Police track down, arrest man who allegedly murdered two children

2022-01-20 10:03:00 AM

Police track down, arrest man who allegedly murdered two children

Police track down, arrest man who allegedly murdered two children

One of the boys managed to escape, and police were called to assist.

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Eskom implements Stage 2 power cuts from 4pm to midnight

The utility stated there is a high probability of blackouts on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. Read more >>

Is Sophie Ndaba's new man one of Bushiri's pastors?It has been reported that Sophie Ndaba's new man is one of Shepard Bushiri's pastors and that the couple has bonded over their faith in God. She has natural affinity for dodgy characters 😅 Non of our Business,we can't manage ppl's choices,and relationship.editor u are out of touch. slow news day?

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South Africa beat India by 31 runs in first one-day international

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