Prosecutor could be axed for ‘witchcraft’

Sitshetshe is accused of using muti, intimidating a cleaner and absconding from work to meet NPA boss.


Prosecutor Lennox Sitshetshe’s job of sending criminals to jail could be on the line as he stands accused of practising witchcraft in the office.

Sitshetshe is accused of using muti, intimidating a cleaner and absconding from work to meet NPA boss.

And now his employer, the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA), wants Sitshetshe to answer to these allegations in a disciplinary hearing if he wants to keep his job as a junior prosecutor.

And on Friday, when he appeared for his disciplinary hearing, Sitshetshe was told to return on November 22. He was also warned not to make any contact with his colleagues whom the NPA wants to call as witnesses in the disciplinary hearing.

Sitshetshe is also facing an alternative charge of bringing the name of the NPA into disrepute for practising witchcraft.

The prosecutors handed over their memorandum of grievances, raising concerns of salary increases, promotions and inhumane working conditions.

“He was, however, not charged after several colleagues who were present made supporting statements that gave a different version of the events of that night,” the source said.

Batohi responded to Sitshetshe’s complaint of a “witch-hunt”. In a letter she wrote: “I have noted your complaints relating to victimisation against yourself as raised at our brief meeting on July 12 this year.

She added: “Should the conduct complained of warrant disciplinary action, such will be implemented with due regard to a staff member’s rights and the applicable rules.

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He’s soon going to be unemployed they will all eat dust he was a RET maybe asazi It was holy water and he was testing how entrenched tolerance is among his colleagues... He never meant to hurt other people Lol. What a bizarre state of affairs. Witchcraft Act 3 of 1957? Is the NPA being serious here? smh

But how will they prove that witchcraft does exist? I think they'll have to do that in order for them to win the case. I'll follow this. Sounds interesting. Fenzee7374 Haybooo 😂😂😂 Wenzani uDeacon wami? Ungumshumayeli wezindaba ezilungileyo ❤️ FraudWatchZA Doing your job is not called doing witchcraft learn from your fellow comrades

Witchcraft Act 3 of 1957 heyi... I must check this one out Interesting, very interesting case indeed. *claps once*

Who paid this woman?

Heh ban there's a Witchcraft Act lol lol lol handsoffLennoxSitshetshe. He has started decolonial project. 👀 heeee Wow ,witchcraft now the last time I check government and it’s agencies could believe in that thing called witchcraft-it was a myth that witchcraft exists and now someone is about to be sent packing for that what a contradiction.

Nomgcobo Jiba gives up fight to get her NPA job back, wants to move onJiba says she has to move on with her life after the ‘relentless persecution I have faced in the discharge of my functions as a prosecutor’. Bezi 'sour' vele You were a nightmare. Did she change the legal team or Zola Majavu had a brain transplant 😂😂🤣 it was/is a lost cause

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