People think that I am God – Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams takes swipe at critics

Communications and Digital Technologies Minister Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams has taken a swipe at critics who disapprove of how she runs her department.

2020-04-06 08:30:00 AM

Communications Minister Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams has taken a swipe at critics who disapprove of how she runs her department, saying: “There is the Trinity – God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. But others think there is also God Stella”

Communications and Digital Technologies Minister Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams has taken a swipe at critics who disapprove of how she runs her department.

Communications and Digital Technologies Minister Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams has taken a swipe at critics who disapprove of how she runs her department, saying: “There is the Trinity – God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. But others think there is also God Stella.”

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Ndabeni-Abrahams, who was this week accused by a whistle-blower of corruption and looting in an email sent to President Cyril Ramaphosa, told City Press in an interview this week that her detractors expected her to perform miracles and retain everyone in state-owned enterprises (SOEs) under her department, even when structures were being reconfigured as per the president’s mandate.

“I’m not here to make friends. I’m here to make my mark in terms of serving the people of this country. I’m prepared to make enemies.“But the two things I’m committed to are that I shouldn’t undermine the Constitution of this country and I shouldn’t steal from the poor. From there, nobody is going to stop me for as long as I don’t do those two things.

“Everything that I do seeks to improve the lives of the people in this country. Unfortunately, the methodology and the tactics to do that may make others uncomfortable.“I’m the minister of technology. I’m here to disrupt the status quo. I’m not here to make people comfortable,” said Ndabeni-Abrahams.

She laughed off the popular refrain in political circles that she was untouchable owing to her closeness with Ramaphosa.“All I know is that I serve at the pleasure of the president. If tomorrow he doesn’t want me, I will go.”In the email sent to Ramaphosa on Tuesday, a civil society group and at least one opposition politician, whose name is known to City Press, said Ndabeni-Abrahams was “treated as one of the blue-eyed Cabinet members and as a result she feels untouchable”.

The person accused the minister of destabilising the SABC; imposing people linked to her husband, Thato Abrahams, on the board of the SA Post Office; and appointing controversial persons at the State Information Technology Agency and the Universal Service and Access Agency of SA (Usaasa), and later withdrawing the latter; as well as having private business interests through her husband in government’s broadband roll-out.

The minister intimidates and removes people from positions and terminates contracts. This must come to an end,whistle-blower“Please investigate this and interview all these entities. People are punished for standing for the truth.“The minister intimidates and removes people from positions and terminates contracts. This must come to an end,” wrote the whistle-blower.

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Ndabeni-Abrahams said on Wednesday that her first responsibility after taking over last year was to reconfigure the department, which included merging the departments of communications and of telecommunications, which legally took effect on Wednesday.

She said the reconfiguration was aimed at the entire portfolio under her ministry, including SOEs, which needed to have their mandates aligned with Ramaphosa’s drive for the fourth industrial revolution.“That tells you that in the department you need a new skill set, but also you have to reconfigure the mandates of the entities,” she said, adding that government had also identified areas of duplication in the work of SOEs.

“Some are services that we no longer need ... [and it makes] no sense for us to have them.”She said among the key areas were the establishment of the Digital Development Fund, where Usaasa would cease to exist because a gap had been identified in its mandate, which is its inability to support local innovations.

“You find that many people go to America, to Silicon Valley, because they incentivise them there.“So, it’s important that as science and innovation ... we provide a market for them. If we do not have confidence in the people of South Africa and their innovations, who’s going to have confidence [in them]? You find that many local innovations are sold back to us [as foreign concepts].”

I’m not here to make friends. I’m here to make my mark in terms of serving the people of this country. I’m prepared to make enemies.Stella Ndabeni-AbrahamsNdabeni-Abrahams said the objective of the development fund was to reindustrialise the sector and shift society away from being consumer-driven to producing technological goods and products locally.

She said the responsibilities of signal distributor Sentech and telecommunications service provider Broadband Infraco were interlinked and often clashed. The intention, therefore, is to establish a state-owned infrastructure company to enable access to connectivity.

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“I don’t know when the decision was taken to merge them. I don’t want clashes.“I’m looking at a futuristic department that will be responsive in ensuring that it delivers on the mandate that the president wants.”And that affects people, she said.“People are not going to be happy. They are board members, so they get their money.

“‘Now you’re threatening us, hey, girl, you are threatening us’, [they say].”Do you agree with how Ndabeni-Abrahams runs her department? Is there room for improvement?SMS us on 35697 using the keyword TECH and tell us what you think. Please include your name and province. SMSes cost R1.50. By participating, you agree to receive occasional marketing material

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Well behavioural skills are a challenge when you are young especially when resuming high profile positions and my take is young people with less life skill experince should not be give high profile position, has she been a Deputy in her life? ferialhaffajee Omgoodness, she has a bit of an elevated opinion of herself, not even knowing where Geneve is situated. That means when she was flying there she never even looked at the map in front of her, can she work a computer?, just asking ☺️☺️

I remember how excited she was when appointed minister before she was even sworn in, I knew then she was going to be a disaster. Stella might have been in discussion with Mduduzi Manana about donations to the street vendor's made by the former Minister! It's not God Stella it's godawful Stella!! Dear CyrilRamaphosa Abo Stellarated nabo MduduziManana_ are still too young for the responsibilities given to them. There's very little you can do to get them to toe the line. Give them at least another 8 years to grow up and we'll take it from there!

🥺 I hope this isn’t fake news ? What , there are others that think of her as God? Iya! This one represent well the ANC. If u wanna know the behavior of ANC just look at her. If u say am lying. Remember That minister called Zulu. Am interested wat gonna happen bcz Zonndi and wife 50 guess were arrested bcz they dis-obey the law

I don't believe this 👀 Haibo She forgot to say but only her self must be comfortable Unbelievable... Stellarated you should rather become an actor, easier to palate rhodemarshall This woman is insufferable This article doesn’t make much may very well be that the minister speaks too much “futuristic-tense” that I fail to understand her too 🧐🤨

Arrogance by ANC and their celebrity ministers. Hey SAPoliceService When are you visiting Minister Stella for violating Disaster Management Act or is having dinner with a convicted friend falls under essential services? Kindly act swiftly as you did with Wedding couple in KZN and a Hammanskraal man recorded on video

She must take God out of her behavior,God has nothing to do with her incapability💁🏻‍♀️ Unjani nha lo sisi, usathetha kanje sibe sigqitywa yi Corona. Her arrogance has cost her my respect. Uthini na ngoku lo sisi? Some young South Africans don’t inspire, really. No sense of Geography, tenders now blasphemy too!

Dina Pula and Faith Muthambi are rocket scientists colmpared to her. Just like Mkhwebane they believe they were appointed by God in their position...keo taba at your big age you still lie ? She can go an compete with Bushiri for preaching space now. What the heck! Stellarated I can't bliv as a young black bright female minister, whom I considered a beacon of hope 4 young black excellence, u have amounted 2 this in such a short space of time, it's worrying as minister of comm, I only found out 2day about the innovation fund

Not even god can save this dead brain. She is bad!!!! Micheal Jackson bad! This is the behaviour that breeds corruption. Immediate dismassal bcs of the situation we in, the office she represent and misrepresentation of the Pres instructions. her attitude is revolting.... the arrogance of the ruling party and other politicians leaves a lot to be desired. Sarcasm and disrespect to citizens is their indulgence.. You cannot preach democracy if you cannot respect the people of this country....

Somebody, please shut this vacuous woman up! This woman seems to a problem lately. She won't last as a Minister. She is a clown of note. Suspect Stellarated please turn yourself in to the nearest police station. You have broken Lockdown regulations. Reading the article I would argue she is correct not liking someone can't be a reason to smear her this rubbish Stellarated be strong sisi

Seems like her ego has got so big it is clouding her common sense. What a pity as I was so pleased to see a younger person being given the reigns. Umuntu wakho mntaka dad VusiSambo 🙆🙆🙆 This is how she operates above the law This lady is a disgrace. Munyai_R_Gundo This one is rude🚮🚮🚮🚮 We really need better leadership. God Stella. Imagine.

And this.....? Appears bright until she speaks Haibo!! 🤦‍♀️👎 Wait...What? You mean, Godzilla! The Minister is exactly like Fikile Mbalula used to be in the beginning; know it all; fear fokkol ; arrogant& hate the media. Today he's working like a slave and love the media. She might not be so lucky to survive the process to get to that point. QHAPELA !!!

Just another incompetent ANC parasite!!! What can you expect from someone who can't differentiate a city from a country Blasphemy! Umuncu lo She's busy galavanting while everybody else us observing the lockdown. MYANC getting it all wrong once more. Atleast they are consistent at consistently letting us down and placing incompetent comrades in very important positions. Only logic to this dog show is to keep the corruption going SAneedschange

Our minister from Geneva If incompetence was a person That's not an answer I was expecting from a leader. She keeps proving that her incompetency. Her god came to me and told me that she will loose her job after she finds herself on an atlas in Geneva. I have never been to Switzerland 😆 Stella wa lena gothwe she's too close to number one. Thato Abrahams must be concerned

This women is ruining things for other women who want to pursue positions in leadership 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ This lady being a minister proves that nothing is impossible. One minister who is paid for being alive. We gave her the benifit of dought and she prove to us that she is just another Minister She escaped Kgalema’s political school 😏

She was in Switzerland not Geneva Lol god Stella 😂😂😂😂 ...and some, like me, think you are horribly incompetent & a perfect epitome of the clown house your organization has turned into. O fisha ke blazer ya 4IR. She means she's not God. She can't perform miracles. Do yourselves a favour and read to get the context. The media do this when they want to push an agenda. They know you won't read, so they write shocking headlines to take things out of context & push for the image they want.

Are you back with tax transport expense or just with cellphone tax tracker? This is another ANC Thief The president must have had a cookie on this one. Beautiful but no brains at all and still leading this country 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🙆🏿‍♂️🙆🏿‍♂️ Is it true that BEAUTY AND BRAINS don't mix?🤷‍♀️ Please somebody, tell me it's not!!!🙇‍♀️

The level of arrogancy kuStella is appalling. One of the worst appointments This minister needs to get her walking papers. She opens her mouth and has no idea what she talks about most of the time. She must watch out what she says. These jumped up blacks with their god complex is so pathetic! Jesus is white.

God is a man and white. What the Fukc? What fresh hell is this bithc living in?! What does the Trinity have to do with this, God is not mocked Stellarated What an imbecile. 😂😂😂 Mtamerri 😖😖😖😂 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ She lacks business acumen. She's probably been a good student in 'number subjects' because her address to people is just 'Junk' or I don't know! 😢😭

What skill sets does this person possess? I don't want to insult anybody to suggest that she must go and work 'here or there'. At this rate, she must go and bask in the sun. She's good for absolutely nothing. When you come from a community that praises such behaviour as sassy and being called lit, you walk around thinking its ok be like this. Its all that X girls are lit mentality mediocrity that people continuously praise. Bakufaka ehlathini.

Wtf? She is not the brightest of them all,i wonder how did she holds a high position I'm completely embarrassed 😳 We push for the inclusion of young people in govt and they get there and throw tantrums when it gets hot. This one need emotional intelligence Stupid woman doesn't know anything. Flamboyant woman

Now I understand why Faith Muthambi didn't take her serious. Une element yobulima losisi 😕😕😳😷 I wonder why CyrilRamaphosa thinks this empty tin is ministerial material. MYANC Stellarated See what happens when u land posts by handling Pole! She ain't fit for dat role fil sorry for her subordinates The imbeciles in CyrilRamaphosa ‘s cabinet ... astounding 🙄

Someone thinks there is a god called Stella. I wonder who? 😂😂😂 sis wase Geneva The one who went to Geneva 🤣🤣🤣 This is an example of people being awarded important positions on how good they are at licking ass. Balmain son. I went to Geneva. You fucken dom Ameni 🙏🙏🙏🙏🤣🤣 Yebethuna 😂😂😂 Huh. . ? Why does she always sound like a book 😂

Yilokhukuphapha kwakhe lo Stella, she failed dismally no comment necessary Levels of stupid stitchious She could replace Nathi Mthethwa and do nothing in the arts and culture department AndyDeep10 👀 Hene! Het Stella dit so gesStel? Ao Stella😂😂😂 Why are we subjected to such 'leaders' 'Jesus made me do it' will be the story when she's fired

This will not end well. A minister of communications who thinks she’s God will introduce severe censorship to dispel any criticism. You’ve been warned mere mortals. The same attitude like transport minister.... Sorry what? This lockdown expose the real Teodoro Nguema's and Mussolini's in the MYANC regime

And we pay this stupid cow's salary! Stellarated you need a really good spokesperson. Izoknceda lonto, trust me.. Kwaye suphendula yonke into le.. You're the Minister😊 More of Stalin leadership by this imbecile This one, shem People like this should only hold positions at Luthuli house.. not in national government. No ways

WE LED BY A DISASTROUS ADMINISTRATION The one that hasn't been to Switzerland? Oh Jesus, it's baby Busi. A mainstay of the cabinets ‘clown’ faction. Is the president allowed to reshuffle cabinet during lockdown? stellandabeni Thatha Stella 😂 She is likeable🤷‍♂️ Why ia she quoting the Trinity: almost like she's untouchable? Or am I reading it wrong? I've done that many times, it may just be me😔

R u we back in geneva ? Oooo,this is the minister that went to Switzerland,but not to Geneva 🤔🤔🤔 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Can she communicate whether Security Officers that are working during covid19 are going to be offered risk allowance money He banna!! President Ramaphosa o na le mathata. O kentse Modimo ka hara cabinet. Mehlolo.

😂 Pure scum Geneva and tax abuse? Thank you to each & everyone that voted MYANC! Did she really say that?! And this little tripartite alliance thinks it'll rule all of SA until Jesus returns... Time to change the status quo! It’s her accent that kills me, Ijoo! Who deployed this clown 🤡. 🤮 Beauty without the brain 🧠

She was sent by the EFF to make Ramaphosa to look bad, real modern day agent! I actually liked her a lot, I don’t know why, maybe because she’s cute, but she’s proving to be a disappointment at every turn. Maybe she should just keep quiet. Fool What's her department doing in terms of imparting info about Coronavirus? Useless ministry indeed.

PP reloaded CyrilRamaphosa needs to do a Cabinet reshuffle ;the economy has shrinked by 25% and he needs to downsize his cabinet as well. Stella, Fikile, the two Lindiwe need to be thanked for their previous work and to be wished well for the future I'm sure all ministers come up with that excuse to justify their failures...🤔

She’s going nowhere! Cupcake is watching her closely though Another case of a beauty without brains She is a beautiful disappointment but sothini she's youth. This statement gives one quite a lot of insight into the individual Every time she opens her mouth I am less and less impressed Stella khuzeka! God Stella from Geneva. Oh wait, where's Geneva again?

Not God Covid19 Looter starter with R30m contract She and Malusi Gigaba are in the same watsap group This one is extremely arrogant! A very idiotic excuse, comparing ANC failures with Bible, no wonder South Africa is this bad. Stella Ndabeni is just too immature to hold that position. So she is close to the pres😋😋😋.le stout lona

She seems immature from what I have observed Calm down minister n be a bit more professional that will give u some credibility. Dont try slay queen tendencies coz u not

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Morocco to free over 5,000 prisoners to slow virus spreadMorocco, home to 35 million people, has an estimated 232 detainees per 100,000 inhabitants. Make it make sense. How are prisoners going to slow COVID19 spread? How? 🤔🤔 I thought they were safer in prison mos 🤔🤔 unless!!

55 workers arrested at building site for contravening lockdown regulationsMore than 17,000 people have been arrested countrywide for various crimes and contravening lockdown regulations I think the employer should be the one who is arrested, employees were forced to work I think so

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Ndlozi’s criticism of ‘dropout’ Bill Gates’ Covid-19 Trevor Noah interview divides opinionNoah says his interview with Gates is not about him testing vaccines in Africa, and anyone thinking that is confused. Finally we know where you racists stand on this vaccination issue. Not surprised though Only goes to prove...having a doctorate degree does not necessarily signify intelligence....after all degrees are given away these days in 🇿🇦 you only have to look at eish dr do little...🤣🤣🤣 Journalists get news from the streets of Twitter. LockDown