Pressure piles on Mediclinic over apartheid-era doctor Dr Wouter Basson

EFF national spokesperson Vuyani Pambo said they were not satisfied with Mediclinic’s response and believed that it should disassociate itself from Dr Wouter Basson.

2021-01-22 07:27:00 AM

Pressure is mounting on Mediclinic to act as the EFF and the BPNCC have backed calls for the Mediclinc to prohibit controversial apartheid-era doctor Wouter Basson from accessing in their facilities CapeTimesSA

EFF national spokesperson Vuyani Pambo said they were not satisfied with Mediclinic’s response and believed that it should disassociate itself from Dr Wouter Basson.

ShareCape Town - Pressure is mounting on Mediclinic to act as the EFF and the Black People's National Crisis Committee (BPNCC) have backed calls for the private hospital operator to prohibit controversial apartheid-era doctor Wouter Basson from accessing in their facilities.

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A public outrage was elicited by the hospital's response earlier this week after it emerged that Basson, dubbed “Dr Death” has been practising as a cardiologist specialist for the past 15 years, operating at Mediclinic’s Panorama and Durbanville facilities in the Northern Suburbs.

Basson is known for the role he played as head of a top secret chemical and biological warfare project during the apartheid era, including relating to the research into anti-fertility drugs for ethnic cleansing of black people.He was also implicated in poisoning and killing anti-apartheid activists.

Mediclinic Southern Africa said in a statement it viewed the public concerns raised about Basson in a very serious light and this was receiving priority attention and consideration at top leadership level.“By law, practising doctors are independent practitioners and are not employed by any hospital group. Dr Basson is not employed by Mediclinic Southern Africa and does not have his consulting rooms at a Mediclinic facility. He consults from his own rooms, where patients choose to consult him.

“In the interest of our patients, we must respect each patient’s right to choose the most appropriate medical professional to deliver the required treatment at the facility of the patient’s choice. Dr Basson operates as an independent specialist cardiologist, with admission rights to treat his patients in two Mediclinic facilities as well as at other hospitals that are not in the Mediclinic stable. We acknowledge and understand the sensitivities and ethical perspectives on the matter,” said the hospital.

EFF national spokesperson Vuyani Pambo said they were not satisfied with Mediclinic’s response and believed that it should disassociate itself from Basson on ethical and moral grounds.“Failure by Mediclinic to dissociate themselves from this terrorist, a doctor of death, essentially means that they as an institution pay no mind to the safety of black patients and the primary objective to restore life,” said Pambo.

BPNCC spokesperson Songezo Mazizi said they would lodge murder and “manslaughter” charges against Basson at the Cape Town Central police station.Meanwhile the Health Professions Council of SA is gearing up to launch fresh disciplinary proceedings against Basson.

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CapeTimesSA Mediclinic is unapologetically racist and aren't afraid to show it. This is the Land of the Free. 🇿🇦🚮 wouterbasson media mediclinic Rebaone59275709 CapeTimesSA My EFF will go and physically remove him if MediClinic fails to do so🙌 CapeTimesSA They'll defend him.tooth & nail CapeTimesSA Sesthembele kinina EFFSouthAfrica Rebaone59275709 54Battalion NalediChirwa NazierPaulsen FloydShivambu LeighMathys GardeeGodrich OmphileMaotwe veronica_mente Mediclinic

CapeTimesSA Piss off instead hire him to fight Covid he is the best man for the job. BenjiSeitlhamo CapeTimesSA This chap should have been serving life sentence CapeTimesSA Reasons Why Not To Invest in South Africa: 1. Racist BBBEE laws 2. Corruption 3. Crime 4. Unfriendly labour legislation 5. Expropriation without compensation 6. Failing infrastructure 7. No electricity 8. Exorbitant taxation rates

CapeTimesSA Yes,Mediclinic took this as a joke judging by their initial statement that flew against 'Dr Death's' hippocratic oath Mediclinic CapeTimesSA I would love to see whether EFF and BPNCC will treat MediClinic the same way they treated Clicks and H&M? CapeTimesSA He can use the phone. If this guy wanted to finish us off he could have done so already. Whites are still front in our food chain. EFF start to go crazy again. Go on hire buses to stop him

CapeTimesSA Why isn't NPA_Prosecutes charging him? All they know is to victimize the likes of the PublicProtector but murderous of black people like De Klerk and Basson are running around freely. CapeTimesSA I don't know this guy so not going to defend him. The situation feels a lot like when the US hired Nazi scientists after WWII? People that committed horrible acts, but have very unique skillsets that are attractive to governments? It's unlikely that something will happen to him.

CapeTimesSA After so many years? Mxm😕 CapeTimesSA What I feel for this guy is beyond hatred😡 And I just found out Rupert own 45% of Mediclinic. People write busy making noise about Guptas, that time Ramaphosa's best friend is employing people who committed crimes against humanity. CapeTimesSA And who de hell do they think they are. This man is an employee and earning a salary. They should rather focus on doing something for the country

CapeTimesSA How did you manage to sneak back in your work and continue practicing Wouter bassonwho opened the back door for you mediclinic you have stepped over the line this time.the health council should suspend him immediately. CapeTimesSA This man should be in jail! CapeTimesSA Apartheid did not end, it was rebranded to have a black administrator. The mandate subtle racism and oppression

CapeTimesSA Pressure should be on the Health Professions Council, too, and primarily. CapeTimesSA South Africa is useless! Do we always have to complain b4 anythg is solved? CapeTimesSA Why would he have access really unless they have a clandestine agenda? CapeTimesSA Every year same story. Get over it now.

CapeTimesSA IOL really ran out of news. After 15 years of Basson going about his business they splash it as 'news' to manufacture outrage. CapeTimesSA I really wanna thank you for being so truthful and honest i really appreciate you because you have helped me gain financial freedom chris_grey2 CapeTimesSA Meanwhile in other news South Africa is heading for a covid death toll of 250000 thanks to government incompetence and corruption

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CapeTimesSA The EFF scared of Basson? Stupid bunch of idiots. 🙄 CapeTimesSA This guy should have been long in jail but ker the victims were Blacks and we know how the life of other Africans is unvalued akere CapeTimesSA This foreigner is dangerous to our Black society.