NPA red-faced after bail granted to Ngizwe Mchunu

NPA red-faced after bail granted to Ngizwe Mchunu

2021-07-29 07:45:00 PM

NPA red-faced after bail granted to Ngizwe Mchunu

Case crumbles as evidence led failed to link Mchunu to instigating violence in the KZN lootings.

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NPA is taking chances 😐. Like they actually relied on those publicly available videos?

Former Ukhozi FM DJ Ngizwe Mchunu released on bailStaunch Jacob Zuma supporter Ngizwe Mchunu has been released on R2,000 bail. He wanted a 500 bail imagine FreePresidentZuma FreeJacobZuma If it's about 12 instigators, why the rest are still not behind bars so the case can run at once & be concluded quicker to avoid similar situation at STATE CAPTURE ?

Alleged riots instigator, Ngizwe Mchunu, set to apply for bailNPA says it will oppose Mchunu's bail application, arguing that he is a flight risk. Bayahlanya Bophaaaaa uyaphapha naye I saw several people testifying of making so much money with the help of shantelll_142 on Bitcoin option trade and I decided to give a try and now I'm glad now she helped me and my colleagues to make R40,000 in one week, thank you for transparency and trust.

Ngizwe Mchunu to remain behind bars as bail application continues on ThursdayMchunu is one of a number of suspects to appear in court in Gauteng regarding the violent unrest that broke out in the province and in KwaZulu-Natal after the imprisonment of former president Jacob Zuma on July 7. Our judiciary is in a mess struu Blind loyalty. He must go to jail that one. 6-8 years.

Alleged instigator Ngizwe Mchunu evaded police in a private jet, he is a flight risk, NPA tells courtSAunrest: Prosecutors representing the NPA want former Ukhozi FM presenter Ngizwe Mchunu to be denied bail in the Randburg Magistrates Court. They told the court he was a flight risk as he evaded police using a private jet and that he provided an address he did not reside in. NPA eya gafa the court must grant him bail Ayikhale What utter hogwash, denying him bail is a miscarriage of justice😡😠

Ace Magashule takes NPA to court to demand affidavit in asbestos caseMagashule claimed the NPA left out crucial information when handing over his indictment, and accused the authority of political conspiracy by using delay tactics. This clown can go run down the already service her daughter run down mani rubbish cabbage His a lair he know what he did he must pay just like his friend Zuma all of them must pay for what they did the whole African National Criminals It's fine Ace. We the people will still take you to jail albeit kicking and screaming.

Ace Magashule takes NPA to court to demand affidavit in asbestos caseSuspended ANC secretary-general Ace Magashule is taking the NPA to court for allegedly failing to hand over his full indictment in the R255m asbestos case. I entrusted Judith_william9 with my money since I took rush of investing my money with her platform, and since then I've recovered all I lost to scams. Get in touch with Judith_william9 and get a good mentorship and safe trading. Mr Nobody This suspended secretary General of the ANC Politicians are teaching us law, we don't need to go to school. With Zuma government, these structures were weakened, not a lot of people would think of going to court with fear of being targeted. I like this government