Ralph Mathekga: When victims become killers

OPINION: When victims become killers | by Ralph Mathekga


OPINION: When victims become killers | by Ralph Mathekga

The current tensions surrounding xenophobia in South Africa brings to mind Mahmood Mamdani's book titled When Victims Become Killers, writes Ralph Mathekga.

Culture and practices were then highlighted as features that distinguish each other, and such differences were then highlighted as a source of a conflicting value system that could not be resolved.

The solution that is often suggested involves the removal or elimination of an alien nation. The source of conflict in this situation is always a struggle for resources; economic resources.

Even worse is that the state and its institutions in such circumstances often play a distance role whilst the broader population carries out systematic removal of the identified culprits. As Mamdani said, in the case of Rwanda, he faced the reality of a criminal population hiding behind economic frustration.

SA is a dysfunctional, broken and collapsing society

- Ralph Mathekga is a political analyst and the author of

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