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No excuse for Covid-19 vaccination, all sites now assist walk-ins

People living in South Africa can get the jabs, regardless of whether they have medical insurance or are registered.

2021-09-17 09:35:00 AM

People living in South Africa can get the jabs, regardless of whether they have medical insurance or are registered. covid19 vaccinesites walkins

People living in South Africa can get the jabs, regardless of whether they have medical insurance or are registered.

“Sites will accept anyone for vaccination, who has an ID (identity document), passport, or other form of identification, regardless of their nationality,” B4SA said.In most places, there will be two queues: one for those with appointments and/or older people, and one for walk-ins, to ensure there are enough vaccines for those with appointments.

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Large private providers, such as Dischem and Discovery, have announced that they will accept walk-ins from uninsured people. But in the case of Discovery sites, you can’t just turn up at the site, you need to register on their web portal to book an appointment (and also be registered on the EVDS). Dischem also encourages people to register on their site to book an appointment, but they do also help people who just turn up and are registered on the EVDS. Those people will, however, wait for longer to be helped, than people who had booked appointments.

Note that, in some sites, walk-ins may be prioritised in the following order:Priority 1 - people 60 years and older, requiring their first dose of Pfizer vaccine;Priority 2 - people 60 years and older, requiring their second dose of Pfizer vaccine;Priority 3 - people aged 50-59 years, requiring their first dose of Pfizer vaccine;

Priority 4 – people aged 35-49 years, requiring their first dose of Pfizer vaccine.Make sure to make your way to the vaccination site by 2pm, as most may be closed after that.Remember vaccine stocks are limited, so walk-ins are not guaranteed to get vaccines.

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