Ramaphosa calls for calm in KZN

Ramaphosa calls for calm in KZN

2021-07-10 05:02:00 PM

Ramaphosa calls for calm in KZN

President Cyril Ramaphosa has issued a statement calling for calm in KwaZulu-Natal amid ongoing violent protests.

READ:Zuma's supporters are adamant that he was treated unfairly by the justice system.They vow to continue protesting until he's released from prison.But Ramaphosa says communities in KwaZulu-Natal must stop from undermining the rule of law. Read more: eNCA »

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Mr Pres jus send some well trained forces to deal with them, since they wont listen to any word from you, theyre jus looking for war. iPad? And Jozi?.. He hasn't realized(still sleeping) the burning is now in Jozi.. RAMAPHOSA STOP TALKING AND REIGN IN THESE UNCIVILIZED BARBARIC CRIMINAL SAVAGES THAT ARE DESTROYING THE COUNTRY.

Open liquor Industry people that would normally be mellow now have nothing to do they have too much time on their hands that's why they are rioting since the booze ban violence has esculated More injuries & more going to JAIL. Drunk driving increased 'illegal booze' Is this the Zuma everyone is supporting, he said this about HIV 'A shower would minimise the risk of contracting the disease' really guys?

Yes because you can not get calm in KZN with talking its coming over in JHB What you going to do now talk more Remind me of 25yr ago Now it is your turn to fight this what ANC started Tell him to go personally and tell them face to face Trending 🙄🙄🙄 Idon't think this is all about Zuma only, people are tired of endless lockdown, they're Angry and hungry at the same time...sikhathele lockdown lomubizane you call your president doesn't have amasolutions ngale pandemic kunalokho uvele aqhamuke esezovala izwe,what about our jobs

'Criminals will be met with full might of the law' – Ramaphosa on KZN protestsThe statement follows after outrage by South Africans over Ramaphosa's silence on the matter. Bull! SAPoliceService are bystanders So why don't the police do it...? The law must take its course regarding this barbaric style.

Our youth will soon be fighting for employment and they would have had criminal records. Public sector do not employ people with criminal records. Please think carefully when you are participating in strikes. We understand the frustrations but you have a future to think of Unbelievable that the president of our country allows this unruly behaviour & mayhem ! TheSApresident

Reality Check You run this town bit in times of crisis you stay quiet when a rebellion is taking place. After property has been Damaged, people hurt &instigators allowed to run riot, YOU CALL FOR CALM! 🤬 HELLO, business are dead JZ FAMILY HAS DECLARED WAR&U CALL FOR CALM🤬🤬🤬🤬 We know we are not in the position or in authority to do anything with it but if former President died in prison we will know that you people wanted him dead ☠️ as a result of putting him in prison, And it will be noted in history of our country!

There's no need to calm, he knows what we want HandoffNxamalala Ey we don't this man, ANC please call a special conference and remove Ramaphosa, he causing damage. Udakiwe u Ramaphosa, the can’t be calm while Zuma Is locked 🔒 in prison and he didn’t show up.🖕🏿 If he cares he should be in KZN! Send the army ,why are you begging looters and trouble makers .They need to be shown the full brunt of how the law is .Time for talk is over cos the taxpayer pays fir all this damage .

Kwasho uMandela

Gunman shoots at election poster of Cyril Ramaphosa in viral video as ‘Free Jacob Zuma’ protests escalate in KZNA screengrab that is circulating showed the video on Duduzile Zuma-Sambudla’s Twitter page but was later removed. Report the KZNshutdown It was a fake account! That’s all you can report about useless propaganda machine, a total enemy of black people. We see you!

Mxm Come on Me President. You can do better than this KZN has ppl who r too much in their feelings right now.. KZN ppl fail to see tht politics and law is business not about emotion.. fighting to free 1 man won't stop high unemployment, gbv, corruption, discrimination etc. ....the most difficult job ever is organizing ppl in KZN

Lwabishi Can he STOP CALLING and do something!!!🤦🏾‍♀️ 'The revolution will not be televised' All this is his doing and he must live with it. If this was happening in a white community he would have spoken to us not through his spokesperson... he thinks his white and he will die black 🙃 Asimuzwa, akeze azositshela simbuka

Can the internet be reopened at Vi full speed! Some of us have online learning over the weekend!!!! Umsunu weCALMNESS🚮

KZN government calls for calm amid threats of violence in protest against Zuma's incarcerationThe KwaZulu-Natal government has called for calm amid growing threats to shut down the province through violent protests over the incarceration of former president Jacob Zuma. Calling for calm isn't arresting and prosecuting. The situation in KZN is beyond a call for calm. The SAPS is becoming as useless as handbrake on a canoe. Minister Cele DO YOUR JOB!!!

UyandaM Free Udakiwe lowo UyandaM Udakiwe, okukhulu kuseza. Is he insane...... Where is the President. The statement was read out by his spokesperson. Hope he is on his way to KZN to quell the violence . Visible not invisible. Fusek Most probably shocked or maybe not this time - but will most likely appoint a commission to investigate the reasons of ?. . . but don't bet on decisions or actions

Talking kak

KZN Premier Sihle Zikalala calls for calm in province after ’Free Jacob Zuma’ protests flare upSihle Zikalala said the protests which trended under KZNshutdown and FreeJacobZuma were damaging the economy and should come to an end. We don’t care! Naye he’s next! He must resign FreeJacobZuma !!!

Ban the booze.. tell them to wash their hands and wear a mask. They will listen Reasons Why Not To Invest/Visit in South Africa: 1. Racist BBBEE laws 2. Corruption 3. Crime 4. Unfriendly labour legislation 5. Land Expropriation without compensation 6. Failing infrastructure 7. No electricity 8. Farm Killings 9. City Name Changes (Port Elizabeth)

Kanti what happens in KZN if he doesn’t mind us asking? You thought he would go down without a fight !! Think again.... Comments I read is the reason you were quiet neh? Tsek bias media.. Ramaphosa started this let him stop this CyrilRamaphosa PresidencyZA I once said this dictatorship won't end well here in South Africa. People are tired of being dictated and the worst is coming 💔💔💔 CryBlackChild zumaprotests

Too late Why is he hiding? Send the army

KZN government calls for calm amid threats of violence in protest against Zuma's incarcerationThe KwaZulu-Natal government has called for calm amid growing threats to shut down the province through violent protests over the incarceration of former president Jacob Zuma. Something that happened around before midday only now you are reporting about it. How strategic. We see you propaganda machines Don't just call for calm. Call for the army Msholozi Democratic Party loading.

Bayambita Lena mtsheleni aze la 📍 During Compaign he was on the ground, he must also do that, come to KZN papa sixoxe kahle Is not really protest just group of criminals paid to do so 'Calm' when the so called 'authority' is contradicting itself. Where was the rule of law years back when certain people who were well know to be guilty for certain things were let free of charge? This is unacceptable for a country that has found itself into 27yrs of democracy

Is that one still alive, he's been quite all along🙆 Eish this guy Calm for who? Ei baba dedela uNxamalala or else... Maybe it better is our beloved president come down and have a meeting with them The meeting👇👇 He should go there himself to show his leadership, and see if people will listen to him

KZN shutdown: Mooi Plaza closed, 25 trucks set alightFive trucks have been set alight on the N3 toll route this morning.

How the hell can government allow such actions ! Utter fucking useless . When law abiding citizens start protecting themselves they will be called ' rascists' , well get ready for no more nonsense. They won't listen, all brain washed. If Ramaphosa and the all powerful ConCourt cannot see that they are the cuase of the fires in Kwa Zulu Natal, that they too eger to show power and great hatred over Zuma then SA must burn.

Shoot the msunus . Simple . He must come to kzn to talk to us as his people not on enca You have been quiet mr President...why really we put you in power to look after us...we want to hear you addressing people on the ground or press conference...remember 2024 is coming. He must just take out ubaba But can he hear their calls for justice?

No... Why should there be calm? Isn't this what he wanted? Anisixolele ngalekhala👃 A calm before a storm. Come down really We should not capitulate to criminals. Arrest all those who are looting and causing mayhem. Learned behaviour from failedANC KZN beware! This is the warning shot, next comes the head shot! You have been warned.

A rare image of Ramaphosa trying to resurrect Apartheid He’s late Gauteng is in

Shocked We are all fine Mr President, as our suburbs are made up of HONEST, HARDWORKING AND EDUCATED PEOPLE. Guess the MAAMPAARAs need calming!!! The dog has come out 😂 All U have to do is FreeJacobZuma ✊🔥 Adding salt on the wound Sifuna yena la eKZN Where is he? He must come and address that lapha esikhona njenga manjeee

Tell that puss to pardon FreeZuma I owe you an apology to ever doubt your sincerity and professionalism ambrey_marcus . It’s was just like a dream to me when I received my first payment. After my second payment it became a reality now after several payments it has become a way of life. ambrey_marcus

Because Zuma is Zulu and therefore can't be subjected to Prison? He must go & address them face to face like a man.. 🤷🏾‍♂️✍️ FreeJacobZuma FreeJacobZuma FreeJacobZuma Bulela bojwala renwe Bietjie fokken laat ne. Useless fokker FreeZuma Msunu ka Rupert