Racialised attacks on Gordhan are unacceptable – SACP’s Mapaila

Racialised attacks on Gordhan are unacceptable – SACP’s Mapaila

2020-02-14 11:45:00 PM

Racialised attacks on Gordhan are unacceptable – SACP’s Mapaila

'Yes indeed, we support Comrade Pravin,' he said. 'We support him particularly to uproot state capture in state-owned enterprises.'

South African Communist Party (SACP) deputy general secretary Solly Mapaila. Picture: ANA‘Yes indeed, we support Comrade Pravin,’ he said. ‘We support him particularly to uproot state capture in state-owned enterprises.’There is a fightback campaign by looters, and that is why Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan’s constitutional rights are being violated, says the SACP.

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The party’s first deputy general secretary Solly Mapaila spoke on Friday after a tumultuous State of the Nation address on Thursday when Gordhan was one of the EFF’s targets.Several EFF MPs, including leader Julius Malema, raised several points of order – first insisting that former deputy president and the last apartheid-era president FW de Klerk leave the public gallery, and then insisting that President Cyril Ramaphosa fires Gordhan.

Addressing an event of the Cape Town Press Club, Mapaila described a complicated position on De Klerk. He said De Klerk unbanned the SACP, but didn’t do it out of “goodwill or a change of heart”, but due to the effects of “decades of struggle” by the liberation movement leaving him with no other choice.

He said the United Nations was correct to declare apartheid a crime against humanity.Mapaila said despite the SACP’s unbanning, many of their erstwhile comrades are still “unaccounted for”, and therefore De Klerk’s recent comment that the violence during the apartheid era was black on black violence is grating.

He added, however, that the struggle was one for a country with due process, laws and regulations.“The disruption [of Sona] is a blatant abuse of parliament and we condemn it strongly.“In the disruption, there was racialised targeting of Comrade Gordhan, which was completely unacceptable.

“Yes indeed, we support Comrade Pravin,” he said. “We support him particularly to uproot state capture in state-owned enterprises.”Mapaila said Ramaphosa’s Sona contained several issues of interest to the SACP.They welcomed the mooted sovereign wealth fund and called for more public investment.

He said public enterprises have a crucial developmental role to play and must be properly maintained and publicly owned under democratic control.He said there should be a summit for the transformation of the financial sector and he welcomed the creation of a state bank.

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“This, we think, is extremely important.” Read more: The Citizen News »

I give up🙄 Oooh is a Racial Attack, by that time you encourage minister of correctional service to denail Chris Ha I killers a parole, what was that, the world is watching, no leadership in South Africa Tell him to shut up Bloody Opportunist suckongfrom our tax because of your AN that buy votes Empire will crumble Mapaila

Is he Mapaila or Mampara

All in the space of huge Confusion and this shit right here is why the SACP and Cosatu are a joke 'hmm i wonder if the billionaire mining guy who is in part responsible for the marikana massacre will lobby for workers' they're protecting their bottom line. they're neoliberal collaborationists, nothing more

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Ramaphosa should know that this is going to be our relationship going forward, says Malema | IOL NewsThe EFF has vowed to never sit under the same roof as Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan and former president FW de Klerk. SONA SONA2020 excellent news. So they will never go back into Parliament? Then don’t a hole , it’s a different league anyway , brains and tolerance Moving on...

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