POLL | What punishment should the military veterans who held the ministers ‘hostage’ face?

Should those who held the ministers against their will face the full might of the law or be let go with a slap on the wrist?

2021-10-15 11:07:00 PM

Should those who held the ministers against their will face the full might of the law or be let go with a slap on the wrist?

Should those who held the ministers against their will face the full might of the law or be let go with a slap on the wrist?

15 October 2021 - 12:00Defence minister Thandi Modise was reportedly prevented from leaving a meeting with disgruntled military veterans on Thursday night, effectively being held hostage. File photo.Image:Veli NhlapoSouth Africans have taken to social media and gathered around the water cooler to debate what action should be taken against those who held defence minister Thandi Modise, her deputy Thabang Makwetla and minister in the presidency Mondli Gungubele “hostage”.

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The trio were prevented from leaving a meeting with disgruntled military veterans on Thursday night, with the veterans barricading the doors with chairs.Gungubele said the meeting broke down when consensus couldn't be reached, and a decision was taken to adjourn.

“As we were leaving the meeting, proceeding to the doors, they [the military veterans] closed the doors. It is at that point we realised we were held hostage. It is a situation which was averted by the security forces, very effectively and successfully,” he said. headtopics.com

SAPS spokesperson Brig Vish Naidoo confirmed that the police “penetrated the room where the hostages were being held” and that no shots were fired.Fifty-six people have been arrested and will likely face charges of kidnapping, but there have been calls for more serious charges to be laid against the group.

Others claimed the veterans were just trying to make their voices heard and should be let go with a warning.MK military veteran Lwazi Mzobe toldNewzroom Afrikathat the former soldiers wanted reparations, among other demands.He denied that the minister was being held hostage and claimed that they were allowed to leave and there was “

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Slap on the wrist, like the looters They should be treated no differently to any other citizen who attempts to or holds anyone against their will. Two wrongs don't make a right, ,as South Africans we need to learn this as South Africans ,let's go vote them out No force or weaponry was used, the ministers where just scared to leave because they saw that they messed up badly and their confli6was fact based, so according to me they've done nothing wrong

Absolutely YES! The ANC have promised the veterans alot of things during integration....now they're just posting one side of the story...There is a video of a Medic Captain speaking out about this bs...Give people they're money and ranks that you took away anc government..2 sides to the story! They should be punished for failing to do a proper job.

Its Family Matters. Let the elders sought it out. They are ANC first before they are government anycase. Fix your English Slap on the wrist as always.

Taxpayers need poll transparencySouth African major political parties, all share a strange reluctance to discuss their internal finances. Bo Mandla ba re rekisa serious 🙄

Slap on the wrist... Those are heroes. Ordinary South Africans should also do the same when they demand service delivery & employment from the government Yes, however they should do away with this self-entitlement mentality. When they escaped to neighboring countries most of us faced the enemy head-on in our small ways, harassed by the apartheid special branch day and night, but none of us is demanding millions for freeing mzantsi

Slap on the wrist Execution If the Minister had properly addressed their issues, this situation would not have arisen Definitely a Slap on the wrist. That is standard practice for all its members. No one gets arrested or goes to jail in this organization 😂🤣😂🤣 Theatrics Atleast life sentence ,if they manage to call president and when he come they arrest him and order him to step aside and minister of defence,her deputy and minister in the presidency were enough to make wait of witness of handing over power

This is a serious offence cause they can still from there order the minister of defence to give order to generals to take government by force When trillions go missing no one is held to account so when the ones who been stealing the trillions go missing the same should apply. We're they tied up and held at gun or knife point? Was a ransom sought?

POLL | Do you support Jacob Zuma's prayer meeting?It's all systems go for the long-awaited prayer meeting in honour of former president Jacob Zuma. Why the fuck would I support such bullshit 😒 Leave Zuma alone, you never ask that question when your friends are out having staged public campaigns, you come back and feed us propaganda and not show the hostility that they are facing when they go to the poor people at grassroots level. The things that South Africans pray for. This is wat happens when U phase out religious education from foundation level

Old age government, Thandi should be resting at home and taking care of her pigs. Ths ppl know what they owe each other, what they have promised each other for years so no punishment expected! Yes The question should be based around the fact that they had access to hold the minister hostage and why did that incident take place at first?

Eish 🤔, how old are the veterans? High treason ! You don't hold a Defence Minister hostage thus jeopardising the security of the whole state ! But as we know, this case will be postponed forever until we all forget about it ! All about precedents and boundaries! You asking KAK questions ne Maybe the same ministers must realise what they have created in those people by recruiting them into their military wing & later left them to death by hunger once they no longer need them.

Those are comrades nothing more

Defence Minister Thandi Modise and deputy held hostage by military vetsDefence Minister Thandi Modise and her Deputy Thabang Makwetla alongside Minister in the Presidency Mondli Gungubele were held hostage by disgruntled military veterans on Thursday night but were later released. If a minister of defence can be held hostage what about the safety of ordinary citizens🤷‍♂️ JakbPhotography The ANC has failed the country and its people. These ministers got what they deserve

It is an afterthought question, by yesterday PresidencyZA was suppose to issue a red alert for those to be arrested. Few days ago we were told dat some foreign study says de hawks is weak. Yesterday proved dat we don't hav NIA anymore we hav loyalist in de security cluater. Star jumps, naked at the Union buildings lawn. For 72 hours. It should be filmed.

They must face the law,They committed a crime,We are not a banana republic Arrest them they embarrassed ojr country Let those People go home. South Africa likes to dramatize everything this nowadays. How can we trust this minister with the safety of our citizens and country. 56 of them.... Free cos this is just a joke

What kind of English is this. Why don't you write in your mother language Admin? Slap on the wrist,

We are not embarrassed about hostage ordeal, says Minister Mondli GungubeleMinister in the Presidency Mondli Gungubele says they are not embarrassed about being held hostage by military veterans at St George’s Hotel in Pretoria. JacksonMthembu_ s shoes are too big for this one.Clearly it was just another factional appointment based on personal trust. How can the ANC gets embarrassed if they never embarrassed by this

Ons 🙈🙊🙉🐒 by MyANC sien en voel Fokol vir julle. VoetsekANC They must fulfill their promises and stop arresting innocent ppl..

UPDATE: Modise, Gungubele rescued after being held hostage by military veterans

56 war veterans arrested for holding ministers hostagePolice say no shots were fired and the ministers were not injured. Arrested?.....Lets send them to Korsten I wanna see something fast They dnt look like they from 60-70s. Look very young for war veterans. NO BAIL!!