Oh, Schucks! They’re back | Citypress

Oh, Schucks! They’re back

2021-12-05 08:45:00 AM

Oh, Schucks! They’re back

Legendary actor lauds his co-star as a box office draw and says there will be no more pranks in this new movie – because he’s old and tired of being hit.

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TimSpiritMolobi One pandemic at a time please! 🙏 Merry Christmas to everyone 🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆 Due to Merry Christmas The ALDI this first 50 people to Comment (ALDI) Will receive their $750.00. Trust me it's real. And it starts now DM him Mike67857 And what about the previous 40 years of black face, stereotypes, cultural appropriation, and just general racism?

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Those 'some people' should probably avoid going to see the movie then and allow those who are open-minded and see comedy to go and enjoy the movie. Mtamerri Oh, fuck! He's back. Hell no!!! Welcome back🙌🙌🙌 Good News for me, really need some sense of humor Welcome back Schucks. I was wondering when are you coming back.

Legends Oh, gosh

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Goreng, Bakgatla mang. Re siame ka bone. Hai letlo relapisa mannnn A white guy speaking to a racist white guy. Great job, lovely advert Why I can't wait *cringe!* That was an attempted career assassination on Peter de Villiers .. hope they don't play that reckless this time around. GOOD morniN! We really need to LAUGH!

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☹️☹️☹️☹️ To make fun out of black people again!!!🤔🤔🤔😠😠😠 Hopin there won't be any scene that's offending the so called previously disadvantaged ones nowadays known as clever blacks' Ohh I love them and they are funny 😂😂😂💓 Welcome back our favorites ❤ I bet corona virus will be mentioned in this movie

For people who still see the humour in black face Hell Nooo ....Can’t they train young comedians....The older they the more they unfunny ...!!

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