From The Desk Of The President, Port Of Durban, President Cyril Ramaphosa

From The Desk Of The President, Port Of Durban

R100bn needed for Port of Durban expansion, says Ramaphosa | The Citizen

R100bn needed for Port of Durban expansion, says Ramaphosa

2021-04-19 11:10:00 AM

R100bn needed for Port of Durban expansion, says Ramaphosa

Cyril Ramaphosa says the expansion of infrastructure at the Port of Durban will require R100 billion in new investment over the next decade.

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Here we go again!! Dear SMME's kindly note Pres Ramaphosa scrapped BEE and since BEE was your resources to benefit on such projects cause established Co's had to 51% Black owned guess what you're blackness and or BEE certificate means sh*5t cause it's no longer gonna benefit you business wise This palooka in lala land again. Can't even balance a budget or keep the lights on.

Thuma Mina Crew ready to loot (work) VoetsekCyril VoetsekANC ANCisTrash Go back to Cuba. For what? To ship SA's coal and mineral to China?PortOfDurban Tokyo dropped some bombshell, we're not interested in looters Will that money come from the fund Tokyo spoke of? Perhaps it should go to our health care, education, build a concrete wall on our borders, beef up security for our country, saps, sandf, immigration etc. Bring back inspectors (food ,school, etc) let's clean up this country.

1/5 of the 5 billion stolen, easy!!! These president should sometimes stop talking about money I know without you can't do anything but he's too much now...our Country is not even moving forward ever since he became head of state...making promises through his Speech is what he knows I'm already tired of him

China or USA will provide that R100bn, thereafter the port will be gone🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

No money but... Why so much money for expansion? That sounds excessive Needed to give to WMC The a Chinese will end up Buying that Port. Stay Tuned. CyrilRamaphosa probably already did the deal. The government has funds, he just wants to give to his wealthy stellenbosch friends Tell him to use the Phembani-Remgro infrastructure fund as he always does.