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Medical doctor-turned politician, Mayor Mpho Phalatse, plans to use her time in office to rid Johannesburg of the stigma of being a dysfunctional and crime-ridden city

2021-12-05 10:00:00 AM

Medical doctor-turned politician, Mayor Mpho Phalatse, plans to use her time in office to rid Johannesburg of the stigma of being a dysfunctional and crime-ridden city | City_Press

Medical doctor-turned politician, Mayor Mpho Phalatse, plans to use her time in office to rid Johannesburg of the stigma of being a dysfunctional and crime-ridden city

In 2011, Phalatse – who was born in Hebron, Pretoria – closed her company, which had been contracted by the SA Social Security Agency in Gauteng and North West to do disability assessments.She says:My company was doing well, but, because of the poverty I saw in North West, I decided I wanted to help people. I didn’t have the skills I needed, so I knew I had to go back to school to acquire them.

She relocated to Alexandra, Johannesburg, where she worked in a casualty ward.However, it was when five young men were wheeled into the ward with serious gunshot wounds, that Phalatse realised the help they needed extended beyond medical treatment. The mother of three decided then that she wanted to be a municipal councillor.

READ:Before that, her involvement in politics had been limited to discussions with friends. She was advised to apply to become a proportional representative councillor, and the DA helped her realise her dream by taking her in.Yet her road to the mayoral office in Johannesburg was marred by controversy at times.

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Phalatse was herself elected as mayor after the DA received unexpected backing from the EFF and ActionSA for control of the city. Photo: Tebogo Letsie/City PressIn 2018, Phalatse was suspended as a member of the municipal council for health and social development in Johannesburg by the city’s then mayor, Herman Mashaba, for allegedly saying that she and the city were friends of Israel.

While she did not retract any of the personal opinions she had expressed, she recognised that her statements might have caused confusion regarding the city’s position on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.READ:Then, last Monday, Phalatse was herself elected as mayor after the DA received unexpected backing from the EFF and ActionSA for control of the city.

Her plans include removing the stigma attached to Johannesburg as a dysfunctional and crime-ridden city.“People in Johannesburg are never sure whether they’ll arrive home to find they have electricity and water, or whether there’ll be more potholes and sewage flowing along their streets. These are the things that make me want to work hard to restore a sense of normality and humanity in our people,” she says, adding that she hopes to be remembered as a mayor who created a city that is conducive to healthy, happy living.

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“One of the things I realised when I moved to Johannesburg was that it’s dirty, especially in the inner city. But you can’t blame people for that because it’s not like Pretoria, where you don’t need to walk far along any street before you find a dustbin. I don’t see that in Johannesburg,” she says.

She adds that many of the challenges are structural because the inner city has several diverse communities living in it, including informal traders.Phalatse says: We’re going to provide supportive infrastructure for people to do the right thing. You can’t blame people for littering if you don’t provide them with dustbins.

She says her experience of going to the city’s notorious Noord Street Taxi Rank was marred by the sight of people using buckets to relieve themselves in the absence of usable public toilets.“Apparently people own those buckets and make those who need to relieve themselves in them pay a lot of money for doing so. Those buckets are in plain sight of everyone, which is a disgrace. We can’t allow people to be stripped their dignity this way on a daily basis.”

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She says her plans include creating a space that includes public toilets and basins, so that traders can work with dignity in a sanitary environment.“In that way, we’ll begin to see a cleaner city because we’ll make it easy for people to do the right thing and comply with our by-laws,” she explains.

On the issue of crime, Phalatse says her council plans to create an integrated solution by working with the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department and a private law enforcement agency, as well as community law enforcement organisations.“We’ll be doing this to increase our policing capacity and have a seamless flow of information between all the different law enforcement groups.

“We also want to [upgrade] surveillance to smart policing to ensure that CCTV cameras are linked to our intelligence operation centre. This will strengthen our capacity to respond to criminal acts quickly and effectively.”READ:Election manifestos ignore gender-based violence and Covid-19

Phalatse says the council’s plans also include taking over Eskom supply areas such as Sandton, Soweto, Ivory Park and Orange Farm, where the power utility is failing these communities.“But we don’t want to take over ageing infrastructure – we want Eskom to upgrade it first and then hand it over to us. We also don’t want to inherit the mountain of debt that Eskom’s accumulated over the years because it allowed a culture of nonpayment to grow.”

Her council will be transforming this culture of nonpayment through education and awareness campaigns to make people understand why it is important to pay for services.She explains:We’ll need to introduce those who can’t pay to extended social packages of services so that they can access rebates on their water, electricity and property rates, which will help relieve their poverty.

In addition, says Phalatse, there is a plan to introduce incentives for whistle-blowers.“We’ll establish a specialised unit to crack down on illegal connections of electricity. We’ve already gathered a lot of information on the ground as to who’s behind these criminal acts, and some of them are City Power contractors who’re connecting people illegally to the grid.

“With the help of our community, we’ll succeed because we want to incentivise those who come forward with the information, while also protecting their identities.“We’ll also be investing heavily in water infrastructure, building reservoirs and replacing old pipes,” she says, adding that the city is currently losing about 44% of water because of leaks.

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The word clean up is very broad, we must interpret it in contextual approach, it may also include rubbish, crime, illegal immigrants etc let's hope she won't disappoint Yhoo thina sicela I development e mamelodi ext 6 phomolong sine 21 years sihlala emkhukwini asinayo i gas I pray that she do her work without the cadres acting up 🙏

ANC will make it a point that they frustrate the hell out of her,soon there will be a glass jug landing on someone's head,cadres don't take kindly to defeat 🙈 Deport all illegal immigrants!! Start with the potholes. Our roads are totally disgusting. I’ve never seen such big potholes. She must start with the illegal immigrants

I support you mayor We're in support and favour of this initiative Madam Mayor 🙌. This one wa spita nyana, by the time she realises that her job entails 95% politics and that her election campaign funders are her real bosses, she’ll be at a very dark corner and quietly taking orders from her master. She thinks Johannesburg is dirty because there's no dustbins? I have bad news for her. 😭

DA's Jeff Zwane elected new mayor of Metsimaholo after resignation of EFF mayorThe troubled municipality in Sasolburg on Friday convened a special council sitting to elect a new mayor. Man will the worms creep out of this Municipality woodwork. Our_DA ANC lost again The DA probably won because of votes from the EFF.

Good luck to her How? Should start with illegal foreigners and hijacked buildings. Raise Hillbrow to the ground and build her from scratch. Ask the City of Cape Town re Sea Point if you need advice. Yes let's work let's clean our City 👏👏 mphophalatse1 enforce Municipal Bylaws as part of your cleaning campaign that will be great sweep into Removing all stains of Corruption & dead in City of Joburg

Deputy white We will see 🙄🙄🙄... Hope she won't be calling media in 2023 telling us she is resigning from DA because of 1,2,3 racism bully tendencies 🤣🤣.. like her predecessor 🙈🙈 Good news so when do we start 😀 😉 😊 Good not this tavern thing that she was talking about 😳🙄 Can she please bring her vacuum cleaners n clean Lenasia. It has become an absolute shit hole🤬🤬🤬 Illegal land invasions,resulting in Illegal Electricity n water connections. Which also results in cable theft. cANCer has FAILED this beautiful Country 🤬🤬🤬

Phalatse’s first meeting as mayor marred by insultsInsults were the order of the day during Mpho Phalatse’s first meeting as mayor of Johannesburg. Bitter fools must just be ignored.

At local government I don’t care which party is in charge. I just want services you be delivered. Whoever makes an effort to do that needs to be supported. Am tired of being affronted by politicians who treat councils as their piggy banks. Asifuni mntu ozakuthetha ngoku sifuna ozakwenza...I ANC siyikhutshiswe zezizinto

Please, please can CityofJoburgZA invest in behaviour change and not just 'clean up the city'? If you don't, the next mayor and the next mayor and the next mayor will have to do the same.... Jobs and money are real issues at people's minds. Also the smart city of free money in your bank account at least 4 million rand each month. Money is paper, forget the World Bank and its associates G7 and G20 summit nations. We are serious like Mars One and Nasa astronauts

If she does clean up Jhb then it will definitely be over for the ANC around the country. DA will be government nationally come 2024 Now watch as the Anc works to undermine her efforts. It's gonna end in tears for this one🤞🏿. The Broeder Bond is still breathing... Deport illegal immigrants. They serve no purpose in growing SA

She must first buy new brooms and gloves... Nothing wrong with that.

Here’s why new DA mayor Marlene van Staden was elected through a coin tossA coin toss has seen DA councillor Marlene van Staden win the mayoral position in Modimolle-Mookgophong local municipality in Limpopo. For all those who are new to this working from home Bitcoin trading options Here's a little tip: Get a trusted Bitcoin expert and stick to him tom_fitton2 Invest and play at similar times each day. Because : In times of chaos, your investment is your anchor to success Eh If it is to bring about stability in that municipality, let the toss be the decider so as to have service delivery. At the same time it tells of absurdity of our politics in South Africa. The are no winners and losers, it simply says roll up your sleeves and work as leaders

Deport all illegal foreigners! You will reduce crime by 80%!!! PutSouthAficansFirst It will impossible to clean an overpopulated city, unless she addresses the illegal immigrants matter. Breaking news; broom vows to sweep floors 🤦🏾‍♂️ Our uncle promised us that too HermanMashaba My view...New elected mayor is set up for failure 'she is too mommy' for this role. Joburg needs proper, stern, assertive and an implimenter individual to run it. Softies can never survive. Jozi is a pure school of hardknocks!

By cleaning corruption first All of them promise to be brooms that sweep clean. But, when they ascend the throne the brooms become soiled with the dirt of corruption and amnesia!!! What about those in life supports at home, should they die? How about those who are paying, should they suffer? Leadership is a skill learnt not conferred by position assumed.

Go to Diepkloof and see her cleaning. She just another politician nje. How do you allow peoplebto spend so many days without power just because they owe Eskom. Reinstate the power and develop a plan to resolve the matter amicably. There are babies, toddlers, elders etc. suffering mphophalatse1 Fordsburg is a pigsty. Good place to start. Maybe large rubbishdrums on the pavements will be a good start.

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OneNation70290 I wish her good luck, I hope she would unpack that and explain how it would be aimed at rejuvenating the CBD (Berea, Yeoville and Hillborrow). Our_DA CityofJoburgZA Irrespective of your age or gender you should participate in this free benefits as help came to me through my weekly investment with Iamcallaway_B I registered on their platform and paid to my account I got profits of R30k I don’t have any reason not to talk about that at all

😆😆😆😆😆 she needs to visit Maboneng with cops on Friday she needs to see the kak we want that He must 1st develop the informals of Orange Farm and pave tar roads everywhere, its been + 30 years now. We need a college too! Blah!Blah!Blah! CyrilRamaphosa is gonna clean up corruption. Talk is cheap. Money buys the whiskey. VoetsekDA

She should have started yesterday. And make Soweto people pay for electricity.... She'll have to look in to City Power and quickly there something going on there all the never ending power outages. Women leaders are often better leaders than men mphophalatse1 Our_DA CityofJoburgZA could be cleaned up within 2 weeks. Jhb crime cld be reduced within a month wt SAPoliceService working & be visible. Criminals in SAPS must be dealt with. Low hanging gains David_Makhura

What’s in City Press: Inside SA’s kidnap crisis; ‘Family meeting’ looms; Bushiri dares Moja Love | CitypressGood morning! Here's a first look at your CityPress Sunday headlines: Please load today e- edition My e-edition is not loading. What’s happening🤷🏾‍♂️ Abramjee Deport all illegal foreigners! You will reduce crime by 80%!!! PutSouthAficansFirst

Action please, stop preaching what others preached. Ai Soze. She must go deep in Joburg, clean all the foreigners legally!!! You mean she's still on her plans l thought time for plans is past now's time for action She doesn't even have a mayoral committee angazi ukhulumani I thought she already had a plan coming in.

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You get 2 types of domestic cleaning, 1 is those that clean on the serface and those who does deep cleaning. Being in this party, which cleaning do y'all think she will do... musi You know what they say about the new broom

Cape Town City on schedule to fly to Joburg on Friday for in-doubt Chiefs matchCape Town City remains on schedule to fly to Johannesburg on Friday afternoon for their DStv Premiership match against Kaizer Chiefs at FNB Stadium on Saturday.

How? Good luck as I am sure you will need it We will like to witness that happen She’ll have to deport people hhay kancane. Mine nendlu yami siyayamukela iPlan yakhe👌🏻 Where is the mayoral committee?🙄🙄 Let’s start the clean up with eradicating the antivaxers in this country. They are an incurable disease. They are a virus that needs to be eradicated 😡

Start with Hillbrow and illegal foreigners owning shops and selling counterfeit food products I was drop out from work due to allegations. Stock really help me out please parmit me to introduce you to a successful trader Hendricksnino77 can't keep this happiness to myself let me share the good works of sir Hendricksnino77

Go on Doc,do your best.

Stop planning and start doing, these politicians will plan until the next vote... 😁 agreed I heard that song before The safe way to Clean the Joburg City is to start where the law enforcement is,bcos chasing foreigners won't help with anything instead we would come across with what it is now.corrupt departments first.

Yes she can clean up,will makhura support her plans? Still planning Please remove those illegal street vendors in jhb cbd and u don't hv to offer alternative spaces as most of them r illegal immigrants Start with our pavements illegal immigrants r impeding pedestrians movements with their fruits and veggies and in Doornfontein it's worst

Well best she get to it as she will be watched like a Hawk as the city is a mess thanks to the party that has failed Jhb...the ANC.

Khuculula ntombo! Let's put this in perspective it took the City of Cape Town and the DA 2yrs to sort out some of the problems left behind by the ANC. This is not quick fix. We can't wait She should consider putting dustbins everywhere ,otherwise people will continue littering the streets and block water drains which causes artificial floods

Please DR Hasn’t she started yet? Plans are futile without ACTION. Plans to clean up illegal immigrants As with all elects Please🙏🙏 A government of Our_DA is failing to provide services at Klipfontein View, Ward 32 in Midrand where the Poor Black Majority Resides compared to Buccleuch, Greenstone, Modderfontein and Linbro Park dominated by whites MyJRA CityofJoburgZA EFFSouthAfrica EffJhbRegion

We are awaiting 🤞🏿 HermanMashaba are okay? This is so detailed, you can see it's not her doing, but WMC masterminding through a Native Puppet. Black Native Subjugation is always the end of WMC masterminding . . . . How ? Everybody has plans, when does the work start? Good Afternoon Kindly share my message if you can’t assist 🙏🏾 Can anyone please assist me with a food voucher so that I can buy some veggies to at least last me up until I receive my stipend. I’m currently an apprentice busy with my practicals. Contact details: 071 950 3434

Talk is cheap