Police commissioner Khehla Sitole could lose job due to his support of Zuma

Police commissioner Khehla Sitole could lose job due to his support of Zuma

2021-10-17 10:20:00 AM

Police commissioner Khehla Sitole could lose job due to his support of Zuma

Fresh allegations have emerged that Sitole set up a secret office for Zuma’s faction at the ANC’s elective conference in Mangaung in 2012.

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vuyanipambo SA media, you can try your luck you shall never implicate General Sitole in corruption, the support for Zuma is the most stupid allegation the Thumaminions can write about, nonsense. HAU SUPPORTING ZUMA GETS U FIRED OR JAILED N SUPPORTING CYRIL GAINS U IMMUNITY FROM SA JUSTICE SYSTEM . NOW THIS IS WAT WE CALL DICTATORSHIP

😂🤣 WenzeniUzuma ? If we separate politics & the executive affairs & limit politicians to parliament we will win the battle against corruption! Competent people are sidelined while polical deployees take positions based on political affiliation etc. We're a failed state! This is pseudo democracy! Supporting Zuma is Crime in this Country

Let's see if this will be on MorningLiveSABC Who can forget how ML repeatably spread the fake news of 'Zuma's R330m Dubai Palace' which ML have NEVER apologised for. And the useless SAEditorsForum has still not condemned the media for this. justicemalala SkeemSaam etvNewsSA nomvula60928668 Reading this article one must wonder if Thumamina faction is not trying to equal the scale on th CR17 that Zuma also bought the 2012 conference 🤔🤔

laugh 🤣🤣🤣it's unconstitutional to support someone else in south Africa, you could be lose your job. BizGuru4 Not his incompetence? Nisangene straight, how is that a misconduct?

Zuma support cost Sitole | CitypressLEAD | General Khehla Sitole’s alignment with former president Jacob Zuma’s faction and his lack of planning in dealing with the unrest and riots in KZN and Gauteng are among the reasons he is on the brink of losing his job, according to sources That's because of his nose that he can't manage the unrest It was bound to happen cos of the useless minister Cele If that’s the case - plus the other publicised issues surrounding him - why isn’t he immediately replaced? Why is there this ludicrous process of asking him why he shouldn’t be suspended? This is a very key position as regards the nation’s security.

The media is calling shots now hmmm so supporting Zuma is finally illegal as I predicted The removal if police commissioners and the involvement if Paul o Sullivan is weakening the COUNTRY. Politicians are making the WORST decisions YET media keeps plugging GUPTA/ZUMA propaganda. WCAPE is experiencing a bloodbath on daily basis YET no media OUTRAGE.

Really... Zuma faction u are on ur own... Why should it be a sin to support ur favorite? How do you all know Khehla Sithole support Zuma? Goodbye 👋 Khehla Sithole is a real police man not a minister of agriculture or politician,why does he have to support politicians? vuyanipambo I received my withdrawal successfully. I must say being an investor with this platform, is one of the greatest thing i have ever happened to me. I recommend everyone to this lucrative investment company Bowers0Caroline

First time Citizen news speak the truth... vuyanipambo Finish each other ANC. We deserve the best 👌🏿

Norway police query bow-and-arrow killer's Muslim faithNorwegian police on Saturday cast doubt on the narrative that the perpetrator of a bow-and-arrow attack that left five people dead was a serious convert to Islam.

Imagine losing a job over such petty stuff when your Min got off scot free after being accused of corruption... Is it wrong for him to support Zuma? The mistake sitole did was to thwart off Cele' s advances to the public purse. No truth in that otherwise we will lose quality people this is a lie,maladministration is the cause

Do it now and it will definitely haunt you later. That's how life is. Stop making mistakes creating a cycle of failures Sitole is a man of high moral even if Thuma mina and all DA clowns remove him we will know that he fought for the rule of law not this biased and selective tactics, Bheki Cele was accused of 1 billion fraud they all quite bloody double standards will finish our nation

Could? He’s useless, fire him. Good. You can’t have a law enforcement official supporting a criminal. All zuma supporters should lose their jobs .... voetsekzuma

Italy police arrest dealers of prized mafia dishThe 'Ndrangheta serve dormice, a protected species, during reconciliation banquets held to bring peace between warring families, according to wildlife protection organisation LIPU.

Joburg police rescue 50 people being held against their will in a houseThe individuals were brought into South Africa under the false pretences of them reuniting with their families. Let me guess. Those responsible, a. Not caught or b. Out of custody by dinner time I thought it was just three of them at St Geoge's hotel, a Gogo and two men or yah together with their security detail 👈🤣🤣🤣🤣!!! How big is this house?

Police Brutality | 11 TMPD officers arrestedIPID and the TMPD's internal team investigated the incident. Words alone won’t express how thankful I’m recommending you all to you shantelll_142 .....,investing with you has been a good opportunity for me and my family I just received my profit of $2500 within 7 days of investment with the help of shantelll_142 Is this acceptable in a constitutional democracy? The police and their metro counterparts are out of order - and they get away with it. Shame on the SAHRC and SACC.

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