POLL | Do you support Raymond Zondo's bid to become chief justice?

POLL | Do you support Raymond Zondo's bid to become chief justice?

2021-10-20 06:17:00 PM

POLL | Do you support Raymond Zondo's bid to become chief justice?

Fraser said he has reason to believe Zondo prevented him from exposing 'the real' culprits and the real origins of the idea of the commission as a foreign-sponsored concept.'

Image:Alon Skuy/ Sunday TimesDeputy chief justice and chair of the state capture commission of inquiry Raymond Zondo is making headlines after former spy boss Arthur Fraser opposed his nomination for the position of chief justice.Zondo is contesting the position among seven other candidates, including public protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane.

In a letter, the former spy boss said Zondo's treatment of him during the proceedings of the state capture inquiry demonstrated his lack of independence and judicial integrity. He accused him of disregardingwitnesses that were not suitable for the narrative of state capture by the infamous Gupta brothers. 

Fraser said he has reason to believe Zondo prevented him from exposing “the real” culprits and"the real origins of the idea of the commission as a foreign-sponsored concept.”“I have reason to believe that deputy chief justice Zondo did this to endear himself with the political class so that he can secure the position of chief justice for which he is now nominated,” Fraser said. headtopics.com

The former spy boss also claimed he knew of people who were chosen to execute him. “It is this information that deputy chief justice Zondo vehemently opposed to prevent me from exposing. It also sought to conceal and protect the role of old apartheid security intelligence networks in capturing the post-apartheid state,” he said. 

The selection panel for the chief justice will include former public protector Thuli Madonsela, minister of justice and correctional services Ronald Lamola and former minister of justice Jeff Radebe. Last month, Presidentinvited the public to comment on the nomination of the chief justice. 

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No Yes yes Yes I support Zondo to take the position. He got the needed experience and currently he is the Deputy Chief Justice. This shows that he is fit for the position. I know that the majority of the people especially those that were exposed for corruption in the commission hate him. I support him provided he can do well in the interviews. I don't what he thinks about the how the constitution court can do to make South Africans understand it's function. Make it more visible.

NO Absolutely, he is one of the few people that can still be trusted with our legal jurisdiction. Yep 100% corruption will decrease for he knows how to handle the corruption. Many will go behind bars if he becomes the CJ. I don't support Zondo to be chief justice this man is a danger ... Him and Ramaphosa those two man are toxic to this country

Absolutely yes Yes he can do more

Former spy boss Arthur Fraser opposes candidacy of Raymond Zondo for chief justiceFormer spy boss Arthur Fraser has formally objected to the nomination of deputy chief justice Raymond Zondo as a candidate for the position of chief justice.

Zondo is the new Chief Justice👌👌👌 No he is weak Hell No No! I think he’s a good jurist but the Commission has revealed his weaknesses. He’s definitely not at the level of CJ Chaskalson, CJ Langa, CJ Ngcobo, CJ Mogoeng and DCJ Moseneje. The ConCourt has been relatively weak in recent years. Meritocracy is shaky.

BIG NO! Nope,he is a weapon meant to destroy the RET forces No Big No No Yes

Former spy boss Arthur Fraser opposes candidacy of Raymond Zondo for chief justiceFormer spy boss Arthur Fraser has formally objected to the nomination of deputy chief justice Raymond Zondo as a candidate for the position of chief justice. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤦‍♂️ Understandable, zondo denied this man the opportunity to testify. A Zuma fight back. This guy's letter was even drafted and signed off by those Zuma lawyers called Mabuza attorneys. Zuma using his boys to fight Zondo. It won't work shwemz!!

Yep He will cause another unrest this puppet.. No Zondo is a clown Nooooo... BIG NO........ 100% No Hell NO Hell yeah

Former spy boss Arthur Fraser officially opposes nomination of Raymond Zondo for Chief Justice positionThe former head of the country’s correctional services and former chief of spies, Arthur Fraser, has officially raised his objection to the nomination of deputy chief justice, Raymond Zondo, as one of the people who should be considered for the vacant position of Chief Justice. Rama won't be happy Arthur Fraser complicating Stellenbosch plan now . CyrilRamaphosa Aikulenyuvadem ngenxa yakhe lo Zondo makayophumla umonakalo sowenzekile shame

Without a doubt! Never!!!😠😠 100% I support DJ Zondo No This can't be journalism.... this is a narrative Of cause NOT Yes he's suitable no doubt about that..he should be appointed pronto Yeeeeesssssssssssssss!! Makube njalo Fake useless polls Big NO!!!

Former spy boss Arthur Fraser opposes candidacy of Raymond Zondo for chief justiceFormer spy boss Arthur Fraser has formally objected to the nomination of deputy chief justice Raymond Zondo as a candidate for the position of chief justice. I was introduced into his platform by a friend I met online Dennismayson9. I thought it was a scam company as well.... But I was moved to try once again with Dennismayson9 I just wanna share this with my people, it was a WIN and i am GREATFUL.🙏🙏🙏🙏 GRATITUDES. I wonder why? theWholeTruth A man with balls of steel 😂😂😂😂

No amount of tears will sway the JSC to elevate him to the Highest position in the Judiciary. Yes NO! I support him 200% He misinterpreted the Constitution and legalized imprisonment without trial Nope, a dangerous puppet, don't make that mistake he's Not a sober judge he's egocentric 100%🙌🏾 No A big No No,I have no say in his appointment as CJ. Cyril must decide as he is the President of the Republic.

Former spy boss Arthur Fraser officially opposes nomination of Raymond Zondo for Chief Justice positionThe former head of SA's correctional services and former chief of spies, Arthur Fraser, has officially raised his objection to the nomination of Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo as a candidate for the vacant position of Chief Justice. Courtroom Jud... Arthur who? Raymond Zondo must tell us why he never recused himself Ayikhale🤣🤣🤣

No!!! No. Zondo will never uphold the constitution and human rights enshrined in our constitution for white money. He is bad for that position. No BIG...... NO Noways Definitely a big NO. He is in the sealed CR17BANKSTATEMENT. He is corrupt tbe same way like Ramaphosa. No NO No NO...aneva No No!!! YES!

POLL | Should Zuma be allowed to visit casinos and other public places while under parole?Former president Jacob Zuma being spotted at a casino has given rise to strong reactions from many online. Saze savelelwa istory esodwa akenibe active Mani namhlanje olunye usuku bakithi nabusy nasigxusha lelikhehla nkosyam He gives zero f*** Well Schabir Shaik was on the golf course within days, so .....

No No i don't support him No No No please respect the citizens Yes I do 100% Nonono,haikhona Yes Hell NO! That will be a big YES from me. Yes - 100%. Corrupt eatists aren't going to dictate terms. he is honestly not fit ..the way he handled the State Capture commission showed a lot of his incompetencies and weaknesses to be fit for the CJ seat.The man is not even fit to be a judge

Hell no No No!!No!!Don't support him. Hell no he is captured by cr17 that one 100% yes He waste billions that could've been used for a good cause chasing Zuma... Yes 100% Kaliwaka! Yes 100% Yes I do

A brilliant man, an excellent judge. We'd love him in the top job. 101% Yes Noooooo No Yes 100% Absolutely the best for this position! No Let him remain a DCJ and retire I support Madlanga. Hell noooo hz working for Gordan and Rupert

No ways!!! Yes Nop I don't YES! Yes 100% I don't think he is right 4 the job in that he leans more towards president. I noticed when he was questioning the president they adopted a very soft approach but more stern towards JZ. I am not representing any faction I just need justice to apply equally regardless of faction.

We just wasting our time with this exercise! He will be rewarded with the position for dealing with JZ, the same with Thuli being glorified as a hero just for dealing with JZ’s case, but never had a clean audit. This is pure political appointment. History will judge us! Big NO. I only support the educated judge in SA Judge Yaya Mandlakayise John Hlophe to become Chief Justice

1000% !! 💯%

Big No Yes, yes, yes. Yes, I do Yes, I support him I cannot support this judge he is a politician Yes 🙌 Yes More than support.....I demand he be chief justice.....either him or Mlambo.....why pay attention to the corrupt No No

Rubbish media house with an evil intention. Andizi No No No..he is a vindictive divisive man. No Yes No Yes 100% No he is so biased, A BIG NOOOO.

Yes I dnt support the Celebrity Judge Zondo who handled others with kid gloves wen he was supposed to ask the most uncomfortable questions,he was lufing wen there were no jokes yet there were clear signs of collusion & guilt on others. Definitely Yes Yes!! Not in my life time HELL NO ABSOLUTELY YES. He is a resolute legal luminary.


Kodwa ngoba Mfana ka Ramaphosa he will win NO. Definitely not. Yes Fit & proper, only thieves Will not want him runawayrene I don't support the corrupt. Yes, I do! In my view, there is no other candidate who comes close to his capabilities & integrity!🌞👏🤗 Definitely Yep! Hell No I don't endorse constitutional thugs

Hell NO! Absolutely Yes Yes ofcoz Yes, Zondo has been in the public domain for anyone to decide on him. A big NO Yes and let the strong survive Yeah . He is the right Juristic Person Hell NO I'd rather support former President Zuma. He clearly understands the Constitution better than Zondo

As if we have a say on it 🤔 do as you wish 100% Yes 100% He'll assume the position, if not him who else amongst the seven Yes. Yes. He is one of the right people for the job. Zuma's disciples aside. A big yes No No Definitely

YES but one will see that all the child mentalities and the gullible and easily brainwashed will say No.. Yes. Zondo for Chief Justice Objections are an academic exercise which the President does not even have to do, but it offered the RET faction an opportunity to fight back through Arthur Fraser a wannabe politician

Million times Yes! No Yes. No that old man is not for and proper, No Nope, he is bias He indulged and treated politicians with kid gloves? StateCaptureCom OCJ_RSA ConCourtSA DOJCD_ZA

Yes Yes, he is fit and proper, people like Deputy Judge Bra Ray Zondo can take this country to a much better World for every one. Are you kidding me? Hell No! In fact strip him of DCJ role The are too many No here but because it's you the results will be interesting Hell Nooo Supporting him 100%. NO What is a Chief Justice compared to Kim Jung Un the fearless leader of North Korea

Yes he must finish zuma No

No No!!! Yes 100%. He is the right person. Yes 200/ No we don't want him he's biased Hell Noo Never. He is compromised One of the useless Judges in SA 100% No

110% Hell No! Never. Hell NO No. Hell No! Yes! A big No , he went to the state capture commission with his mind already made up , No

No I don't Hell Nohh... Not really Nnooooooooooooo Yes 100% Do we have only Zondo? White people do support him,that its self it's a problem. Big no It a no for me Hell Nooo.......

Yes I do credible judge a 1000% Why is he not amoung the candidates? Yes NO I absolutely give my support to the DCJ being appointed as CJ. NO, he is factional & incompetent, we don’t want a Chief Justice of ANC factions, that would be horrible for SA democracy.. NO Yes Hell NO🖐🏾🖐🏾🖐🏾🖐🏾

I support Zondo, Maya and Mlambo... Any one of them can be CJ I do not mind No No at all No.... zondo is bad news Yes, no doubt about it. His handling of the State Capture Commission and the team he assembled to lead evidence shows that he is capable to lead our judiciary. Pistorius SC, Seleke SC, adv Kate Hofmeyer mention but a few comes to mind.

I only support the process and I shall respect its outcomes afterall not even the previous CJ was able to save us CharlotteKhuma3 Sin will be rampant everywhere, and the love of many will grow cold.But the one who endures to the end will be saved.And the Good News about the Kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world, so that all nations will hear it; and then the end will come. Matthew 24:12-14

CharlotteKhuma3 No No No

We can't have a factional judge!!!! NO!! He is a disappointment Yes Yes No No he is the mouth of the masters we don't need that in this dispensation Zomdo is compromised Shem, he shouldn't have accepted the nomination. No one will trust him mos Yes A BIG FUCKIN NO Yes

yes No Yes No He already had the opportunity for CJ post & if i was him i'll decline nominations & avoid compromising situation. The man did excellent job for the country already with his commission but also, angered many who now seek to destroy his👌career? He need to bow out gracefully! Never ever, he's judgements are influenced by personal issues and white supremacists 🤞🏼

Yes No Zondo is bias, stubborn and he can not be trusted, he will never be fair to the citizens of this country, black people will be persecuted by judiciary system under his leadership, he must never be appointed to that position, Ramaphosa must not do that to us! No 👎🏽No

NO! Nope he is bias and incompetent, couldn't even handle one commission, no no for me Yes Not at all . I wonder how this man became the jugde. He lacks all qualities. No Yes NO NO NO Yes Chief Justice is gonna be Raymond Zondo .Athur Fraser go to jail with Duduzane for more than 25 years . Yes

Yes Big big NO Yes with all my heart he is the only judge we left with. The rest are captured NO Yes yes ...I do HELL NOOO No He is completely unfit to be CJ. We were proud of the previous CJ. He was clear and fair. He was a judge. This one is clearly doing dirty work for politicians. You could clearly see whose side he is on during the Zondo Commission. That's not right.

No Yes.....I do.

Ziyakhala manje did you take LSD ? Hell NO, he is evil that one. No Hell no Supported . A big fat NO!!! No, he is the reason of the disaster which took place in July. Yes

No! A 🦁 covered in a 🐑 skin. Just like his friend big 👃 Yes he's proved himself. Bye bye Moegoe Moegoe Yes Hell nooooooo! No I don’t Yes, I support Raymond Zondo for Chief Justice. No. The man isna skorokoro by himself! He is highly conflicted, impartial, political, not objective and very unreliable!!! Yes

The man failed dismally to be impartial in the state capture commission. He treated witnesses differently.There were those who were guilty in his eyes and those who were assisting but the commission was still looking for answers. A big no for me, he is too conflicted. This one doesn't have balls .... he is going to make our country worse....

Noooooi These people are mafias. This one that ran state capture 4 two years and is still asking for extensions 🚮 Nooooooo..... Bare ke berry white😂😂😂 No 'I am not your friend ' Haikhona we've heard enough of Barry White. No no no no!!! Hippo 🦛 is a hazard to the judiciary

No BIG NO Nooooooooo Voetsekeeeeeee,how can we support a puppet, No Zondo is the right man to lead our judiciary.he fully grasp the law,no doubt about that.someone tried to play games with him and he didn't hesitate to show that person that we are equal before law Nooooh Zondo is biased he cant be trusted at all

Nee... No

No, no and no again. He is too bias so a big NO NO Yes It's a no for me. No Oh yes NO Yebo yes Yes he must be promoted.

Kakhulu 100% A big no Yes, that will make RET anc to suffer for 10 years like the country did Since State Capture Commission no arrests made. No evidence of re-couped monies. He's is compromised 👍 Noooo9 A big No, commission of State Capture proved to us that he is too conflicted. The only person who have qualities to Run office of Chief Justice is Judge President of Western Cape, John Mandlakayise Hlophe

100% behind him. This one must be removed from our Judiciary. He doesn't deserve to even be our Deputy Chief Justice

No he's too compromised No! Yes, I would support him. Yes I support him, he maintained a principle position against the Constitutional delinquent from Nkandla Yes Yes definitely Yes!👍⚖️🇿🇦 Judge Zondo is a natural and legal choice to follow Judge Mogoeng,He is a srs master piece. No!!!!!!! No!!!!!!!!

Hmmm, not sure the Zondo Commission took for ever, our tax money wasted and no one jailed... He can't even finish one 3 year job now he wants a bigger job🤦‍♂️ The coach, player and referee 😂😂😂 . He cannot even see when he is indulging in unlawful acts. Zondo must wait for his persecution. A big yes Yes

I dnt see him achieving there!! Fr start how long has he failed to wrap up zondo commission even now! 1000% big NO Never !!! This is evil 🚮 No maan there's too much noise out there. Let's give someone else a chance He is the right choice.

Hell No! YES Hell NO No !!! Hell no!no Yes 300% Yes yes yes and a 1000 times yes No one don't support him Yes Zondo is conflicted he is not fit and proper to be our chief justice

Yes. Absolutely Yes I support Judge Zondo to become Chief Justice of South Africa. Criminals are shaking already so I know he is the right choice. No!! Let Zondo first rule that the MYANC ANCParliament regime is corrupt and that the IECSouthAfrica and ConCourtSA should re-call & de-register the ENTIRE corrupt ANC regime, then we'll know if he's up to the task.

BLACKCHILD_RISE Khane Rena borena reya pheka nah Its a no above ground! No NOOOOIOOOO People's favorite, at least here. Support the majority view

Mind, body and soul. HELL NO What's the point of having the DCJ position if the occupant can't automatically assume the CJ position? No, a good man knows when to stop. NO No, I don't think he is an honest man, I also think he lies a lot, he lied in his interview. Yeah, why not Yes Nooooo No

No No to me No ways this Zondo nearly cost us a civil war just to satisfy his handlers. We dont want a chief justice that is on CR17bankstatement Noooooo🙅🙅 I don't know Nope Yes. Yep Big no No. He's a stooge and he is compromised

Yes yes yes No amount of voting will change the fact that Zondo is biased. noooo Yes. I once saw an article about his journey to date. And I'm impressed with it. Everyone who lied in his face thought he is stupid. They will be surprised by the final report. This man got serious skills. They must sleep with one eye open for him.

I trust him a lot more than Zuma &friends Yes That frog🐸🐸 Sanebutnot Yes Nooo this man is not a judge NO NO NO

No. Never. He is a wolf clothed is a sheep skin. He must be arrested. Big yes Yes I do 💯% Yes, i do support him.. No no no Zondo ke joke No No Big big big big big NO

Zondo is an embarrassment, he already has people he hates in the country. How can he treat those people fairly? It's a BIG NO, he's already bias. He must voetsek. Zondo for CJ... azishe.... 💯- a man of deep insight & integrity 👍 no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no abaphansi abavumi

No, the man is used by capitalist Yes Never Absolutely NO No He remains the best suited for the job.... SAcans, give us DCJ Zondo as our new CJ..... Vhumani bo!!!

Zondo shouldn't even be a judge. He has shown himself to be biased and manipulative Corruption player, Already wasted state resources how much more if he becomes Chief Justice, He will play his game as usual No ways . He can not be trusted BIG NO! Hell NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Big No. He must tell us first where is Phadima Fukula

Nope NO I hate to engage you but I can't resist to tell you 'BIG NO'

No Yes Nope Cha. No According to Fraser, we move , big No NO NO Hell No No

Defeaning no! Absolutely yes Yes, Mthiyane, Skhangane ithuba lakhe manje leli Yes Yeeeees🕺🏾🕺🏾🕺🏾🇿🇦 He treated witnesses in the commission differently so BIG NO for me No he's too much of a liability our judicial system is in tatars because of him we need someone like Mogoeng not inzondo No, we don’t want this thing

No 100%

Yes. No shit...fuvk zondo Best candidate and a natural progression. The only reason why he won't be selected will be others' politics. NO Good chief justice for the country Yes Hell no Yes NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Nope,useless that one had to break lot of laws just to be recognized for the position.

Yes 100%, he is DCJ and acting as CJ currently, he has the right persona, intellect and adequate grasp of the law. He has handled the biggest test since the democratic state, the State Capture Commission. He is fit and proper to carry the baton to the next CJ in 3 years. No, he got himself too much into politics + the commission made him to show where his integrity is.

Big big YES. Yes 💯 Emphatic yes. Absolutely Yes, no doubt about that.He positively proof himself that he can fit the chair. A BIG YES...100%!!!!!👍 Big no Resounding YES! No he is biased

Yes A big NO, he's proved to be inconsistent and biased, even shrek knows it. Yes ,ther are some RET that need sorting Not at all Big no No. Not ever!! No.. Zondo is not worthy to accend to tht throne. Why the fucking poll! Leave the panel do its work a thousand times..... No I don’t because of SealedCR17bankStatements

hills007 Yes. As long as the Suspicious Fraser files are revealed and zoned I can be vindicated !!! Yes, 100% No. Nope, Cha, Nee An UNEQUIVOCAL and a EMPHATIC YES from me. No, Zondo legalized dagga & priorized business th expense of th youth of RSA that is highly addictive & dying daily. Next he would legalise rape, prostitution, etc.

No, there's so much controversy around him. So it’s time for Zondo to cash in on his reward after he got Zuma arrested 😂😂 politics is a dirty game !! Zondo for chief justice - he is the best person for the office. He doesn't play this one, he doesn't care whether you have been president before or not...tronk toe!


No No what if he arrests us for not vaccinating No No This will give Zuma fans serious chest pains. I like the idea. Nooooo! 150% Supporting this man.... 💯 Yes💯 A very big no

No No No ways, he will get it because he delivered ( Zuma's arrest) for the handlers. Yes No No No Yes i support him Yes ,why not The right candidate for the job.

No we don't!!! RETAIN LOVE AND PROTECT LOVE WITH LOVE SPELLS +27783320386 Yes.Why not? Yes! go zondo Yebo No