Police lose 8 million pieces of evidence | Citypress

Police “lost” about 8 million pieces of evidence after the computer system that helped detectives keep track of forensic samples collected at crime scenes was shut down due to a dispute over nonpayment.

2021-03-07 09:00:00 AM

Police “lost” about 8 million pieces of evidence after the computer system that helped detectives keep track of forensic samples collected at crime scenes was shut down due to a dispute over nonpayment. | City_Press

Police “lost” about 8 million pieces of evidence after the computer system that helped detectives keep track of forensic samples collected at crime scenes was shut down due to a dispute over nonpayment.

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City_Press Hao, there's no back up? Nci nci nci😒 City_Press Banana Republic or a Lawless Country. City_Press Drug bursts, drug bursts, drug bursts. Remember the non black drug lords that lost 580million worth of drugs, eh... Nvm Reasons Why Not To Invest&Visit in South Africa: 1. Racist BBBEE laws 2. Corruption 3. Crime 4. Unfriendly labour legislation 5. Land Expropriation without compensation 6. No electricity 7 Illegal foreigners 8 City Name Changes(PortElizabeth)

We couldn’t have done it without your expert services William_cryto I am very appreciative of your effort, and i look forward to continuing to work together City_Press Because they were wasting time, money and manpower guarding beaches and enforcing mask wearing and curfew, latter only during the early hours of the evening before the crominals become active.

City_Press Stop making us pay to read your articles you dicks. City_Press What in a Bull's rectum is this? City_Press 🤣🤣🤣 this country is a joke guys City_Press Polisie betaal nie, laat kritiese toetse en lêers verdwyn en ....... en...... en....... wat kan mens dit tog noem? BLIKSEMS! En publiek moet reg doen?

City_Press Bheki Cele instead of looking for another service provider or reach an agreement with the current one that probably wants billions was busy with alcohol arrests 😔 City_Press says a lot about the state this country finds itself. Nothing surprises me anymore. City_Press Why would they outsourcing such an essential part ,these clowns

City_Press City_Press This must be joke City_Press May this be a way to hide the people involvement or what should we think? City_Press City_Press This should be investigated it can tantamount to criminal act whoever's responsible. Law must take its course. City_Press Useless City_Press This type of work should not be outsourced but rather be in house. Pay to have a system done that is yours. This information will then be private and confidential as it should be.

City_Press What a joke!! City_Press Eish! kealite City_Press You say “lost”, is it not retrievable after the settlement of the payment dispute? Because is it retrievable then your article is here to mislead us City_Press They have been arresting people for musks while billions are looted. Useless City_Press celemustgo

City_Press Well done! VoetsekANC is doing their best to protect their criminals! The VoetsekEFF is also protected! Now for voetsekramaphosa to loose the vaccines 🧨🦠🇿🇦 City_Press Nice City_Press Sadly, this will affect the most vulnerable South Africans: the poor, children & women. How did SAPoliceService allow this to happen? PresidencyZA needs to account to the nation for this. SwitchOffGBV SAPS_Collapse

City_Press So the system just kept track of the evidence so the physical evidence is their and must be catalogue again! Sounds like an employment or tender opportunity. some SAPS functions must be split cause it seems people are gonna walk away or stay in jail City_Press bhekicele_rsa excellence ✊🏽

City_Press Shocking! But what do you expect when we have a Saps like ours. With cat in the hat Bheki in charge you can expect these types of things to happen! CyrilRamaphosa please man please fire these useless generals.... or shall I say wanna be generals!😳🤭🤷‍♂️👀🙈🙈 City_Press 😂😂😪 City_Press

City_Press Why government is using third party on crucial things like this... This should have been an in-house solution 😏😏😏 City_Press Lol its quite alarming when police and government incompetence becomes a joke and no one cares anymore. Pretty sure the worst countries police forces will make ours look like rookies.

City_Press Is this true. If yes then this country is being run to the dogs. We are led by imigodoyi City_Press 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 City_Press Well done MYANC. Well done indeed on your incompetence and ineptitude. You must be so proud. City_Press 😂😂😂😂Aaaaai the ineptitude is hardly surprising anymore.