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PAC factions still fighting over who the true leaders are

PAC factions still fighting over who the true leaders are

2021-09-23 10:29:00 AM

PAC factions still fighting over who the true leaders are

Confusion over the party’s leadership will have negative repercussions in the upcoming local government election

He further stated they were confident the party would increase its present support base, based on the work they have done especially in the metros.Meanwhile, PAC secretary-general Apa Pooe said following the court judgment which ruled in their favour, there was no longer a question of legality as to who is the legal leader of the organisation, hence they were allowed to register for the local government elections.

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“We got a judgment in our favour and the congress that was held where Moloto was elected was set aside. It is in fact illegal for them to continue campaigning under the banner of the PAC because the outcome and everything that relates to them being elected to leadership of the PAC has been set aside,” he said.

Pooe also said that the confusion on the party’s leadership will have negative repercussions and as a party they are working hard to mitigate the negative impact the whole thing would have on their performance in the upcoming local government election. headtopics.com

The North Gauteng High Court judgment was based on a technicality after Narius Moloto’s notice of appeal of an earlier ruling was not received by the registrar of the court. The court said his notice probably was not properly filed and as such was defective and therefore should fail.

The court also declared Moloto’s election as president and his national executive committee (NEC) in a separate elective conference, as unlawful and invalid. This after their factions held separate elective congresses within a week of each other in August 2019 and elected both Moloto and Nyhontso as president.

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This will be ANC soon. enemy is within These ones are on a mission to embarrass the black nation. Their followers must be Jomo Cosmos supporters... Stubborn to accept that it's over. Going nowhere slowly. Lol ha ha those ones shem.... Yhini izwelethu ma Afrika Bewitched by the ANC Didn't their president say they're going into this LGE united with no factions like in the past?

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