Ramaphosa inspects Eastern Cape bridge construction

Ramaphosa inspects Eastern Cape bridge construction #eNCA

2021-09-23 03:39:00 PM

Ramaphosa inspects Eastern Cape bridge construction eNCA

In the pipeline for this investment are 88 projects valued at more than R2.3-trillion.

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The Da Vinci Institute to confer a laureate on 9-year-old Professor Soborno Bari

Soborno Bari is a professor who specialises in maths and science. He is an Asian-American author and the world's youngest professor.

O shit. I hope cadres or tjommies are not involved Should be weight tested by some comrades before the rest use it It is the ANC strategy that during the elections leaders must be seen by projects of service delivery. The other strategy is the launch of projects before the elections. Of course most of the projects fail after the elections.

He also inspected the short dated astrazeneca vaccines and we all know how that went....

Alleged cop killer caught in Cape Town makes court appearanceThe alleged cop killer from Eastern Cape who was tracked and traced to a hospital in Cape Town has appeared in the Zwelitsha Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday.

Cape Town woman dies after allegedly being torched by boyfriend she just got back together withIronically, Jacqueline Mpontsana worked for the Western Cape Department of Community Safety and her job entailed inspecting SAPS stations for their compliance to assist victims of domestic and gender-based violence. Men are really going to finish us😭😭 Until the whole world get to know how good and generous she is I won't stop saying this because my life has taken another great shape financially, LindaStouffes Learn the truth about the vaccines. It’s all on my Twitter page. ⚡️

ADVENTURE DRIVE: 1000 dusty kilometres in the new Ford Ranger StormtrakThe new Ford Ranger Stormtrak has arrived, and what better way to put it through its paces than to head into the interior of the Eastern Cape on dirt?

Eastern Cape pastor charged with rape of four teen girlsThe girls were members of his church, and three of the victims grew up in his home because his wife is their maternal aunt.

EASTERN CAPE: Heartbroken Nelson Mandela Bay Mayor speaks out about car accident and breaking curfewNelson Mandela Bay executive mayor, Nqaba Bhanga has expressed his sadness over the fatal accident that he was involved in at the end of August and said that he was cooperating with the police. As his colleagues in the Democratic Alliance hit the campaign trail hard in the metro, Bhanga, who is the party’s mayoral candidate for the politically unstable metro, remains on sick leave. After curfew,... on his birthday 🤣.... to attend to a medical emergency 🙊🙊. Did they do blood tests?

Afriforum throws its weight behind the Cape independence movementThe organisation’s resolution comes amid calls from the Cape Independence Advocacy Group and the Cape Independence Party for the Western Cape to become independent. dont be to let them show your true colours true colours are beautiful like a (white) rainbow They embracing PW Botha's legacy NewColonial Rightwingers are so very comfortable and living in their own privileged bubble to an extent that, segregation and racism is still their heritage. Minorities of this country needs to be reminded that they are minorities. Shape up or Fotsek