Ramaphosa issues stern warning to sex offenders

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President Cyril Ramaphosa says sex offenders’ days are numbered.

"All these people once arrested, jailed and sentenced, they should not be in jail and enjoy life there," Ramaphosa said.

“They should be subjected to harsh labour, the harshest of labour in prison because what they are doing to society is even beyond words to talk about. "The hurt, the harm that they cause to the families of the victims and society also has to bear the cost of having them in prison and some of them clearly come out of prison without any sign of remorse and then continue to perpetrate these acts again.

"Our coming here now means that we will have to double up our effort to do everything that we can to be more vigilant on the case of abuse of women and children, and the rape and killing of the women of our country."


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Wa tshosetsa bring hang pal if u r serious

It is high time my President let them root in jail.and no bail.

See just lip too and woman and kids still get murdered too although 16 days of violence against women and children. Terrible song which been sung from President to President in the last years in our Democracy. Nothing much materialize as well.waiting on a change from above rather

Unfortunately that's all it is... Warning

Mxm.... Death penalty nje, other wise u just talking

Didn't our President use his position of power to lure Varsity girls? Kanti the name Cupcake lisukaphi?

Zuma, you listening?

Did he ever discipline anyone ?😒😒😒

Actually if Mr President and his government were really effective there wouldn't be a need to warn criminals. Criminals are the ones enjoying this freedom and sad part is that while I write this tweet probably 102 crimes have been committed country wide.

Time for ⚠️ warnings has expired. We need action

This is issue of parliament legislation and judicial system. The president should not decide what should happen to prisoners. It is not his duty. As president he should be asking why is this violence happening?

I would appreciate it more if it was directed to corruption government official and the ruling party.

Warning? Why not an an strategy to tackle this.

This May as well be our president 🤷‍♀️ since so much gets passed Cyril

More warnings with no action means fokol

What about himself ? Cyril sleeps with young girls !! We haven't fogetten.

Mr Pres can issue as many 'stern warnings' to the high Heavens as he wants, but what SA is reaping now is what we sowed. When ANC allowed a rape suspect to be elected as Pres and many in ANC cheered and ululated. Also many politicians face sex allegations, that just disappear.


What abour corruption and criminals in your party?

Empty words.. that warning means nothing! When Uyinene was killed he said exactly the same words yet nothing changed. Ramaphosa is good at talking but very poor at acting. His words mean nothing to most people because they know there will be no a action. She just talk talk talk

Does this apply to FarmMurders as well or will you continue to deny women who die in Farm murders!?

We're tired with warnings, we just need another president that's all

Didn't you say hehe Haha last time?

Like Zuma, remember when Zuma was rape-y.

The stern warning should be we introducing the death panalty.

Just cut their genitals. We can not be paying taxes and feed those who misuse their natural gifts

kodwa not fit for leadership, no matter what, people just hooked on fallice struggle victory.

We all know the outcome to such things no arrest nothing

Oh that’ll do it!!

Is a warning enough though,why not bring back more harsh punishment like death penalty?

Warning ? Criminals dont need warning , they need to be punished harshly

CyrilRamaphosa Sir, we are suppose to be way past warnings. Please let’s put words into action, URGENTLY!


Final warning

Ramaphosa gape ene oswaaak swaaak🤣😅😂🤞🏿

Just hot air!

Can we just give them the death sentence

Stern warnings, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, bring back castrations, then the sex offenders will stop forever...

It's about time Mr President...It's about time that leadership must lead from the front about this...EnoughIsEnough

Death penalty must come back. Njee

Had he consulted at Stellenbosch for such an order ?

CyrilRamaphosa PresidencyZA - How about issuing a STERN WARNING to FARM MURDERERS

Cupcake 😂😂

Is that warning meant for old showerhead-Jacob?

OupaBaloyi7 This issued a stern warning with the statements that he rehearse am not convinced

Ace is gonna .....you

Ho hum. Like his warning on corruption

Tiger must be laughing his lungs out knowing very well that even he himself Cupcake is not clean in this regard.

Warning.... warning ......


Just go away. You have done ZERO to better SA.

Heard him say it a million time.

Bla bla bla!

Ramadisapointer at it again. CyrilRamaphosa is a good business it seems, weak president thou. Warnings left right and center and no action. Should we continue tolerating him? because his deputy is DDMabuza 🤣. The country we leave in🤦🏿‍♂️

This is useless. Cyril is not Law, is not criminal justice system, not NPA. So the system is failing, address that and stop with useless warnings

He must first start by issuing Stern warning to white capital

🤣 Laughs in 'Stern warning '

What you gonna do Cyril,Smack them on their hands?

I guess that is a final warning.....imagine 365 warnings!!!

Baffalo yena hayayaya kemathatha struuu

We need actions we are tired of warnings,This people are raping and killing innocent people without giving any warning🙆Why are you giving them warnings CyrilRamaphosa

Yak yak yak.....


Ayi suka

Buffalo Warn?

Oh President....what warning? Women are killed like they are worthless. Do we really need a warning? Just shoot please

Sex offenders right now 👇

Once we can arrest pile mabe , fransman, Phuti Seloba for the offenses they made we may hv fixed the nation


Stern warning! Should be enough! Radical transformation under his leadership...

Everytime he’s shocked mxm 💔 useless

Just a noise of empty drum


why is this guy still giving warnings to sex offenders?


What is he gonna do💁🏽‍♂️?

LOL CyrilRamaphosa

This guy is weak

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South Africa Latest News, South Africa Headlines

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