No, cigarettes are not essential during lockdown, say police

Police on Sunday shot down any suggestion that cigarettes would be allowed to be sold during the lockdown.

2020-03-30 06:26:00 AM

Police on Sunday shot down any suggestion that cigarettes would be allowed to be sold during the lockdown.

Police on Sunday shot down any suggestion that cigarettes would be allowed to be sold during the lockdown.

Image:Gallo Images/ThinkstockPolice stubbed out rumours swirling online on Sunday evening that government had  backtracked on its decision to ban the sale of cigarettes during the national lockdown.In a short statement sent out to media, national police spokesperson Brig Vish Naidoo said:"In response to posts on various social media platforms, please be advised that cigarettes and tobacco are NOT essential items."

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Speaking to TimesLIVE he added that he had checked against the list of essential items published under the lockdown regulations."I went to check the annexure, and cigarettes don't feature there," he said.This was in line with what ministers said at the justice, crime prevention and security cluster briefing ahead of the lockdown last week.

Health minister Zweli Mkhize - in a statement on Friday announcing that an 81-year-old at an old age home in KwaZulu-Natal had contracted Covid-19 - said some of the groups most vulnerable to the virus had respiratory illnesses.He said the"elderly population" was vulnerable, as were those with underlying diseases such as with HIV (especially those with a low CD4 count), chronic lung diseases, auto immune diseases of any kind, chronic kidney disease, cancer or diabetes.

Smokers and “dependent alcohol consumers” were also at high risk, he said.“We encourage smokers to quit smoking and for those who drink alcohol, to do so moderately,” he added. Read more: Times LIVE »

And all the smokers in the SAPD buy under the counter. What a farce. Our economy is in big trouble All unprepared smokers are suffering. The goverment does not understand addiction. Addiction is a Dis-Ease. If you can afford it, get a script from your house dr for Champix it will be R350 to see a dr and between R500-600 a month for 3 month program.

I totally forgot I smoke 😳 Somaar net so ke quitters.. 😒 If cigarette is allowed to be sold let the alcohol be too We know majority of minorities are smokers Gov is promoting underground sale, and they know that their rich white friends and themselves got a lot to last for 5 wks I still don't get the point to stop cigarettes sales. That is really stupid unless the have other agenda. Pepole will smoke and they will share that will contribute more to the pandemic and if they can't they will just become more aggressive

Rehab 101 Controlling and prescribing this lockdown (and to this extent) disqualifies this government from ever being considered wise and progressive It is foolish and aggressive in the extreme A terminal economy and a wilful annihilation of the likelihood of any recovery We have psychiatric psychiatric patients who are contained after smoking, now I must witness them killing each other.

Zim did not clamp down. Watch how the illegal cross border trading begins. Julius is making a killing with illegal trade. So why is it the police who made the decisions now. Do they have the power to make that decision? Who gave them the power. Are we living in a police state now? I’m pretty sure that if the police need cigarettes they will be able to get.

Sweets, chips, cake mix etc should then also be non-essential? Please...... I can guarantee you lots of frustrated people who will create a black market second to none. 😂😂😂 Guys what did we miss? What's the correlation between cigarettes and COVID19? And just when I thought SOUTH AFRICA was different from those other African countries... Baamm, they prove me wrong!!!

Mxm argh they are talking shiit majority of them are smokers nje....& some of them knows the owners of the shops personally....they will just contact the owners via call or WhatsApp for cigarretes using the backdoor...i hv already noticed that here in Bloemfontein You voted for ANC ... I’m battling to find the correlation between smoking and Covid19. The sin tax from cigarettes for this lockdown could’ve been used to assist poor communities with food and toiletries. Something sinister is going on here WhenCoronaVirusIsOver FlattenTheCurve Day4

Happy! Promoting healthy lifestyle. No alcoholic beverages and no cigarettes. Strengthening immune system. There goes our Revenue 🕊️ This won't end well. Because some of them are smokers,no cigarettes for 21 days,period Good! Drinkers can't suffer alone. Now 11 million people are going through withdrawal against their will.. in a small space with family in a stresses situation... Well done you morons.. domestic violence is going to peak through the roof...

So now we arw in a state ran by the Police and sandf? This is ridiculous... I still don't get it. Gov is desperate for cash, alcohol & ciggies bring billions in revenues. After lock down people are going to smoke. How many families are stuck with a short tempered desperate smoker? Oh, AND I DON'T SMOKE

CIGARETTES... really people dont have food and transport to get them to go buy food... this Gov have the police and Solders to prevent ppl from reacting from their frustration... Oh dear, looks like the Gov will lose out on billions of sin taxes just when they need the revenue the most now that we are officially Junk status...

Gov needs to stop sending out mixed signals.... Quickest way to have disgruntled citizens. Seniyaslaya nje..nifuna sbone kuphethe nina Trying by all means to kill all business You people think of cigarettes rather than thinking about people who don't have something to eat Funny when so many of them smoke.. This lockdown has become more about control than simple safety and prevention.

Police threaten Hillbrow's homeless with sjamboks to enforce national lockdownA shopper screamed back at an officer who had broken his table which he used to sell a few groceries. Why are they breaking people’s possessions, are they after possessions or people? Leave the police alone okay asomblief leave them alone you are Tabloid newspaper where are bikini girls Irresponsible journalism

Police called in after German tourists refuse to remain under quarantinePolice had to be called in to help the department of health deal with a group of German tourists who refused to remain under quarantine after one of them tested positive for COVID-19. Authorities reacted after being alerted about the group's plans to leave the country. The group of 60 German tourists is currently under quarantine at a private facility in Gauteng. YoliswaSobuwa They must be classified as terrorists and locked up, simple YoliswaSobuwa Let them go home to Germany. YoliswaSobuwa Dont have any mercy on anyone who dont conform,whether from Germany,Hell or Heaven.

Police arrest Pretoria man who recorded himself at a large gatheringOn Friday, the police minister announced that 55 people had been arrested nationally for defying the lockdown. he should have listened Arrest the Idiot MosalaChalale This COVID 19 has shown that SA police can actually trace and arrest people mabafuna

GALLERY: Hillbrow residents, police clash on day one of lockdownSAPS dispersed a crowd at one of the local shops in Hillbrow as resident were queuing; with more than 100 people in line. Gauteng will be more like Italy in 21 days if they don't change their behavior... Idiots Can somebody balance me here, why does it look like South Africans misunderstood this lockdown to a state of war given the running battles we see with law enforcement agencies 🙉

SA police fire rubber bullets at shoppers during lockdown, and whip themPolice arrived in 10 patrol vehicles and started firing rubber bullets towards the shoppers. Later the police used whips to get the shoppers to observe social distancing rules. Nonsense 😩 I get that it’s serious business right now but surely educating people in this situation would be better than police brutality Total wrong people are allowed to buy food

Limpopo police arrest Covid-19 patient who fled after testing positive in GautengThe Limpopo department of health said it was concerned as the man had interacted with other people. Covid19SA 21daylockdownSA This government is weak self quarantine? Why did they note force him the moment they tested him L8ck him up if some dies from his contact charge him with murder have a speedy trial so everyone can see the consequences In China,they had a turn around testing period of 4 hours.if your results r not back within 4 hours,they had a sight for people awaiting results.u DONT go back into society before they know your status.we need 2 start being more strict!