Princess Charlotte, 6, has started going around telling everyone she's 16, says Prince William | Channel

Princess Charlotte, 6, has started going around telling everyone she's 16, says Prince William

2021-05-06 09:01:00 PM

Princess Charlotte, 6, has started going around telling everyone she's 16, says Prince William

Princess Charlotte recently celebrated her sixth birthday; Prince William says she had a 'lovey day'.

"I'm six now. I'll do what I want," she'll tell you.The prince's admission comes just as William and Kate revamped their social media page – they no longer go under Kensington Palace but instead the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, with a new, smiling display picture to match.

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The couple also shared they're officially on YouTube, with a new video making the announcement. Read more: Channel24 »

Golden Arrow bus driver struck by bullet in his mouth in suspected taxi violence

A Golden Arrow bus driver has been struck by a bullet through the mouth at the Borcherds Quarry drive on Monday morning.

Prince Misuzulu named new Zulu kingThe late regent of the Zulu kingdom Queen Mantfombi Dlamini bequeathed the monarchy to her first son

LATEST:Prince Misuzulu, new Zulu king, back under heavy securityMerely hours after he was whisked out of Kwakhangelamankengane palace after his ascension to the throne, Prince Misuzulu, the new king of the Zulu nation, is back in KwaZulu-Natal. Was he out of the province? So the freeloading free ride will continue. I think Zulu people should fund them not the tax payers. O re o robetse kae maabane?🤔

IFP welcomes new king of the Zulu Prince MisuzuluThe IFP has welcomed the announcement of Prince Misuzulu as new Zulu king following dramatic events in Nongoma.

High drama as Queen Mantfombi’s will names Prince Misuzulu as new Zulu KingHIGH DRAMA! Prince Misuzulu Zulu was named as the next king of the Zulu nation, but he had to be whisked away from Kwakhangelamankengane Palace after a security threat. Sources tell IOL he is eSwatini bound tonight. Security threat but you’re naming where he’s headed? What Drama because ukukhosi buyalelwa. Even grandchildren za Queen azisazwani people who don't know history No Drama here. Besikulindele lokhu thina maZulu!!

Prince Buthelezi: AmaZulu King Zwelithini was clear on his successorAmazulu Traditional Prime Minister Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi said the royal family should not struggle to find a new king for the Zulu nation as the king was clear in his will. MbuyiseniNdlozi But Gatsha Buthelezi is untrustworthy. OoMageba must try to resolve their royal family issues without being manipulated by this inherently factional old man. Lol 😂 a deadman now appoints leadership for the living How Then who is that person.? Just name them already if the King was that clear in his will 🤷🏽‍♂️