Police officer and court interpreter bust for illegal dealing in rhino horn

The Hawks have swooped on a police officer and a court interpreter for alleged illegal rhino horn dealing.

2021-09-18 01:29:00 PM

The Hawks have swooped on a police officer and a court interpreter for alleged illegal rhino horn dealing.

The Hawks have swooped on a police officer and a court interpreter for alleged illegal rhino horn dealing.

“It is alleged that in May 2019, a 53-year-old warrant officer attached to the serious organised crime investigation in Gauteng and his 39-year-old female accomplice allegedly dropped off a consignment in a warehouse at Pomona declared as wine, destined for Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia,” said Mulamu.

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The Da Vinci Institute to confer a laureate on 9-year-old Professor Soborno Bari

Soborno Bari is a professor who specialises in maths and science. He is an Asian-American author and the world's youngest professor.

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KZN wife gave would-be hitman a car, then demanded it back when he failed to kill her husband - HawksA 39-year-old woman who allegedly hired a hitman to kill her husband will remain behind bars, the Hawks said this week. I thought I’ve seen it all.Who pays a hitman in advance?Why pay in car format?Did hitman 2 know his payment was to be demanded from hitman 1? Did the value of a hit depreciate like the value of the car?How did the Hawks find out about the plot? What a case!! SA needs a mass exorcism. Did the hitman work in government before? That will explain this lack of work ethic

'I'm taking back that car because you didn't kill my husband': Allegation against woman arrested by HawksThe Hawks have arrested a KwaZulu-Natal woman for allegedly hiring a hitman to kill her husband. Is this the in thing now So, in KZN, its Not Jacob Zuma alone who loves money a lot? Where is the menaretrash gang?

Cop and court official nabbed for attempting to smuggle 32 rhino horns to MalaysiaA 53-year-old warrant officer was appearing in the Palm Ridge Magistrate’s Court, with a female accomplice, on charges of alleged involvement in illegal dealings of rhino horns. Learn the truth about the vaccines. It’s all on my Twitter page. ⚡️

Case of men arrested with 19 rhino horns is postponed - The Mail & GuardianAlleged rhino kingpin and a Mpumalanga businessman appeared in court on charges of the illegal possession and selling of rhino horns I want to use this medium to thank Mr tyron_robert7 for making me benefit from his platform in just after 7days I got my profits in full payment without no extra fee. All thanks to you tyron_robert7

Ndlovu trial to resume on MondayThe case involving former police officer Nomia Rosemary Ndlovu has been adjourned until Monday. Ay bandla Cold blood lies. I wish her to be jail in China for this crime she committed. Or in USA in that case. Can we please ask this 2 country to take care of this body! Please lock her up with mens 🚹 please 😳🍑🍆🍆🍆😂

Poachers kill rhino and calf at nature reserve in KrugersdorpA rhino and her calf have been killed at Bothongo Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve in Krugersdorp near the Cradle of Human Kind. Poachers deserve the same treatment they inflict. I work for this place. R.I.P my baby. I hate working in this industry when losing animals I love.