OPINIONISTA: Our job is not to save the ANC from itself

OPINIONISTA: Our job is not to save the ANC from itself By Mmusi Maimane @MmusiMaimane


OPINIONISTA: Our job is not to save the ANC from itself By Mmusi Maimane MmusiMaimane

South Africa cannot be held ransom to the ANCs hegemony any longer. If there truly is a good ANC and a bad ANC, then the party ought to split. The President has taken the Public Protector’s findings on review. We note this and recognise his right to do so. But what also needs to happen now is a thorough examination of the exorbitant funding mechanism of the ANC’s leadership race.

Yet it is this very principle that many South Africans, including influential voices in the media, are asking us to set aside for now, so that the so-called “good” faction of President Cyril Ramaphosa may prevail over the “bad” faction of his internal enemies in the ANC. Most of them are not denying that Ramaphosa, through his campaign bank account, accepted a payment of R500,000 from Bosasa’s controversial CEO, Gavin Watson. They’re merely asking us to stop pursuing this matter.

Responding to my question, President Ramaphosa confirmed knowledge of the payment from Bosasa, adding that his son had explained it to him as payment received for legitimate “consulting” services. He further said that he had seen a contract between his son and Bosasa for these services and that all was above board and corruption-proof.

However, a week later the President would issue a panicked retraction of his answer in Parliament. Late in the afternoon of Friday, 16 November 2018, Ramaphosa wrote to the Speaker of the National Assembly, claiming he was mistaken in his answer in the House. The R500,000, which he initially said was paid to his son was in fact a “donation” from Bosasa CEO, Gavin Watson, to his own CR17 election campaign to become ANC president.

While the Public Protector’s investigation was ongoing:

I discovered that the slush-fund used to raise money for Ramaphosa’s election campaign to become ANC president – which included the R500,000 payment from Bosasa – was administered by a law firm whose director appears to have links to the Guptas and the State Capture project. Mr Jeffrey Afriat, a director at the EFG law firm, served as one of three directors of Trillian Capital and was cited twice by name in Thuli Madonsela’s State of Capture report. Afriat resigned as Trillian director shortly before the Budlender Inquiry into Trillian was launched.

Bribing government officials has been extremely lucrative for Bosasa. To date, it has done business to the tune of at least R12 billion with the Departments of Correctional Services, Home Affairs, Justice, and the Airports Company of South Africa (ACSA) to name a few. A Special Investigating Unit (SIU) report back in 2007 found Bosasa to be embroiled in multiple allegations of fraud and corruption. Twelve years later the matter is still gathering dust on a desk at the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA).

But it’s not Zuma. It’s President Ramaphosa, the man on whose shoulders so many South Africans have pinned their hope. The man who represents the fairy tale that so many so desperately want to believe in that they cannot bear to lift the lid and peek inside at what appears to be irregularities, and even criminality. They’d rather not know, than know and have to reimagine South Africa’s future.

It is entirely possible for Mkhwebane to be unfit for office, and for Ramaphosa to have taken a bribe. The one doesn’t preclude the other.

In order to strengthen our constitutional democracy with the aid of these values, the State’s undiluted capacity to investigate and expose unethical conduct or improprieties is essential. That critical obligation is located in, among others, the Office of the Public Protector – one of the institutions that is indispensable for winning the fight against corruption and the realisation of good governance. A Public Protector, liked or disliked, must therefore not be lightly discomfited in the execution of her mandate.

As a father of two young children, I understand personally the fears that many hold for what could happen in the near future. The fear of the ANC alternative – the faction of DD Mabuza, Ace Magashule and former president Zuma. But that fear – however sincerely held – cannot trump the rule of law and the pursuit of justice. That fear cannot require us to look the other way and pretend that this entire controversy never happened so that the “good” ANC can triumph over the “bad” ANC.

The President has taken the Public Protector’s findings on review. We note this and recognise his right to do so. But what also needs to happen now is a thorough examination of the exorbitant funding mechanism of the ANC’s leadership race, as exposed in the report. I have called for this matter to be investigated by a separate, independent body.

evidence to Parliament and to the NPA. In doing so we are removing the Public Protector from the matter and asking the relevant and capable bodies to consider all the facts at hand – facts such as misleading Parliament, bribery, money laundering, conflict of interest and nepotism.

As a country, we need to be able to imagine a future that might lie beyond the ANC. We need to escape this Stockholm Syndrome that says our only hope lies in choosing the better of two ANC factions, and therefore Cyril Ramaphosa simply cannot be a tainted man. That would be dangerous and wholly undemocratic.

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MmusiMaimane Who said it was? MmusiMaimane It's your job to save the DA sinking ship after losing votes in the general election, no one asked you to save the ANC. MmusiMaimane So he should have kept quite? It doesn't make sense. Double standards hey. OneNation70290 MmusiMaimane Ai. Fokof. MmusiMaimane Mmusi is probably right but what he also know is that Cyril Ramaphosa is the only answer to this country. And he also knows that the DA is never going to be government. He is fighting the wrong person here.

zanynkosi MmusiMaimane Completely lost the plot this Mmusi MmusiMaimane I seem to recall the DA's acerbic attacks on Thabo Mbeki in the noughties, some of which were used in the Zuma grouping to get rid of the former. Do you want to take us down the same road again? Are you so blind with ambition that you can't think beyond your narrow interests?

MmusiMaimane This man can not see his own stupidity. He's gonna deliver the NDZ crowd the presidency through DD and from their its all Ace Magashule. He doesnt realise this faction willing to destroy the country to keep milking Treasury MmusiMaimane Who is giving your strategic advice? It's sad to see you run into your own knife again and again.

MmusiMaimane No, but your job is to use your party to stabilize the turbulence your constituents are exposed to every day, to be a statesman in a culture of populism, to seek a win-win, to unite not divide, to diffuse and not ignite factionalism - & to know when being right is not the key BamboThulani MmusiMaimane Mini mandela shame😁😁😁

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MmusiMaimane This “holier than thou” attitude and the glib write-off the possibility of a DD Mabuza presidency shows that this man is unsuited for political leadership and has no idea about strategy. It is possible to maintain both principle and pragmatism. He obviously lacks the ability. Sad MmusiMaimane Maimane doubling down and sticking to his guns. Good for him. Helen won't be happy, neither will Bruce...it would of been better if the article also addressed those in the DA who aren't happy with him taking on Ramaphosa

MmusiMaimane As SA is sliding downhill towards Armageddon, you and the DA could have done so much to stable the boat, but you chose to strengthen the state capture fightback alliance. You lost more voters than you will ever know. MmusiMaimane I have been an ardent DA supporter for years, but you lost the plot with your obsessive destructive approach to politics. I'm out of here.

MmusiMaimane No, it is not your job and anyway you couldn't. I don't think you can even save the DA from itself. MmusiMaimane Thats why DA lost votes bcz of this clown. MmusiMaimane He thought he is Obama. MmusiMaimane Your job was to get to a 30% national vote after a country destroying, catastrophic, cluster fuck Zuma term. And you went backwards. You and your party are dying and irrelevant unless serious internal reengineering takes place.

MmusiMaimane Flip flopper Da MmusiMaimane Our job is to save SA from the ANC.

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MmusiMaimane What about saving the country from the ruinous PublicProtector and calamitous Zuma fightback campaign? Or would you prefer petty point scoring over that? MmusiMaimane Matthew 16:26 (CJB) What good will it do someone if he gains the whole world but forfeits his life(politics is position)?

MmusiMaimane Try and concentrate on getting the DA on the right track. Right now it is as big a f*ck up as the ANC and the loony red clowns. MmusiMaimane It's also not your job to get the country into the abyss MmusiMaimane Your job should be to save south Africa DAEasternCape MmusiMaimane How i hate this dude

MmusiMaimane Exactly right, Mmusi! I agree. jaydee_loubser MmusiMaimane Dude, why don’t you just focus on saving the DA from itself? And just maybe, jyst maybe delivering what you promised to those that put you in power? If you have time that is. MmusiMaimane Quite right. Your job is tomak our country work. Not be opposition for opposition sake. Sometimes one simply has to sleep with th 'enemy'. So please do grow up. And for heavens sake you cannot grow a beard. Shave that kak off.

MmusiMaimane True...

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MmusiMaimane No your job is to save SA. How is Mabuza as president going to achieve that MmusiMaimane ?

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