OP-ED: Before we debate changes to sex education, let’s ask why the State is writing its own textbooks

OP-ED: Before we debate changes to sex education, let’s ask why the State is writing its own textbooks By Warren Kliphuis


OP-ED: Before we debate changes to sex education, let’s ask why the State is writing its own textbooks By Warren Kliphuis

The Department of Basic Education has announced plans to write and publish its own school textbooks to save costs and combat shortages in schools. This may seem like a good idea but it will, in fact, have a negative impact on teachers, school children and the economy.

Schools do not have effective book-retention plans in place. This makes it difficult for some schools to retrieve books at the end of the year.

Schools face several challenges that compete for the budget. This means that funds allocated towards textbooks sometimes must be used for other priorities, such as repairs and maintenance.

Teachers will be stripped of their right to choose the textbooks that they want to use in class. Instead, they will be issued with a single state-published textbook;

Teachers with new ideas or unique works will struggle to get published when local publishing houses begin to shut down. This means that they will lose the incentive to write and share their knowledge;

Thousands of people will lose their jobs and livelihoods due to the closures;

The companies that are left over will inflate their prices to cope with lower demand, which, in turn, will make classroom resources more expensive;

Existing state-published textbooks are not “free”. A recent example showed that they are charged for, which negates the argument that substantial costs will be saved.

The DBE should call all interested parties to develop new textbooks;

The DBE should roll out a national procurement portal that allows schools to access real-time enrolment data and their budgets when ordering textbooks;

The DBE should budget for schools to order “buffer stock” of textbooks so that damaged or lost books can be replaced immediately.

Teachers can continue to contribute as authors, receiving acknowledgement and royalties for their work;

The local economy is stimulated, and economic growth in the sector is achieved.

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You sound like you are one of the authors of the books that will be kicked out or you own a publishing business. Having a prescribed book doesn’t mean you should be confined to it, it’s a teachers’ duty to recommend other useful reads and incorporate them into their teachings. Because it is cheaper

Op-Ed: The judiciary, State Capture and the futureMultiple crises enveloped the Jacob Zuma presidency and massive fraud and corruption have been uncovered. It is surprising, in the light of South African history, that the judiciary, an unelected organ of state, came to play a vital role in defence of democracy, that was left defenceless by those elected and obliged under the Constitution to advance it. The judiciary does not enjoy intervening in politically charged issues, but its involvement may still be needed in the days ahead.

OP-ED: Wrecking ball of State Capture was halted from within ANC movement itselfThe SACP played a key role against kleptocracy and its campaign against State Capture was neither opportunistic, as claimed by Ronnie Kasrils, nor a blind Ramaphoria cult. So the ANC takes responsibility for both starting and stopping State Capture, how heroic! This is by far the most ridiculous column ever published by DM ANC stopped state capture... By including those implicated in it on their election lists. Ok. Sure.

OP-ED: Corrective measures needed for the boiler and mill problems at Medupi and KusileOP-ED: Corrective measures needed for the boiler and mill problems at Medupi and Kusile By Alex Ham Bruceps I wonder which visionary Engineer was Head of Technology at Eskom when the decision on the mills were taken? Why does Eskom not appoint Mr. Ham as a Consultant Engineer on these power stations to sort out the mess made by ANC idiots This is so shocking,i cant fathom that no one is prosecuted for this negligence.Why did the Chief Technical person at Eskom not send the technical specifications of previous SA power stations to Hitachi before they started with the Boiler Design

OP-ED: Vietnam: From fire zones to free zonesBiên Hòa, 25km from Ho Chi Minh City in Dong Nai province, is one of the key industrial centres of Vietnam, a multitude of industrial development zones, factories and warehouses dominating the local economy. Yet the nearby province of Bình Duong has become the epicentre of investment in the country, attracting 3,444 new foreign businesses from 64 nations, with a registered capital of $331bn, employing 450,000 of a provincial population of 2.1 million. Little wonder Bình Duong’s economic growth rate was at 14.5% in 2011-15, and per capita income more than $5,100, 2.4 times the national average; or that Vietnam’s exports/GDP rate was 200%, second worldwide only to Singapore.

Op-Ed: Energy Security should be Sixth Administration’s most immediate taskThe sooner the confidence that there is enough energy supply is restored in South Africa, the more successful will be the investment promotion efforts of the country. While this remains uncertain, investments from energy-dependent manufacturing projects will be precluded, as investors hold back. omtimka Intresting article Mr Mtimka, however something is missing with regards to the ingredients that will ensure sustainable economic development. One of them is cheap electricity tariffs. This strategy dates back to 1923 which led to the development of mining & industrial sector. omtimka Unfortunately, the private sector ( IPPs) participation in the electricity generation industry has made things worse. How can you force Eskom to buy from IPPs at 500% more than what they can produce? omtimka The recent IRP draft 2018-2030 adopted by the cabinet, will even make things worse. Security of supply wont be achieved by unreliable renewable IPPs.

OP-ED: The wasted years: When justice isn’t justThe US National Registry of Exonerations has recorded nearly 2,500 known wrongful convictions since 1989, but South Africa does not keep similar records. However, there’s no good reason to believe the problem doesn’t exist here, and the issue should be urgently addressed.

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Basic Education Dept defends teaching of sex ed to grade 4 pupilsAccording to the department, the new Life Orientation curriculum would be targeted at grade 4 to 12 pupils and would cover a variety of subjects ranging from healthy lifestyles to sex education. WTF They are people with sick sex on their minds and children are their targets I want to sit with the people that decided that grade 4s should be taught sex education and try to understand how they came to that decision because from where I stand it doesn't make sense. Commercial interests are becoming a problem in our society

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