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2020/10/20 08:30:00

A social media movement using the tag #PutSouthAfricansFirst has been found to peddle malicious, divisive untruths about human trafficking that have the potential to incite xenophobia.

A social media movement using the tag PutSouthAfricansFirst has been found to peddle malicious, divisive untruths about human trafficking that have the potential to incite xenophobia.

A social media movement using the tag #PutSouthAfricansFirst has been found to peddle malicious, divisive untruths about human trafficking that have the potential to incite xenophobia.

NEWS F alse reports of missing people are being used to spread divisive rhetoric on social media by milking the spirit of human kindness and genuine sympathy for those in anguish.Last month, the PEC sent back a report of the provincial integrity commission, thereby deferring any decision on Masuku’s future following an investigation into his involvement in the Gauteng personal protective equipment tender scandals.Former Proteas fast bowler Victor Mpitsang, former Gauteng all-rounder and national selector Hussein Manack and Lions convenor of selectors Patrick Moroney were interviewed for the job.President Cyril Ramaphosa on Thursday tabled government’s economic recovery plan.

Reports about human trafficking have trended heavily on social media in South Africa recently.#HumanTrafficking was the second most popular hashtag on Twitter last month, featuring in more than 75 000 tweets.There’s more to this story Subscribe to News24 and get access to our exclusive journalism and features.Tweets about missing people are closely linked to the human trafficking conversation – both leverage the power of social media to spread awareness about men, women and children who have gone missing.These heartbreaking stories stir up strong emotions in social media users, and they respond.Missing persons tweets are retweeted heavily.

Of the 40 000 tweets posted last month with the words ‘missing person’, a little more than 3% were original posts.This means that each original post was retweeted more than 30 times on average.By comparison, tweets containing ‘people’ – the most popular word used on Twitter last month – averaged only three retweets per post.This indicates that posts using the words ‘missing person’ may be 10 times more likely to gain traction than other posts on Twitter in South Africa.The below tweet shows why this type of content gains traction.

Gauteng police recently issued a statement warning that spreading fake news related to human trafficking or kidnapping amounted to the promotion of “malicious untruths”, which is a criminal offence.Fake missing persons reports were described as a “trending act of malice that only seeks to sow panic and pandemonium among communities”.But this has not deterred some social media accounts from using false missing persons reports to spread socially divisive narratives.An analysis of the #PutSouthAfricansFirst movement, which claims to be nationalistic but has been found to be xenophobic, indicates that several suspicious missing person posts are being authored by accounts that are also actively promoting the #PutSouthAfricansFirst movement.Read: ‘Is it xenophobia when we fight for what is ours?’ Two telltale signs lead to questions about the legitimacy of these posts.

Firstly, they lack the critical information that most authentic missing persons posts contain, such as where the person was last seen and who to contact with information.Secondly, they are tweeted by accounts connected to a movement that has been shown to use misinformation to grow its support base.On October 5, a user named @Tswello_ posted the following tweet: The post describes the missing person as a 15-year-old girl, but the photo shows a far younger child.No other information is provided.On October 14, the same user posted this comment pledging their support for the #PutSouthAfricansFirst movement: “#16OctoberCleanSA enough is enough now it’s time to act.

@Lerato_Pillay #PutSouthAfricansFirst”.On October 6, a user with the handle @issaBlack_Queen tweeted the above missing persons report.The tweet lacked many of the details necessary to locate a missing person and included seemingly unrelated hashtags.But it received significant attention online, with more than 1 000 likes and nearly 4 000 retweets.In the comments, the user repeatedly stated that the boy had been found, but the retweets continued.

A closer look at the account reveals a connection with the #PutSouthAfricansFirst movement.The account has retweeted content with #PutSouthAfricansFirst regularly and authored an original post showing support for the movement.On June 5, @issaBlack_Queen tweeted: “And just like that, they forgot about Jabu the taxi driver who was killed in Pretoria stopping a Tanzanian national from selling drugs to a school child.” This post was accompanied by #PutSouthAfricansFirst.No evidence was presented to back up the allegation.

In a comment to another high-traction missing persons tweet (3 700 retweets, 1 000 likes), #PutSouthAfricansFirst member @Thabelo_PSAF wrote: “I can guarantee you that a Nigerian is involved.They’re all hiding in Sandton pretending to be businessmen.I hope they find her safe and sound.” Again, no evidence was presented to prove the allegation.This indicates how high-traction missing persons tweets are being manipulated to rally support for divisive causes.

Since becoming active in June, @Thabelo_PSAF has averaged 124 #PutSouthAfricansFirst posts per day.A phrase cloud showing the top 20 phrases used by this account in the past month shows that it focuses heavily on human trafficking and missing persons.The phrases ‘human trafficking’, ‘year-old went missing’ and ‘two girls’ mainly refer to crimes against young black women when used on social media.@Thabelo_PSAF singles out Nigerians as the group responsible for these crimes, with tweets such as: “These Nigerian thugs are notorious for terrorising South African women” and “Nigerian human trafficking syndicates, drug dealers and scammers are no longer welcome in South Africa.It’s time to back and go [sic].

” Using fake missing persons posts to gain support for a divisive, xenophobic movement indicates the desperate tactics some social media users are deploying to manipulate narratives for their own purposes.Such tactics have the potential to destroy the authentic use of social media to reunite real missing people with their families and friends, ending the anguish of those who have been separated.Read: SA anti-human trafficking hotline records 140% increase in calls At a deeper level, it also undermines the use of social media as a powerful tool to unite people, especially as the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic and related growing unemployment and unprecedented economic crisis leave divided nations and broken people in their wake.The Centre for Analytics and Behavioural Change is a nonprofit organisation based at the University of Cape Town.It was established to track and counter misinformation and disinformation, and fake news, as well as divisive and polarising rhetoric promulgated online to undermine social cohesion, democratic integrity and the stability of nation states Delivering the.

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ah bafethu really!! in 2020 in the midst of a GBV and human trafficking pandemic you write such!! why though? you guys are sick, just disgusting! Bullshit this headline is bullshit Fokof! False reports ya masepa? Don't you see daily people asking for help with missing persons? This media house deserves to close completely

Is Farm killing real story? Niyanya yaz There’s a foreigner behind this shame they trying by all means Nibhonyelwa kabi lapho ku , futhi ninya nyi. The flipside of the coin is when the media is paid to turn a blind eye to the concerns of citizens, and to run fake biased stories for a price. From Stratcom days to present, our media has never really dome unbiased journalism You're prostitutes. PutSouthAfricansFirst

Wa nyela jou moer. Tsek Mpja. Bloody fool. So South Africans form different parts of the country just woke up one day and decided to go to social media to ask for help with finding thier family members who aren't missing

ANC to have final say on former Gauteng health MEC Bandile Masuku | CitypressFormer Gauteng health MEC Bandile Masuku will know this weekend whether the ANC’s provincial executive committee (PEC) endorses his removal from his post. These thieves will not leave

WE dont need to make sense to the media, we will prove that the media has no power over the us whoever is paying the media will soon realize the waste of energy and money... we are coming You are trying too hard now 🙄 False prophets false people false disappearing false news ITKHUMALO Human trafficking is real, it happens everyday here in SAfrica.

This is so much in line with what this man below (Steven Gordon)appealed for while being interviewed on TV just around the time of our recent march. He sounded so pro-Globalist and went on about 'violent' xenophobic march and that the media had a responsibility to push back. This person is a Grigamba yamampela who wants 2 promote the relaxation of our young boys nd girls so that his magweregwere can lure them in their nearest nest of abduction kidnapping is there anyone who wants to test electricity by his/her tongue if ur available raise ur hand now

SA media against the people's pleas,angeke sibuyele emva we demand our government to PutSouthAfricansFirstNow Paid media go on.Human traffickers will gain access in your home don't come here on social media crying. END HUMAN TRAFFICKING IN SOUTH AFRICA! END HUMAN TRAFFICKING IN SOUTH AFRICA! END HUMAN TRAFFICKING IN SOUTH AFRICA! END HUMAN TRAFFICKING IN SOUTH AFRICA! END HUMAN TRAFFICKING IN SOUTH AFRICA! Repost. EndHumanTraffickingInSA

eNCA News24 ewnupdates SABCNews SAfmnews Radio702 SundayTimesZA SAEditorsForum it really confusing how SA media try their best to refute the fact that HomeAffairsSA corrupt staff are failing SA. And that some evil foreigners are the masters of most crimes in SA!

CSA’s squabbles get in the way of naming a convenor | CitypressThe decision on the preferred candidate for the position of convenor of national selectors was apparently made weeks ago. But the announcement appears to have been delayed by more pressing matters at Cricket SA (CSA), such as the spat with Sports Minister Nathi Mthethwa.

👈YOU ARE FAKENEWS! Who takes you seriously Journalism has gone to the dogs😡 One day someone will accidentally set fire at your offices. You are deliberately spreading false and biased opinions as news. Shut up Why nikhuluma amanga? Hmmmmmm, interesting🤔 Rubbish PutSouthAfricansFirst foreigners are taking over our country and we won't let them do so EndHumanTraffickingInSA

The article was sponsored by the Centre for analytical and behavioural change,City Press is just a messenger. Perhaps they could've insisted on a well balanced/researched article,cos this one seeks to deliberately distort reality on the ground-low std for an academic Centre. Sies City Press

Moriarty promises to grow the DA | CitypressDA Gauteng provincial chairperson Mike Moriarty says that, while the party’s federal chairperson, Helen Zille, is capable of doing the job, he has more to offer. Why did I see mortuary? So what....?

What kind of msunery reporting is this Young girls are disappearing every day and this is all you have to say PutSouthAfricansFirsters are a bunch of Afrophobes. NigeriansMustGo they responsible for HumanTraffickingInSA Just a quick question. How many South Africans that are conducting illegal businesses in Nigeria or linked with corruption in foreign countries? All countries in the world have something to about Nigerians with their behavior.

Try harder, you don't live in our areas so stop trying to protect your undocumented workers Make up your mind, does human trafficking exist or not or it depends on your mood swings. Dear paid pathetic media. We hope they traffic your sisters so that you know it's real. U guys r sick in ur heads. Whoever typed this tweet/article, i hope ur own family goes missing n soon

They are false because you are not affected? Voetsek I hope you they take you unfortunately you wont be able to report your ordeal

Confidential report exposes irregular appointments at Nsfas | CitypressA confidential report filed by the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (Nsfas) in Parliament has confirmed that irregular appointments have been made under the watch of administrator Dr Randall Carolissen. Another day, another clueless cadre. Will this ever end ?

The is no false statement Yehake mnqundu uthini nangoku don't worry it will hit home soon for you 🤞🏽🤞🏽 You do false reporting everyday. Wtf is this 🤮 Everyone in the world is lying FotsekCityPress People left their countries and come to SA to analyze what South Africans tweet . One word for you City Press, Voetsek!!!!

👉👉👉👉A21 The crooked media supporting Human Trafficking done by Nigerians. SARSMustRise NigeriansMustGo PutSouthAfricanFirst

Wealthy nations do little about harmful carbon emissions | CitypressWhile the world has been experiencing climate disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis and, more recently, Covid-19 over the past 20 years, wealthy nations have done little to tackle the harmful emissions that cause climate threats. Wealthy nations WILL do little as, cutting down on emissions, by implication, might also mean cutting down on profits, thus gnawing on the status of being a 'wealthy nation ' which might ultimately lead to billionaires investing in 'poorer nations' Loss in tax revenue 🙄🙄🙄 , Catastrophic climate change is the biggest scam ever!! 2nd is covid-19(84) Earthquakes and tsunamis are not created by climate but by geological movements in the earths crust. What an utterly ridiculous headline, this is grade school level stuff.

I have decided not to read any newspaper due to this bull,.. I was a dedicated reader of this crap every weekend, I can't believe I was reading nonsense like these... ITKHUMALO U are so can u see busnis out of the plight of missing women and children by peddling wrong narrative?people are hurting and u elect to lie?media is terrible

Continue telling that shit.... we'll keep moving on. ITKHUMALO The media is unbelievable. They will do anything to discredit SAfricans no matter how genuine their cries are. This are the same people who will highlight hype foreign events and report little about major issues in SA. ITKHUMALO We should stop buying this pro-criminals city press

Despicable journalism 🤮🤮🤮 South Africans we're on our own, even our so called media is against us PutSouthAfricansFirst EndHumanTraffickingInSA I guess everyone in the world is lying about the same thing. Lol what a coincidence 1278shandu Wa swa (moloi) journalist ya le foreigner. Fire...fire...fireeeeeee

So wat is this

SAA funding ‘lead’ delays Mboweni’s mini-budget | CitypressA last-minute “lead” to possible funding for embattled national carrier SAA has been cited as the reason for Finance Minister Tito Mboweni’s request to Parliament for the medium-term budget policy statement to be postponed until October 28.

U say whay It's clear that SA media is on the side of criminals,drug dealers,human traffickers and illegal immigrants,so your position is clear, we will take the fight to you as well, you keep on writing nonsense! PutSouthAfricansFirst VoetsekSAMedia People are reported missing daily and you are saying that is false, yhu!

FakeNewsMedia Mehlolo useless city press is controlled by foreigners On May 7th, they published an article titled 'SA anti-human trafficking hotline records 140% increase in calls'... trash press

Yazi ninya kabi nina, ni reporta amasimba ngoba ni thengiwe and ni phusha i agenda yenu. So is also Captured by these foreigners too What have black South Africans done to be hated by South Africans black & whites? Even GovernmentZA and other polical parties like EFFSouthAfrica are happy to see us suffering due to overpopulated by the continent influx

First Bheki cele said there is mo human trafficking now you also saying people are not missing? Sincedeni bo! Why indaba Zingavalwa once ngoba niyanya Everyone has a freedom to express their opinion... Not only city press has a right to write thier bais opinions on social media...gone are those those day print media didnt have a competition

People . Stop entertaining these articles , they do it on purpose because they know you will comment and push their numbers ‘no press is bad press remember’ PutSouthAfricansFirstNow PutSouthAfricaFirst Anything by News24 is bullshit, one day their dream will come true & they'll acquire journalists, buh for now, they got bullshit on payroll.

Foreign journalists satafrika The media is choosing to be an enemy of the truth! Where do they get their stories! Is it wrong for whistle blower's to tell their stories,the stories of the country the people who suffer from violent illegal immigrants. Dear paid media. South Africans are humans and yes, they are trafficked!

We have noticed the left agenda of attacking whistle blower's by the paid media! Human trafficking' drug dealings & violence is real in SouthAfrica.PutSouthAfricaFirst! Is simply saying put the people first! Is there anything wrong by pointing the obvious. The media is wrong False reports of hiding missing people are being formed to peddle propaganda & false hope of safe security by the media.The media believe they own the right of telling the new by calling them breaking stories to sell and make money by painful stories. The milking globalization

Normalize checking who wrote the article before reading? Niyanya yazi jeer For you or your journalist to come up with this paid reporting means that PutSouthAfricansFirst is on the right track & an upward trajectory. Try harder, we're still coming for everything we set out to achieve, with or without your honest reporting of our movement 😘✊🏾✊🏾

Musani ukubhala amasimba. Sizonixosha kwanina 🙄🙄 and y'all think we will stop? This is our country and MYANC will put us first and do mass deportation it's only a matter of time we make this country ungovernable...so fuck off City Press!! 🚮 City press as fokon useless 🤣😂🤣 Heal. La nyela

Votsek that's why IL never buy this useless tissue paper PutSouthAfricansFirst ✊🏾ASIJIKI ✊🏾 The incident where someone tried to snatch a child was left out of the article, i guess it was done intentionally to drive this idiotic xenophobia narrative! This center of analytical what what is just there perpetuate the foreigners agenda

Captured bias nonsense media God, the nonsense!🙄 You're trying extremely hard!😴 Bla bla bla HermanMashaba. Government says they are working on Human Trafficking yet these guys say there is no such. What's going on here? So women trafficking is fake news? La nyela sies Total disregard for SAns is disgusting and makes one wonder who is behind this media houses. At the least you could pretend that South Africans have rights and try to balance the rights of SAns with those of foreigners.

Wow. Media in this country is pretty disgusting.

Found by who? Steps have to be taken against it 🙄 Xenophobia ke mmao wena o ngotseng that article, Nywana tsa lona . IT'S us South Africans who buy your news papers with our last cents n yet Y'all make us bad for standing for truth on the immigration issues. Xenophobic Is My South African Pride PutSouthAfricansFirst

You are lying Our media, misleading citizens. It's not misleading anyone. Immigrants are messing our beloved country