Omicron | We knew this was coming – Ramaphosa | Citypress

Omicron | We knew this was coming – Ramaphosa

2021-12-06 05:35:00 PM

Omicron | We knew this was coming – Ramaphosa

President Cyril Ramaphosa said the resurgence of Covid-19 infections in South Africa ahead of the festive season is not unexpected.

Ramaphosa said as the country heads into a fourth wave, it was experiencing a rate of infections not seen since the pandemic started.As of Sunday, a total of 46 708 tests were conducted, with 11 125 positive cases, which represents a 23.8% positivity rate.

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READ:Government slams Omicron hysteria In his weekly newsletter, the president said while the surge in infections is of great concern, “we should remember that we anticipated it”.“Disease modellers in our country have told us that we would likely experience a fourth wave around this time and that it was almost inevitable that new variants of the virus would emerge,” said Ramaphosa.

President Cyril Ramaphosa is pleading with South Africans to get vaccinated amid a resurgence in Covid-19 infections. Photo: Liza van Deventer/Beeld/Gallo ImagesMeanwhile, scientists in South Africa and abroad are still hard at work to answer critical questions about the new Omicron variant, such as its transmissibility, its progression, whether it causes more severe disease and how effective vaccines will be against it.

Vaccination initiatives ramping upIn the interim, the president has again pleaded with South Africans to prioritise getting vaccinated.His plea comes during the national department of health’s Vooma Week, between 3 and 10 December.All provinces have been requested to increase their number of vaccination sites, especially at travel hubs, shopping malls and recreational areas in a bid to vaccinate as many people as possible in the face of the fourth wave.

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The president stressed that scientific evidence showed that vaccination was the most effective means of preventing the spread of new infections, and that vaccines reduce severe illness, hospitalisation and death.Ramaphosa said:As every day passes, and as infections rise, the reasons to get vaccinated become more compelling and the need becomes ever more urgent.

He said vaccination was essential for economic recovery, because as more people are vaccinated more areas of economic activity will be opened up.“We can do our work and socialise under less stringent restrictions, and our lives can return to some degree of normality,” he said.

READ:No need to panic about new Covid-19 strain, say expertsRamaphosa said the massive surge in infections means that, in addition to vaccination, people need to be far more diligent in reducing their contact cricle.He said evidence shows that gatherings – mainly those held indoors – carry the greatest risk of transmission.

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“Many people have been disappointed by the cancellation of some big events in recent days, but it is by far the safest and most responsible thing to do now.”READ:Covid-19: Ramaphosa convenes urgent command council meeting over OmicronThe Omicron variant, which was brought to global attention by South African scientists nearly two weeks ago, appears to be dominating new infections in most provinces.

He said in the coming days and weeks there would be more information available about the Omicron variant.The president announced that he will be convening a meeting of the national coronavirus command council to review the state of the pandemic.Age groups most at risk

The Vooma Week is meant to build on the success of the previous two Vooma Weekends in October and November, which resulted in a combined total of just under 650 000 vaccinations.Health minister Dr Joe Phaahla said: “We want families to be safe this festive season.

“Before you go home, before you leave on vacation, make sure you protect yourself and those you love. If you visit your parents and they have not yet been vaccinated, go with them to your closest vaccination site. It could save their lives.”READ:Omicron: Task team to explore mandatory vaccination

Phaahla said there are still 4 million people aged 50 years and older who have not been vaccinated, and that they are at highest risk for severe illness and death.He said younger people are not without risk either, as 40% of hospital admissions occur in people younger than 50 years old.

The minister said:We don’t want Vooma Week to be viewed as a government activity. Everyone has to play their part."We want to vaccinate a million more people during Vooma Week, but at the end, let us not ask whether ‘government has achieved its targets’, but whether all of us working together have exceeded that target of 1 million people vaccinated in one week,” said Phaahla.

Fourth wave has arrived in KZNMeanwhile, KwaZulu-Natal Premier Sihle Zikalala on Sunday said the province has officially entered its fourth wave of Covid-19 infections after it recorded significant increases in daily infection rates as well as the number of people who require hospitalisation and ICU beds.

He said the number of cases that were recorded over the past seven days showed that infections were “rising at an alarming rate… the new wave of infecting is fast rising and the Omicron variant is driving this new surge in infections”.“Two weeks ago, the province had a test positivity rate of 0.7% but as of today [Sunday], the test positivity rate has jumped to 12.7%. The province started receiving more than 100 positive cases a day from November 26,” Zikalala said.

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Covid-19: Ramaphosa convenes urgent command council meeting over Omicron | CitypressIn lobbying support from his counterparts in west Africa, President Cyril Ramaphosa spoke out against what he called “health apartheid”, and said the devastation caused by the ban on the South African tourism sector and economy was unimaginable He is getting his own medicine, now he can feel how we felt when he imposed it on us, especially during last Festive Season and Easter holidays respectively Self inflicted Maite always sleeping 😴. She can resign so she can rest

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Omicron spreads like wildfire | CitypressOmicron spreads like wildfire | Preliminary information from around the world suggests that Omicron is significantly more contagious than its Sars-CoV-2 predecessors, but perhaps also less fatal If it’s in US already why close of South Africa Omicron is not as severe as feared by expert 🤔 But you left out the juicy part

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Only after the election 😜 My President! Evil doesn't Tarry! KUZODLULA! MaliBONGWE! HealthZA CyrilRamaphosa the longer we stall on introducing vaccine mandates, the more people remain unvaxxed and the more time the coronavirus has to mutate into deadly, possibly drug-resistant, variants. Everybody vaccinate, now!!!

Voices | Omicron travel bans be damned | CitypressVoices | There is now consensus emerging globally that South Africa’s excellent science and openness, which was on full display following the detection and announcement of the Omicron variant of Covid-19, should have been applauded and not punished Himself a compromised figure. We still don’t know what is the origin of this thing due partly to him shielding certain countries Lift the ban

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Anthony Fauci says US re-evaluating Omicron travel bans but no decision yetOmicron variant found in almost one-third of US states, say health officials

Ramaphosa will ‘soon’ meet command council amid surge in infectionsDaily infections have increased five-fold after the emergence of the Omicron variant. Bruh... Please explain to us y the CDC was granted permission to release 329 000 pages of the Pfizer data over 55 yrs? 2076 is when the scientists n lawyers who requested the data will receive it in full - 500 pages every month until 2076. None of the ppl requesting it will even be alive They haven't all gotten the message yet. Expect a massive sh*t story this afternoon from Timeslive. Incidentally Bloomberg has the same story as this one, today. Contrary to News24.

Ramaphosa will ‘soon’ meet command council amid surge in infectionsDaily infections have increased five-fold after the emergence of the Omicron variant.