Ramaphosa: SA committed to fighting climate change

Ramaphosa: SA committed to fighting climate change #eNCA

2020-11-23 08:26:00 AM

Ramaphosa: SA committed to fighting climate change eNCA

President Cyril Ramaphosa says the country will meet its international obligations.

Ramaphosa says the country will meet its international obligations.READ:"We have done some work and we have seen success with industrial symbiosis initiatives, where one sector's waste can be used and its precious input into another sector."We are developing ambitious producer responsibility schemes in the industry to manage waste effectively," he said.

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Ramaphosa was speaking on day two of the G20 Leaders’ Summit which is being facilitatedby the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Read more: eNCA »

SA Uber Eats drivers to embark on nationwide strike

Last month, drivers brought deliveries in Gauteng to a standstill for two days.

Only if SA can commit to routing out violent crimes, illegal immigration, CIT, rapes, GBV et al. Then SA’s fights will be meaningful to SA’s citizens. Right now, above means jack to most of SA’s people. Sadly!😢 Start bt fixing borders and deploying army all over lebombo river where explosives crosses to cause climate damage

Lets start with job creation Mr President What I like about South African Government is that; it is committed to do all sorts of great things.... BUT non of these commitments result to accomplishments🐕 😂😂😂😂 Rubbish When are you fighting corruption, illegal immigrants, cronyism and nepotism The amount of hardcopy CVs plus your Z83 forms thrown in dirt bins everyday is a forest already. Stick to fighting hunger through land reform and supply of cultivation equipment. A greener surface is another way of fighting your new enemy.

Idiot, it's the sun not man that causes climate change! They can’t fight crime, unemployment, corruption, poaching, illegal migration, among others. Why are they going to fight climate change successfully? Not really. I have seen some government offices that don’t even have recycling bin... At least things may change for the better...

Then why the increase of Taxis and nit the focus on public transport and ways to make it more Green. You going backwards fast. Wonder which one coz it ain’t the one on earth... Climate change is a huge con Money making scam Shut up this is so stupid. Let rich countries who run the world fight climate change we need jobs and education

Omf🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ What about poaching? 🤣 CyrilRamaphosa you are so funny. You can't even fight corruption in you own government. And most of our municipality's are dysfunctional. Now you want to fight climate change! 🤣🤣🤣 PresidencyZA SouthAfrica How about corruption, racism, farm murders, gender based violence, potholes and and and . . .

We dont want to fight climate change we want jobs, we want you to clean JHB of all the Nigerians drug dealers, and hijacked buildings, Zimbabweans to go and be hard workers in their country. Stop talking. He will take the UK climate change blueprint and make as if he came up with a new plan🤣 Hahahahahahahahahhahahahaha is this a joke!!!? South Africa committed to fighting climate change?!!! 😂😂😂😂 2020 joke!! Do you even know what climate change is? This is South Africa, people don’t care here! Y’all can’t even fight corruption and ignorance! Gtfoh!

Y not fight corruption first malume Cyril? Corruption n incompetence in Mzansi is getting out of hands. 🤣 Climate change😂😂😂😂😂some propaganda shit, imagine humans trying to control nature 🌲🌿🌴🤣 CyrilRamaphosa Speaking as if the country still has massive industrial companies bellowing smoke into the air. Our cities now ghost towns with mass unemployment cause your Marxist ideology has killed everything we now import cutlery and twin blankets from China

CyrilRamaphosa & MYANC led GovernmentZA, after 27 yrs, cant even eradicate pit latrines 🙄😲 How will they fight climate change & ensure resilience🙄🤔 SA still has COAL energy 😲 BarbaraCreecy_ GwedeMantashe1 DlaminiZuma MbalulaFikile RonaldLamola DBE_SA When are you addressing the nation about the Bushiri escape Saga?

Start by cleaning up all the rubbish lying around our towns and rivers. SouthAfricansP1 PresidencyZA CyrilRamaphosa first you need to take care of Julius_S_Malema and his Terrorist Organization EFFSouthAfrica fighting climate change would be easier with no racists jumping around protesting and destroying our country EFFTerroristOrganization racists

You could not even keep a corrupt foreign self proclaimed prophet in the country!!!!! Lol hai this party is a joke.... now they wanna fight mother nature? WORRY ABOUT SOUTH AFRICA.. ECONOMY.. HUNGER .. ELECTRICITY ETC .. ONCE THAT IS SORTED MAYBE THEN WORRY ABOUT CLIMATE CHANGE What does he know of climate change

Rather try fighting corruption With what CyrilRamaphosa? Another R500bn? CapeTown 🖕🏾😂🖕🏾 Mr President please enlighten me ,do you know how Bushiri left the country? There is a video in circulation that clearly state that Mr President and ANC and Malawi government plan the escape of Bushiri . Is it true Mr President. ?

CapeTown You can't even fight criminals burning trucks, raping women and babies and murdering People here in SA Nor can you fight the corruption of your own ministers Mr. President How are you going to fight climate change? CapeTown CyrilRamaphosa PresidencyZA and his ANC cronies has one of the highest unemployment rates in the world, failed infrastructure, lawlessness and corruption rife, and he’s talking shit about fighting the inevitable climate change? Retarded or deceitful, or both? You decide!

Till you understand the power of voting as SAns you aren't going anywhere Perhaps our plan is to cut carbon emissions by not having electricity Banyise wena Mr President and stop the rain😂 nklek blocka blocka moya ba heme kadi pipe Maybe climate change isn’t our biggest issue right now - however he’s also committed to fighting corruption - so don’t really believe he’s committed to fighting climate change

How about you fix corruption and zero job issues for your own citizens first. Sort our economy out. It should be one of the strongest due to our location. Why not fight for your own country first. Stop trying to help others first! Tax monies pay you to work for us!!! Unemployed rate is high and corrupt can u focus on that

He should be committed in healing this country. But instead his only comments is so far calling white people racist. The ANC has messed up this country and only breaking down all soe's in the country. Who are you fighting, the clouds? He's not committed to protect South Africa against ILLEGAL FOREIGNERS 😤

Employ me 🤟🏼 Yeah !!! Just like you fighting unemployment, Corruption and GBV ... nyeee nyeee nyeee Yoy cant even fight povert wtf