New R800m mall in Durban expected to be a game-changer for townships | Daily News

New R800m mall in Durban expected to be a game-changer for townships

2020-02-13 01:27:00 PM

New R800m mall in Durban expected to be a game-changer for townships

Midway Crossing Shopping Centre is eThekwini’s response to the call by President Cyril Ramaphosa to attract investment in townships and rural areas

Midway Crossing Shopping Centre is the eThekwini Municipality’s response to the call by President Cyril Ramaphosa to attract investment, especially in townships and rural areas.Mayor Mxolisi Kaunda inspected the construction of the mall, an even which beneficiaries and trustees also attended.

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Kaunda said the mall would change the lives of people living in Lindelani, Ntuzuma, KwaMashu, Newlands East, Newlands West and surrounding areas. Read more: IOL News »

Grandtrek Uncharted

This mall was supposed to be finished 3 years ago ,I m staying 5 minutes away from it It will be a game changer if Ngcobo's Butchery, Ndosi Supermarket, Thiza's Fast Foods, Mam'Sju Outfitters could be allowed to be anchor tenants and big chains barred from moving in Mall next to a Mall that is on top of a Mall infront of a Mall 🤡

27Lesetja More cheap labours🤔🤔 in the name of creating jobs Wait till they kill each other for this! Haibo this cowntri 💆🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ Most people in townships are not working they are heavily dependant on State Grants, what an R800 Million Mall bringing to the poorest of the poor in our Society? Kwanda ukuhlupheka

Eish I just don't know. 60% and we are building malls not factories or trade schools but malls that will probably burn when the youth unemployment bomb finally explodes. Does no-one listen to Property analysts...malls are dead You need money in your pocket 🤔🤔🤔 That Money can be used to build a factory that can change ppl's lives. Our gvmnt must create laws that will compel those who have money to create employment.

What game? Mxm The only way we get to participate in the economy is by being consumers. Which entity does it belong to? Game-changer in what angle? Where non of those retailers are own by townshipers? All they do is consume something they don't own. This is a fallacy. Collection Points from Black Wealth back to White generation. 99% of shops in these malls are white owned by the same gang. Dont celebrate WHITE ECONOMIC SUPREMACY black people.

An economy building malls for the poor to spend they don't have... Capitalism 101, all y'all want is consumers. We actually need more factories! Why do we pay for parking to shop in malls. This is legalised crime that should be stopped. So we can shop for free? I wonder how many franchise stores will be owned by black of that township? The fucking banks are so quick to approve loans to build in Townships but dont want to help ppl from Townships with business loans

Breeding consumer generation. Hi file How a mall is going to b a game changer What’s going to happen to KwaMamkhize spaza shop? Another family loosing their bread? Industrialise not this nonsense, why focus on consumption while unemployment is at 29%. Sithenge ngantoni kulo mall? It's only a handful of skilled labour force that is going tj get jobs there

[READ THIS]🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 I really dont get why you keep building malls where will these people get the money to frequent that mall and besides mall will be redundant with people preferring online shopping even in the townships instead of building factories you want to starve people nothing to see here The construction will soon stop, the mafias will invade construction site looking for 'sly'

Industry not retail is what we need.... Why opening malls instead of factories, but once a houtkop always a houtkop How? They’re killing township economy. We want factories for our people to work. Not these damn malls!!! Lets hope soon factories will be opened in townships instead of malls More township spaza shops to go up in flames.😥

there's enough malls in the country, can't we have industries/factories that can create actual employment? When are we building an industrial complex worth R800 million? Why does it seen like the so called investors are forcing us to become a consumption based economy instead of being an economy that produces? The people of Umlazi need an industrial complex not a mall.

Too many malls in SA, aay until when kodwa? none sense, whoever is building this rubbish hates the township. Why so many mall MYANC PresidencyZA? What are we to achieve with so many of them? Allowing capitals to drain SA some more It's gonna be a game-changer for the owners. Inequality is on a bull run

Another mall? Geez🙄🙄 Lifelong debts. I think this constant investment in malls & not in manufacturing & small businesses is being done to drive South African economy be a net importer than a producer. Some countries unashamedly invest in deindustrialising other countries to create markets for their own products! 😐

Rubbish! Promoting consumerism Great! without roofs over our heads or proper housing at least we can go shopping...with money we dont have Another mall😑 🙃🙃 Near what Go Durban site? Years on and hundreds of millions of Rands later and still nothing to show for it thanks to the pathetic eThekwiniM STOP WITH THE MALLS! DAYMM! At this rate WMC gonna be unbreakable

Malls and malls we build in this ailing economy. When are we gonna be building manufacturing industrial hubs, develop and grow our country to another level. We seem to have accepted that we are a country of consumers. Snatcher mall This is a pure reflection of how unjust banks are ito of lending.They don’t offer small businesses start up loans for business or manufacturing but pour billions into shopping centers.They are happy if there have few anchor clients. Zero growth rate selfish lending yet same old

They will probably at some stage storm in, loot shops and burn it! Just for the fun of it like they do around the country! This is surprising considering what is happening in retail industry. Stuttafords, Edcon, Massmart, etc. In UK the same Ted Baker, Debenams, etc. What does this developer know that we don't?

People are starving. Use that money to good use. Foh Fucking malls everywhere no industrials.

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