NPA adds Terrorism charge against Patriotic Alliance’s Bruce Nimmerhoudt

NPA adds Terrorism charge against Patriotic Alliance’s Bruce Nimmerhoudt

2021-07-26 07:12:00 PM

NPA adds Terrorism charge against Patriotic Alliance’s Bruce Nimmerhoudt

Patriotic Alliance West Rand leader Bruce Nimmerhoudt was slapped with an additional charge of terrorism in the Roodepoort Magistrate’s Court when he was due to apply for bail on a charge of incitement of violence.

Nimmerhoudt told the court that he was part of his party’s Toekomsrus, Randfontein branch WhatsApp group. According to Nimmerhoudt, he and 94 other members of the group received the voice note through WhatsApp from Luna Dickson – a councillor-elect for the Rand West Municipality.

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Dickson confirmed Nimmerhoudt’s version when she testified in his bail application on Monday. She said she originally received the voice note through WhatsApp from her aunt and she distributed it to fellow PA members, who were instructed by the party to protect malls and other businesses in the West Rand.

Denying that he wrote the voice note, Nimmerhoudt told the court that the charge of incitement of violence was to dent and damage his campaign to become a mayor in one of the municipalities on the West Rand. He said he received the voice note on July 15 and had intended to hand it over to Randfontein police station commissioner Brigadier Masolle Manamela the next day, but police arrived in the early hours and arrested him.

“They did not have a search warrant. They stormed into my house and called me a criminal. A master instigator. A looter,” Nimmerhoudt said.But the police, in opposing the application, maintained that they have a strong case against Nimmerhoudt. Investigating officer Captain Phakamile Gumede said they executed the arrest after obtaining information from their intelligence unit that the voice note was manufactured and distributed by Nimmerhoudt.

Gumede said that Nimmerhoudt allegedly agreed that it was his voice in the note and only denied distributing it – a claim the accused vehemently denied.The State asked the court not to grant Nimmerhouldt bail, saying it would undermine the administration of justice and he was likely to be injured by those who were angry due to the recent violent protests which caused major infrastructure damage in the country.

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But why can't police go get the real instigators Dudu Zuma is chilling nice there by Nkandla yerr this guy is just the fall guy. Little scapegoat! Big boys are laughing Teach them a lesson...our brothers and sisters lost lives because of alleged instigation by this fools Hulle word bang vir PA, watching the court proceedings and how unprofessional and unprepared they were. What a joke! It's very clear that this is a political attack. Meanwhile the Zuma's are living their best lives. TF!

The same NPA of Batoyi refused to show the PhoenixMassecre suspects. Yeah 🤣🤣 To those it doesn't make sense:- Wait until matter argued in court to understand whether charge thrown off or proved beyond doubt I thank you👏 This will never stick in court 😂🤣 Why can't they charge Phoenix terrorists with murder?


Violence in SA | PA Joburg mayoral candidate says he's being framedThe Patriotic Alliance's Joburg mayoral candidate, Bruce Nimmerhoudt, says he is being framed. Whatever 🙄 Keep him locked up. when no evidence have been presented and the accused have to remain caged....because of who the accuser is The magistrate asked pertinent question whether are these people arrested under this nonsensical law,are linked, it was a disgrace from NPA to say No

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