 🙈🙈 He must tell Jamnandas he can get it in one day He will blame even this weather for corruption Where was this stupid president when corruption took place,himself got corrupt money from Bosasa and all other white business people to make him what he is today,retrenching black in these SOEs and Public sector thirty thousand people that Tito wants them unemployed

We all know that for years!! Problem is ...NO consequences for those that are corrupt and guilty!! Why don’t you say it, don’t hide behind the bush coward. Zuma did it

IEC confirms Sheila Senkubuge is a verified SA citizenWhy not department of home affairs? Does the IEC also do the job of protecting the borders? HomeAffairsSA AdvBarryRoux , can you process my DA membership, have been in SA longer and haven't even got my 184 ID. Am willing to pay. Or what musunery is this? 2011 kanjani?

🤣🤣🤣 we're going bananas 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Spot on Mr President and now what are you Sir going to about it? Because nothing of the other minister and high up peole has seen a prison cell? No ways ... . What gave it away I agree with the president, self enrichment has become a center of attraction Now he is warming up to corrupt water😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

OMG! Can someone check his brain😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😃😃😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Stop that nonsense of renovating ministers homes,An use that money for water crisis They are about to steal the water. People gave you power to delegate for them but instead of fighting for people it’s like the country has no President Take action instead of moarning Mr President

Top court blasts SA law on hate speech as Jon Qwelane let off for gay slurControversial former diplomat and 'gay is not OK' columnist Jon Qwelane has scored a surprise victory in the Supreme Court of Appeal, in a ruling that could set back SA's efforts to curb racism and hate speech On the up side, the judgment is really good for freedom of speech. “JUST JON” in the Star News Paper during Apartheid was my favorite column because of its candour and forthrightness ...EVEN TODAY,HE REMAINS JUST THAT:JUST JON! Yes and free up some time for the SAHRC and the NMF.

He's right, it's corruption by the same ANC. He's now confessing that the whole ANC is corrupt. 😂😂😂😂It fine let him speak and till every one see there no leadership there it empty Ramablamer mxm!! Lair he is the one and only to point a finger too... cadredoom CyrilRamaphosa so in other words blaming the ANC , just so we clear ! As the ANC is under investigation for corruption !

Is he for real?😂😂 President Ramashock is always someone's fault but his, he wanned to president and he felt he was our saviour now is time save he can't save he deflects 🤔😂😂 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 What a lie, go back to school.... poor you! What corruption because white capital own our dams, rivers and land

Tshwane's sex scandal MMC Sheila Senkubuge is 'not a SA citizen'The City of Tshwane was told about former roads and transport MMC Sheila Senkubuge's questionable citizenship status as far back as 2017. She was put there by white tenderpreneurs She is a foreigner just like the Guptas yet she was still employed by the City of Tshwane ahead of qualified South Africans, all because of some loose zips, SIES....... What a way to describe her 'sex scandal MMC'

Are you listening MamaAction_RSA? Corruption? Incompetence and lack of political will more like it! We want a State of Emergency and the ANC to step aside....if only. Who is corruption? And who’s fault is that 'BLAMING CORRUPTION'? The President must give us the names of those corrupt individuals & tells us which organization they belong to.

Ok so you have found something to blame for our problems. Now please fix it these guys are still free and NPA is doing what ? He was part of this corruption , so he must blame himself ...corruption by your comrades...CyrilRamaphosa I honestly no longer take you seriously... Why does it appear that we africans is unable to analyse problem statement plan and execute

Start by stopping the madness that is renovating the ministers homes. That money should help towards water security for all citizens, not the benefit of a few ! That's your party bro If thats the case. Why we dnt see those who hv hands in the jam in orange overall? Huh? Anc has faild dizmally to run this country. DA is a party tp take SA forward

Blame everybody and everything but yourself and Jamnandas Especially in the North West province Incompetence, the ANC did not service dams which are broken down and are unable to collect water And? Will he fire the minister, or is it just talk? He was the deputy president so he should know better; who did what and when ; he must go to police and report corruption and fraud

Can he please go to police to open a case against that are responsible for such Lendoda bakithi

And guess what is he doing about it? Appointing the previous minister responsible for water. We he ever take action against the pepertrators FraudWatchZA OMW the poor old man is in trouble again he was warned not to fill the nkandla pool This calls for Mama Action 👆 ANC corruption perhaps? But the President is always complaining and apologising when he's actually the first person who must act. He was also complaining about failure of the Justice System yet he's at the helm. Fire somebody already so that people can value their jobs.👇

Surely when a political regime is as inept and corrupt as the ANC regime, it's grounds to call for a state of emergency and have them placed under administration? Not so? Our President sees corruption everywhere, even in water. Nah ntate it's your Cadres who caused this. He is the master of stating the obvious !!!! What would be refreshing do something bold.

Cyril is hopeless. Was he not deputy president then? Can you be anymore lethargic?🤬 Lol CyrilRamaphosa PresidencyZA don't u know where Mama action MamaAction_RSA works Dare waste another cent on this depthless sewage pool Corruption is the code name for Zuma in case you didn't know Please be shocked you may take a dip in the good old Vaal

Take from that 3 trillion raised water is a need On the nail !!! ProudlyBroughtByANC

FraudWatchZA Really? You forever in need of money Really wow you only see that now but what did u see as Deputy under ZUMA You sat there with all those involved and did NOTHING. DailyNewsSA 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 no comment. CORRUPTION BY YOUR OWN GOVERNMENT CREW!!THEY RAN DOWN THIS COUNTRY AND NOW POO HAS HIT THE FAN!!

FraudWatchZA Look who's talking 4 Luckily he blames corruption, I blame the incompetence of MYANC that continuously deploy incompetent cadres with the ideology that they fought apartheid & they deserve to rub each others backs. CyrilRamaphosa is part of the incompetence as he continues to deploy useless cadres

But no1 is arrested*him is also corrupt! Why not blame Apartheid like lots of others do About time you blame corruption, but what are you doing about it, SA will end of like Zim, total collapse, of it is not addressed as a National Security Issue


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