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Outrage as residents defy national lockdown

2020-03-29 03:33:00 AM

Outrage as residents defy national lockdown

Some Masiphumelele residents near Fish Hoek in Cape Town are outraged that their streets are still full of people, despite a nationwide lockdown that came into effect at midnight on Thursday .

Many residents on Saturday again took to the shops to try and get food and other essentials.Some Masiphumelele residents, near Fish Hoek, in Cape Town are outraged that their streets are still full of people, despite a nationwide lockdown that came into effect at midnight on Thursday.

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Community worker Matilda Fakazi says the army was there for a short time but when it left, the drinking continued and children came out to play in the streets.“As long as my neighbours are not putting the measures into place for us to safeguard each other from coronavirus. I will still be exposed since my neighbourhood is full of people who are not even adhering to staying at home because people seem not to care at all about this. I really feel scared and I fear for my life.”

In the video below, South Africans defy lackdown directives.Arrests in MpumalangaMore than 20 people have been arrested in Mpumalanga for alleged non-compliance with the lockdown regulations. Community Safety MEC Gabsile Shabalala and Police Provincial Commissioner Mondli Zuma were in Ermelo to observe first hand if people are complying with the rules of the lockdown.

Zuma says all those who disobey the call will be arrested. “We are in the region of 20 to 25 people that we have arrested. we are busy with operations in the arteries that come into the province and out. We are also manning roadblocks. In some instances we have got teams that are around the townships which are joined forces between the SANDF and the South African Police Service.”

The residents’ concerns come as the country continues to grapple with the coronavirus pandemic that has so far infected 1 187 South Africans.While many have been calling for the Security Cluster to be strict on those flouting the rules of the lockdown, some citizens say they have no option but to leave their homes to feed their families.

SABC News Reporter Thabiso Sithole and Cameraman Thabo Madilola filed this report from Soweto in Johannesburg.Onlyto the virus that still has no cure. Among the infected are nurses and doctors, with one of them currently in the Intensive Care Unit.Help for the homeless

Meanwhile, the City of Cape Town says homeless people will be screened for COVID-19 before being allowed into the centres that the local government is setting up for them.The city is currently erecting tents in about six centres around the greater Cape Town area to house about 6 000 homeless people in order to comply with the lockdown regulations.

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Mayoral Committee Member for Community Services and Health Zahid Badroodien says there’s been no resistance from the street people to move to these centres.“From my engagements with homeless people they’ve been excited, very willing and keen to come to our safe space because they clearly appreciate the urgency about COVID-19. So as the city our responsibility is to make available the locations to access safe space. I’ve explained to them that even before coming to these centres that there will be a screening process.”

Du Noon and Kosovo to be de-densifiedMeanwhile, the Western Cape Department of Human Settlements has welcomed National Minister of Human Settlements Lindiwe Sisulu’s announcement that the Du Noon and Kosovo informal settlements, on the Cape Flats, will be de-densified.

Temporary alternative accommodation will be offered to the affected residents.The province also welcomed Minister Sisulu’s confirmation water tanks will be provided where required. Read more: SABC News Online »

Let's educate and make this lockdown work change the rules celemustfall This people should be arrested Honestly speaking, the sandf should just use teargas on these people.😑 Do you know the reasons why? One of the many challenges that SA faces But they do not have enough space in their houses It was always going to be a challenge in kasis like Alex whereby you find ten people staying in a four roomed house,those people are not used to stay indoors.

It's gonna be hard to lockdown a country that is flooded by foreigners especially in those kind of Townships........ SANDF must visit the place. People are gambling with their lives, I'm soo concerned It's easy to stay indoors when u live in a big house with 4 to 5 bedrooms and dstv premium with a packed fridge and aircon. Try doing it in a 1room shack 🙄🙄🙄

When pple get sick then they want 2 blame the gov but we cant obey rules and regulations that are for our own safety 😷😡 If you have ever been to Alexandra, you could see this one coming. Let's commend Pres. CyrilRamaphosa for having the interest of our nation at heart... When faced with a epidemic there is no planning there is action to save lives.. We never experienced a thing like this and kudos to him and all who are abiding to the rules and enforcers

VWSFire People should stop breeding. Stop having babies you can't afford. Coming here to complain about the government that they are not helping you. The government did not force you to have multiple kids!! Italy omnibus, Alexander will be in a red zone! Where must they stay? I understand the importance of lockdown but provision must be made for people. How is it humane or possible to expect people to stay indoors under current conditions? Why not make use of shopping centre parking garages as temporary shelters?

its amazing how people find excuses for there own stupidity I lived in my car for 2yrs with wife and 3 kids ,but i decided no one will help or give me FREE stuff so i pulled my finger out of my ass ,stopped blaming others for my situation. and did something with my life. This must be a ploy by these people, to receive attention so they can be compensated by Government ... As they do have common sense as humans , but refuse to act on it..instead opt to behave uncivilized and be susceptible to receiving and spreading the deadly pandemic currently

is it not time to shut down the entertainment on SABC TV channels and educate the people about Covid-19? FatalMoves A lot of residents do not care and think the whole thing is a big joke. RAMAPHOSA'S BOYS must beat us... we were taught at an early age that ' ya sotho motho o utlwa ka letlalo'.. Wait until ' residents' realise that they are not immune to this virus, or is there a underlying factor to their roaming about. Residents think the goverment will pay their wages for months and months, 'ON PAID HOLIDAY' is what most think sadly.

Five individuals 1 room shack? Time for SA to rethink its strategies. It’s one massive death trap. How do you quarantine people living like this? The comfortable will say yes they must stay inside. Statistics show that the Lock down in Africa cannot work properly because of the conditions of life, most people are living on daily basis. Not only in South Africa, but in most countries of the continent. This should serve as a lesson to our leaders who think only of themselves.

Why dont you arrest these people,where is SAPS. You say something on tv Minister but act the opposite. Any person who defies the lockdown was supposed to have been locked in the cells long time ago. corruption will never end in this country I can't believe people can be so stupid These residents are Anc voters. Ramaphosa must attend to his obeyfull residents

Reference..look at what the Republic of Rwanda has done to ensure that the people stay indoors. Rwanda🇷🇼 the Heart of Africa✨❣️ This boils down to negligence. That's how it started and people will suffer for others negative approach. This lockdown is for rich people.Those billionaires who claim to donate billions, they must donate houses and food for black people. Black people are suffering.Some of them 5 to 10 live in a 1 room, do you call that lockdown?

but hw do u remain locked up in shacks for such a long time cos once u step outside ur door u already in the streets 70% of South Africans are adhering.hope with time ppl will do the right thing They just do not have comfortable homes to stay in, that is all. I see you people running the headline that people defy lockdown. What you see is as the results of unequality. WHY employers paid people last day to lockdown, WHY is the government paying social grants in the middle of LOCKDOWN.

Italy v2.0 loading 🔜 Show the whites that are dog walking and jogging too Do the right thing... That's it! The top down Command center approach is not working. The government must engage these communities & involve municipalities in finding solutions. Otherwise we are heading for trouble. Ignorence will kill them

This is Alexandra for you if the test was free and compulsory mmmmm I'm telling you we will all die this people don't want to stay at home 😥even kids playing outside Lock down yamasimba Zimbo uniformed forces know how to save lives Batho ba batla ho utlwa ka letlalo ka bona You cannot ask people living in such tiny homes to all stay inside. It’s inhumane and not practical. Predictions are 60-70% of all S Africans will get the virus at some point. Well this lockdown will surely result in a massive amount of people getting it in one go.

Well how the fck does anyone expect people living in shacks and tiny dwellings like this to “stay at home”? This whole lockdown story is not going to work. It’s 3am and I’m wide awake. Worrying about my colleagues in the townships. Why does MYANC lock down ppl in the shacks and townships with no food 🍲 for their kids? How'll that work? 🤔 😳

This is sad🤦🏿‍♂️ Ain't SADF around to contain the situation We are listening, those ones will suffer consequences of not listening.

BREAKING NEWS: South Africa now has 1170 coronavirus infectionsSouth Africa now has 1170 confirmed cases of the Covid-19 virus, Minister in the Presidency Jackson Mthembu confirmed on Friday.

BREAKING NEWS: South Africa now has 1170 coronavirus infectionsSouth Africa now has 1170 confirmed cases of the Covid-19 virus, Minister in the Presidency Jackson Mthembu confirmed on Friday. It’s getting worse guys Is this correct, as they are saying that only one person has now died not two 😱😱😱 And people still want the the police to tell them to stay home

Moody's downgrades South Africa to 'junk' status - SABC News - Breaking news, special reports, world, business, sport coverage of all South African current events. Africa's news leader.Moody’s downgraded South Africa’s sovereign credit rating to “junk” status on Friday, heaping more misery on an economy already in recession and now staring down the barrel of a steep contraction over the global coronavirus pandemic. Give us a break while we find our way out of the current pandemic. We will talk about your bias and opportunistic ratings when our lives are no more in danger of COVID-19 please Never rain but pours Dear Mr PresidencyZA now is the time to be as decisive as you have been with COVID-19 with economic reforms and getting rid of the Zuma RET Faction. All the evidence is there. You just need to act on it. Please. We will stand with you.

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South Africa records first COVID-19 deaths - SABC News - Breaking news, special reports, world, business, sport coverage of all South African current events. Africa's news leader.The two fatalities occurred in the Western Cape - one at a private hospital and the other at a public health facility. The country has over 1000 confirmed COVID_19 cases, with Gauteng recording over 400. Covid19SouthAfrica sabcnews Ok so we are in a 21-day lockdown....people strolling the streets....where the police? Over 1000 cases...10,000 WHAT IS YOUR POINT 😣😣😣

Few taxis are operating in Durban as South Africa begins three-week lockdown - SABC News - Breaking news, special reports, world, business, sport coverage of all South African current events. Africa's news leader.Few taxis were seen operating in and around the taxi ranks of Umlazi, South of Durban, this morning as South Africa began its first day of a nationwide lockdown. Lockdown via SABCNews Talk about people who rent in complex,flats,rooms and shops and how they should handle the situation with their landlords during this situation. SAPoliceService CyrilRamaphosa khuselaS DrZweliMkhize MbalulaFikile They must obey the rules.