Ramaphosa inspects vaccination sites in Gauteng

Ramaphosa inspects vaccination sites in Gauteng #eNCA

2021-07-29 01:13:00 PM

Ramaphosa inspects vaccination sites in Gauteng eNCA

Over a million South Africans are now being vaccinated every week.

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eNCA Entrepreneurship Friday | 17 September 2021

From doing fresh fades on his stoep to opening his 50th store. Legends Barbershop was started in 2011 but its growth in the market took off in 2014.\u003Cbr /\u003E\r\nSheldon Tatchell took a stab in starting the country’s most talked-about barbershop. And what\u0026#039;s great is that he has not kept his talent to himself.\u003Cbr /\u003E\r\nLegends has a training platform for budding barbers looking to enter the industry.

Same way he inspected the 1st COVID vaccine batch? The President who only care about Vaccine Hes don't gives a shit about employment rate He don't care about what happened in Phoenix 🚮🚮🚮🚮 Inspect phoenix Abramjee Another PR exercise. Y mara y I have story to tell against SARS, working for government development.

Personally dnt trust this vaccine and I dnt need it in my body thanks Propaganda road show again Great. VaccineRollOutSA VaccinateToSaveSouthAfrica Delta is so contagious that pretty much everyone will get it if we don’t vaccinate enough. Unless we want permanent lockdown. I don’t.

Gauteng to increase vaccine sites, aims to get 100k people vaccinated dailyGauteng has a total of 660 active vaccination sites in both the public and private sector facilities. I saw several people testifying of making so much money with the help of liam_garret21 on Bitcoin options trade and I dicided to gave a try and am gald he helped me and my colleagues to make allot of profit in one week , thank you for your transparency and trust

Discovery opens two more KZN Covid-19 vaccination sitesThe government’s Covid-19 rollout programme has received another boost with Discovery adding two more vaccine sites which will operate seven days a week. I'm happy to join those who are sharing the good news about shantelll_142 . I'm not persuading anyone to trade with her but i advise every investor to make the right choice with shantelll_142 i got my withdrawal safely without any interruption. Words alone won’t express how thankful I’m recommending you all to you shantelll_142 .....,investing with you has been a good opportunity for me and my family I just received my profit of R30,500 within five days of investment shantelll_142

Herman Mashaba calls for inquiry into unrest, gives Ramaphosa 60 daysActionSA is giving President Cyril Ramaphosa 60 days to appoint a judicial inquiry to probe the unrest that spread through Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal two weeks ago, its leader Herman Mashaba says. UnrestSA RebuildSA Ek stem saam He is bored this one...has no political agenda just wants the state to waste more money on inquiries that won't give conclusive evidence/findings. It's simple Cyril must just resign... Good.

Mashaba calls for an inquiry into the coordinated acts of treason in Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal | CitypressAfter establishing an inquiry, ActionSA wants the commission to then “make recommendations for criminal prosecutions for those implicated in these coordinated attacks” We had enough commissions. Where is the law, why can't it take it's cause. For all those who are new to this working from home Bitcoin trading options Here's a little tip: Get a trusted Bitcoin expert and stick to her _Johnson56 Invest and play at similar times each day. Because : In times of chaos, your investment is your anchor to success Some leadership

Western Cape hits 1 million mark in Covid-19 vaccine roll-out, continues to gather paceThe Western Cape surpassed a million vaccinations being administered in the province by Monday evening. vaccinereadySA vaccine westerncape I've been a victim of scams twice✌️and I lost R80,000 on those 2places but I have met a trader who have been helping me for some months now. MarkHarry212 encouraged me not to give up now 🥺and I'm glad I didn't have up. He helped my friends too. Check MarkHarry212 and join me Good governance and caring for citizens 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 alanwinde nomafrench WesternCapeGov I saw several people testifying of making so much money with the help of shantelll_142 on Bitcoin option trade and I decided to give a try and now I'm glad now she helped me and my colleagues to make R40,000 in one week, thank you for transparency and trust.

Will drinking alcohol affect how well the Covid-19 vaccine works?Dr Hillary Mukudu warned people to steer away from consuming alcohol during the vaccination period. Alcohol kills corona 100% they Jus want to manipulate us O tlhapetswe Kudu Mukudu