Only three days of stage one load-shedding forecasted

Only three days of stage one load-shedding forecasted

2020-05-21 04:40:00 PM

Only three days of stage one load-shedding forecasted

Chief Operating Officer Jan Oberholzer says the system remains unpredictable and unreliable.

Eskom is hoping to slash it's debt by R200-billion. It's current debt level is R450-billion. eNCA Riante Naidoo reports. Courtesy#DStv403JOHANNESBURG - Eskom says there will be only three days of stage one load-shedding this winter period.Chief Operating Officer Jan Oberholzer says while the power utility is undertaking maintenance work the system remains vulnerable.

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"Before we had the lockdown, we forecasted 31 days of load-shedding, so what has helped us the last eight weeks, doing these urgent short term maintenances, when we ran the model again, we are now forecasting three-days of stage one load-shedding over a winter period that is coming," Oberholzer said.

"That is based on an 80-percent probability."READ:COVID-19 has weakened SOEs: MasualleOberholzer says the system remains unpredictable and unreliable.He further stated that the risk of load-shedding remains as there might be trips and breakdowns in the system.

Meanwhile, Eskom is hoping to slash its debt by R200-billion.The utility's current debt level is R450-billion. Read more: eNCA »

The rumours of the coming of three days of darkness seems to be true Is this part of the ANC biggest hits list? Does it come with a tune? ANC can't even keep our lights on. Why is SA basically the only country with loadshedding? BECAUSE OF USELESS ANC CORRUPTION & MISMANAGEMENT ancMustGo So we must do lockdown on loadshedding? NoElectricityNoLockdown

And you believe them? After that we will have 6 days of stage 2 and 9 days of stage 3 Last year they forecasted 0 days loadshedding. So this years gonna be one helluva ride “Only 3 days of load shedding “ - are we expected to be grateful to Eskom that it is not going to be 7 days a week. And they have been allowed to charge us more for shitty service. Oh well it is the times that we live in now.

Rubbish .... What three days are those !? 🙄 Add R2 billion a day damage to the economy apart from Covid-19. Mara for what Eskom is such an attention seeker Joke of the year... Only 3 days of level one, there after level 8 every day I'm in Diepkloof we've been in a five hour load shedding for you three weeks now. CAN ESKOM PPL STOP LYING IT MAKES MORE MORONIC.

Happykhumalo54 Stage one that last 5hrs. We have been there. Even this morning. ANCmustgo EarlyElectionsSouthAfrica NoMoreTsotsiesInParlaiment International Criminal Court - The Hague Information and Evidence Unit Office of the Prosecutor Fax +31 70 515 8555 Ya'll are on a roll of bad news

Lockdown + loadshedding la nyela masepa straight nou But this today while under nationwide lockdown? 🤔 ohhkay... Lockdown Level 4 and Stage 1 Load shedding Mmm ... L4/S1. Is this science or Accounting? Name one organisation that is worse than Eskom I'll wait🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️ Jesus I don't like Loadshedding

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Eskom’s repairs during lockdown have cut risk of load-sheddingCOO Jan Oberholzer says Eskom used the lower demand during lockdown to conduct much more short-term opportunistic maintenance Really?

Eskom’s repairs during lockdown has cut risk of load-sheddingThe risk of load-shedding this winter has been significantly reduced thanks to Eskom’s aggressive short-term maintenance drive during the Covid-19 lockdown. Or rather....... thanks to a progressive forward thinking CEO ....🤔🤭

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