Nelson Chamisa says SA should assist Zimbabwe on its challenges, and calls for a united Africa

The leader of Zimbabwe's former MDC, Nelson Chamisa, who has since launched a new party, says South Africa must assist its neighbour to address its economic ...

2022-01-27 02:33:00 PM

VIDEO | The leader of Zimbabwe's former MDC, Nelson Chamisa, says South Africa must assist its neighbour to address its challenges. Chamisa says if not, Zimbabweans will continue to cross the border to SA seeking greener pastures. Full interview -

The leader of Zimbabwe's former MDC, Nelson Chamisa, who has since launched a new party, says South Africa must assist its neighbour to address its economic ...

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🤔... mnxm... What the fuck is this now? This is not how you ask for help. You don't demand help. You say 'Please' you don't you must. We don't owner you anything Stop asking SA for everything. Call on all African countries to assist. Zimbabweans are the most annoying neighbour's. A neighbour that makes their problems yours.

WE DON'T NEED YOU ZIMBABWEANS. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH WITH YOU. GO FIX YOUR OWN ZIMBABWE. LIVE US ALONE Zimbabwe wants SA to interfere into their political affairs. President Mbeki is still blamed over 20years for making Zimbabwe have power sharing. Forex is really a great opportunity which favoured me and I really can't thank Mr moph Donald for such a wonderful mentorship and profitability. He is really an amazing trader. You wish to trade forex connect with him moph_Donaldo

Forex is really a great opportunity which favoured me and I really can't thank Mr Donald Charles for such a wonderful mentorship and profitability. He is really an amazing trader. You wish to trade forex connect with him Donald_Charle9 What's your say about sanctions young man. This guy is absolutely absent minded by crying next door. Americans are out now you coming local, asking for sympathy yet you black paint zimbabwe

But we don’t fuckup ur country A line of thinking I completely disagree with ..instead of appreciating SA’s courtesy in accommodating millions of Zim ppl we now make it as if it’s SA’s obligation to ensure Zim is functional…they have a 50m+ population 2 take care of;high unemployment & inequality to deal with

What he does not know is that migration in2 South Africa,by foreign nationals,not just Zimbabweans, has been there since time immemorial. Ironically,there were more migrations during the Apartheid era,with foreign nationals leaving their peaceful nations for the oppressive regime

nelsonchamisa, just as his predecessor Morgan Tsvangirai, is an imperialist lapdog who knows nothing about the history of this region SADC_News. The GovernmentZA & the MYANC know how to help Zim.PresidencyZA has been on the forefront in calling for lifting of Sanctions Why do you call for others to help you fix a country on whose economy you continue to invite sanctions? It's very stupid to try to convince others to come to the party when you fail to do such a simple thing as denouncing economic sanctions. SADC_News is united against sanctions

He's talking bull,they never helped us during apartheid,nor did any of the sadc countries,do u're homework,Chamisa This is gutter journalism from SABC 4444444444444 Wise words these nelsonchamisa It's an open secret that Zim problems stem from Western destabilisation via usembassyharare UKinZimbabwe euinzim sanctions. As long as West's Zim sanctions remain SADC_News will remain in economic turmoil personified by Zim economic refugees

The only Challenge Zimbabwe has is America's Nelson Chamisa/Biti /Mavhinga requested sanctions. Most in Zimbabwe have no short memory. It makes sense ❤️

In my day, Rhodesia Northern Rhodesia( Rhodes ) and Nyasaland. I don't think there was even a passport needed. Zimbabens have voted Zanu pf out long time ago but ANC still continues to frustrate the will of the people by supporting and propping up Zanu pf dictatorship. As long as ANC supports Zanu pf Zimbabens are here to stay. FACT!

This guy is dad mad, I dnt understand why Zimbabweans think are entitled to be helped by South Africa,I mean we have 52 countries in Africa, Zimbabwe is not a SA problem The lying Chamisa will never talk about the effects of sanctions on Zimbabwe This idiot is talking about blackmailing SA to intervene in a sovereign country's internal affairs on the threat of continuing the invasion. We can solve the issue easily ngemvubu nama donki-piri

That's true ,I don't know how but S.A has to fix the situation in Zimbabwe .... maybe Mnangagwa must just name his price and get paid to sell Zim to S.A .... finish & klaar This kind of journalism by your station fronted by Sophie_Mokoena is irresponsible indeed. It's a shame, your station has gone to the Dogs and has become an extension of US🇺🇸 efforts in dismantling Africa.. Is this a balanced and fair narrative of the whole Zim🇿🇼 story?

That's rubbish I'm sick of it Assist = Gives us money Blackmail = send people to take your jobs Extortion = your responsibility to empower our women and children Unaccountabilty.= Zanu not ready to stop stealing state funds Maybe u mean South Africa should assist in the removal of sanctions

Kanhubu ako kanokokera nyika yakarikuda kuzotonga MASANCTIONS. Kanhundira mutsime. At one time also called for military invasions kamharapatsetsetse aka Just engage with ED instead hooving around making noise SA already did what they can do to assist Zimbabweans nw they also challenges of unemployment (46%) which needs jobs so jst mind yr steps

ZimSanctionsMustFall No SANCTIONS No CRY 🇿🇼🇿🇼 shutdownUSAembassy Zen_ntando3 With mom Sophie_Mokoena . Dankie dankie 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Zen_ntando3 nightmare neighbors 💀 We are told we are foreigners in Zimbabwe by the shona people Our parents grandparents stayed fought and blood was shed, do the same cowards

How can super powers Us UK be told what to do by a young man of 23 yrs Sanctions where imposed around yr 2000 They is more to this sanctions story that you are not telling us

Change your constitution first consider Human rights & include all tribes empowerment stop nonsense of one tribe Shona dominance in all post u are messing everything sort out that Before calling assistance u are the ones invited sanctions by urself,no vital role u played In SA Sounds like he was campaigning for his party.

Like South Africa Zimbabweans allowed the Corrupt leaders to dump them in poverty and steal their future. South Africa can't assist themselves afraid zimbabwean citizens must stop the excuses and do something about their leaders Red iyo president hatichada Tokudai baba Which challenges? There is no war in Zim The only challenge is zanupf which they should vote it out whichever way possible and chamisa must blame his fellow Zims who continue voting the rulling party and Emerson

Assist people who are running away from their problems. This is some fucked up kind of entitlement from these useless Zimbabweans To those South African commenting shit pleas be considered. What CCC need from you is to tell the world how bad Zim is, not when they send a delegation and that delegation report like thing are normal. People of Zim don't need your money or your minerals. Preach the gospel

Yes ANC and Zipra worked together ! Uneducated South Africans thinks only about Mugabe whenever Zimbabwe name cross their minds ! Thanks My president we shall overcome We want sanctions to be removed first and then we deal with Zanu pf

Zimbabweans are oppressed back home ,there is a regime of looters ,thugs ,torturing people ,the same people took farms from whites not the people. They rig elections but SA government continue endorsing em . How do you begin to help the 'know it all' best educated people in Africa? They had independence over 30 years and still can figure out what wrong with themselves

Mugabe said, 'Leave Zimbabwe to the Zimbabweans'. I agree with him He must Voetsek, their Political Leaders said SA is not one of the Provinces in Zim, they also called the same Malema who is protecting them the foreigner, we can't be always fooled by Zimbabweans,they are so weak, we thought the problem was Mugabe, now he is gone, Voetsek.

We will help u by deporting Zimbo's so they can vote for u and fight Zimbabwe South Africa needs educated labour which can only be found in Zimbabwe Go back home fight there help will come anyway from anyone who wants too help don't push SA to come and help you guys we have our own issues too, go fight at home, SA is being doing it's to help Zim, now we can't we have our issues too

We will help you guys while you are fighting in your land not running away from your problems, and Africa is not SA only call other countries too to help you guys this thing of abusing SA government by Zimbabwe people and it leadership must come to an End, we are tried Chamisa begged for US sanctions on Zimbabwe. Sanctions made life difficult for many Zimbabweans. They skipped the boarder to SA. Now Chamisa blames SA for the problems caused by the sanctions he caused. SA must punish Chamisa for this. Reject him. SA is being played here. Wikilea

The asaistance that Zimbabweans need from SA is for our Southern neighbour to stop propping up the corrupt & brutal zanu pf junta and also to stop endorsing electoral rigging that is keeping this shithole party in power when Zimbabweans have long rejected it since 2000 simple.

If Zim would have done half of what Zambia did during apartheid we would be asked to name our children after Zim leaders. A glass of water during a marathon. He goes around the world calling sanctions against Zimbabweans and then come back to blackmail Africans. This guy inyongo yomuntu! nelsonchamisa VictoriaAfrica9 let South Africa assist Zimbos when illegal immigrants jump to South Africa by creating big Refugee Camps each province & make sure they don't get employed in South Africa I don't mind my tax when is used Massdeportations PutSouthAficansFirst

KUSUNGA FACE KUNGE KUDURE KWEMBUDZI SPEAKING NONSENSE 😁😁😁😁😁😁 THIS MAN IS POWER HUNGRY AND IS VERY DANGEROUS TO BE NEAR THE HELM Helped who? During what? Hee wena!!! THIS MAN IS TOXIC....WE ARE SAFE WITHOUT HIM.....IF YOU ARE CHANGED DENOUNCE SANCTIONS BEFORE YOU CALL FOR HELP crying for South Africa support is an admission that his so called CCC is inadequate to effect the change they claim to be for!

Zimbabwe must fix itself. You can't call sanctions for your own country and cry to the neighboring Counties for help. This nonsense that zimbabwe help south Africa is total not true and must be dismissed. Mozambique, Lesotho, Swaziland help south Africa. Zimbabwe did nothing That one suffers from a brain infection

Bro crocodiles are killing people in the limpopo River Your task isn't to ask for anything bit to assist Zimbabweans im Zimbabwe If I didn't know him, I'd have thought it was just a nyaope boy blabbering on... If we help Zimbabweans in their cause, both countries will benefit.... They do need our support but must lead the cause!! Start with voting in numbers

Why are u obsessed in covering Chamisa & fail to ask real qns. Why are u allowing coverage of a foreign opposition to campaign in SA Chamisa doesn't need SADC or SA. He needs to WIN an election in🇿🇼 not SA or Twitter. 2018 just proved no rigging was done but immaturity 𝐋𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫!!! 𝐂𝐂𝐂. Ge must stop trying to guilt trip SA for 'help'. He much convince the Zimbabwean people that he's a better choice & leave SA alone. When SADC spoke against sanctions in 🇿🇼, Chamisa was quiet so what more support does he need🤷🏾‍♀️ Cyril to overthrow ED for him🤔

Why is he yelling? Is this not a sign of mental illness? We are being held under duress here JayJayN17 We all know ANC government won’t call out their brother in Zimbabwe to order. ANC is losing support and who knows they may need the tricks of ZANUPF in 2024 to retain power. Populist policies will come soon, grab the land, political persecution, it’s an African thing.

JayJayN17 😂😂😂 so some of u guys believe he is talking about help to win elections. No. He is simply saying ANC government must stop celebrating their brother dictator in the north of Limpopo. Humans are survival beings , they will find ways to survive which include being in SA

He's so gullible. They can't even if they wanted to. They have their own economic problems to deal with. Which African country ever gave financial assistance to another African country really 🤦‍♂️ Wrong we don't need South Africa interference in our domestic issues. The have their own problems like 95 % land in 5% of the population and extreme poverty in a land of plenty

Pls Zim look you seek for help bt you guys are still here, how come we have to be forward on something that you guys should stand up first. You need to bond and will follow after. I think thats it. Assist how? Zim is a Sovereign state, what can SA do Must we go and fire the president He needs to be more specific

South Africa got its own problem and children to take care of 😜 Hai mara wanya o, there are other countries to go to fokoff Flip flopper with his minions will gladly assist you in addressing your challenges When things don't work out, S.A. is to be blamed again like now Mbeki is always blamed. Zimbabweans must resolve their differences, government must deport, take fingerprints, repeat offenders must be imprisoned. It's about time we take responsibility as Africans.

Addykeys1 Freedom is coming tomorrow

Kante SADC is only made up of SA. I wasn’t aware but it’s good to hear that unless we help them they won’t stop damaging our country. Hey mara people have it good. Just love entitlement. SA has no such obligations outside of her international policy of corporation & diplomacy with regional & continental instruments. If he wants 2 be assisted 2 discredit any other political formation there he must forget. He must call all Zimbos all over the world 2 return 2 vote.

I wish he had worn yellow for this interview. Wearing red can be a bit confusing especially immediately after launching the new party. We have our own problems, we are tired of baby-sitting you, Voetsek now. Zim can go jump. They must sort out their problems themselves. Nothing but truth Stop with hatred comments he is only asking for ANC to stop supporting ZANU PF to rig elections simple it is Mbeki who helped Zanu to get back in power in 2008.

This prock wants our help yet he is insulting us.Leave us with our peacock mentality. Zimbabweans will always come to SA unless your govnt call a spade a spade stop protecting zanu pf . Kanopenga aka. 🤣🤣

Take Malema to b ur president since he thinks economy is only based on having land. Makazvira jecha wani, Api ma challenges RSA != greener pastures There was no CCC during apathaid . This CCC was formed 4 days ago. This shows the level of how stupid is this man called Chamisa. I think the most contributing factor is he married an old woman 9 years older than him. Now he thinks he is grandfather looking for free attention

Let me disappoint u bro,come 2024 Zimbos are coming home for gud this time It sounds like a man that wants South Africa to do all the work 🤣 So south Africans are forced to support Chamisa or else Zimbabweans will continue to cross the border to SA?. What a daft politician Chamisa is. Home grown solutions must be found to Zimbabwean problems not kuzvifumura

He's encouraging their lawlessness? 👀 They must ask Malawi Toxic leadership 🙄

All we can do is to assist them home! Mos they say they own land and we don't. How do we help land owners🤷🏾‍♂️ U cant assist cowards who dont want to even throw a stone to liberate themselves. South Afrika must not player saviour Zimbabweans till they learn that freedom is not free, and cant be achieve by running away .

The reason why? They will be turned back, as South Africans we have our problems to deal with, some compounded by the uncontrolled influx of foreigners into our shores. They call south Africans lazy and uneducated but they want them to assist them 🙄🙄this educated hardworking Zimbabweans are something else

So that they can blame us once things don't go their way, no Zimbabwe is not our province but a sovereign state in Southern Africa. No South Africa is not first aid MakomboreroH CCC 🇿🇼 What exactly did Zimbabwe did to assist us during apartheid?

Nelson we been helping Zimbabweans for years now we are geting tired of helping Zimbabweans i mean 1st of all millions of them are all over SA working while we as SAns are unemployed what more do u want us to do wena just call on all Zimbabweans in SAns to come home & fix ur zim I'm just worried about the red poloneck 🤔🤔🤔Zim is very hot unless he has also crossed the border illegally

This one is being mislead by MmusiMaimane In Tshivenḓa we say 'hu vuswa i ḓi vusaho' meaning we help those who are putting in the effort. Zimbabweans and Nigerians don't want to face their problems back home. How can we be of assistance if they're running away. South Africa is not responsible for Zimbabwe

Chamisa can't even hold the MDC in one peace come on guys Cheetahplains We cant send all the whites back nor can we give all the stolen land back to them nor can we dismantle the zanupf infestation… so how can SA help How about we assist by sending all of them back with a one way ticket so they can vote

But OK tell me how we help when Zimbabweans don't want to go home register to vote So this guy he is saying we must help him win or else, the best help we can give him is to do mass deportations of his voters in time to vote for him We are not going to have another fall out about assisting fellow African countries like what happened during the Mbeki years.

Mandela was still president when you started streaming into South Africa. We've done all we could. We have no obligation to anyone except To South africans themselves. How did they support south Africans during apartheid era because Mugabe spoke directly 🤔🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ I agree with Chamisa SA must help Zimbabwe to help itself Zimbabweans will also go home, PutSouthAfricaFirst doesn't hate foreigners we want them to stay in their countries then we can help their countries rebuild themselves. Period. We are one anyways Africans.

CONNIVING WITH FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE TO SABOTAGE THE ZIMBABWEN ECONOMY HAS BEEN YOUR PARTY s POLICY.ZIMBABWE CITIZENS ARE SUFFERING BECAUSE OF CHAMISA CHETE CHETE FARTING ON THE NAME OF ZIMBABWE. He deserves a lekker pos Klap!! What is it that we owe Zimbabwe so much that every problem that they have it must be solve by South Africa. Having half population of Zimbabwe's here in SA is not enough

Hobson’s choice Hulle moet gaan sikhathele . Sa tried to help but your president is too clever same applies to his people

It reminds me of the ruling party's blackmailing utterances, whenever we complained of their Incompetency they'll tell you 'if you can't handle it,join us' 😭🤣 So yall blame us again like you are doing with the whole Thabo Mbeki situation 😒 🙄 CCC💛💛 Leadership . The same Zimbabwe who have declared there are no crisis in their country and don't need any intervention from SA, that Zim? The only way SA can help Zim is to deport them to vote against their opresser & close borders.

GovernmentZA i think the leader of Zimbabwean Opposition Party the help his talking about is this one , there's a lot of injustice going on in that Country a little help will help them and us at the same time JayJayN17 For me it would make sense if Nigerians and Zimbabweans work together and go in each others countries in numbers. Those two countries make many babies and raise parasites. They must just work together and stop running to other countries.

Go public and denounce sanctions first. Leave SA alone. Us Zimbabweans can change Zim alone if sanctions are removed sydwelmakhubele He is saying people will continue to break the law? Yhoo

Zimbabweans cannot keep running away from their internal political affairs they have to go back to their own country and fix things Well said Chamisa This guy is crazy 😧, we are neighbors, why must we take care of they blunder Zimbabwe didn't do shit for SA during the struggle. As Mugabe once said the struggle South Africans are facing during apartheid is theirs to fight, I as a South African say the same, the struggle in Zimbabwe is for Zimbabweans to fight please exclude us.

We!! He so narrow minded it journalists asked narrow minded questions U cant isolate other countries and only focus on SA for help it's very stupid PutSouthAficansFirst Emotional blackmail 🤔 So he is not wearing yellow but red JayJayN17 You never assisted us so we don't owe you any assistance The day you chase white ppl in Zimbabwe what was in your mind?.now you chase the same white ppl in SA act as if your hard worker and educated.use your hard worker and educated ones to solve your issues.

IncaseMissed Famba nelson CCC We need to support them by deporting Zimbabweans so they go and vote next year. They only keep coming here because of the weak ANC. When did he realise that they need assistant from SA?why they don’t call Botswana and Malawi to help them?.he must learn to respect when he talk to us he is rude as if we gain something from them.

That apartheid blackmail don't work anymore,they must assist them selves We can only help those who help themselves as he said. I don't see Zimbabweans doing anything except swim with crocodiles. If they were doing what people of eSwatini are doing, maybe then they will receive help. We don't have any greener pastures in South Africa anymore ..Pastures have turned brown and dry recently...

This western puppet called Chamisa will never be the President of Zimbabwe. We will vote ANC out in 2024 without any assistance from foreigners and we will deport all illegal foreigners in this country Sorry Boet, you guys did a good job of messing up the bread basket of Africa now we must help you. Get the famers back and give them their farms

Maye we baba savelelwa yilama zayzay!

molokele Dear , Surely you could have said the 'Leader of the Citizen Coalition for Change'. Please move with times and give your audience current news. Thank you. CCC_SouthAfrica 'Former MDC'...what doea that mean, is MDC dead now? Remember 'Zimbabwe is not the province of South Africa'. Have you forgotten those words Chamisa?🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

Be careful my brother once u include SA u talking about the ANC that stopped democracy in Zimbabwe. Zim is suffering because of IEC corruption,ZANUPF together with ANC , solid truth and u know it very we and Zim ppl shall suffer once include ANC build you country without ANC Not “please come and help us” “please support us” Just an instruction to help them from just that, am guessing there won’t be a thank you then! Mmh we help you during apartheid struggles, it’s the entitlement and arrogance from top to bottom

Let them fight first instead of running to Satafrika🚮 you must dance to the tune of you music, this is your composition bro not SA, deal with it We will assis you when you are home. How can we assist you while you all over the world. You will remain the begging bowl like the rest of Africa including South Africa

Do your own dirty work

nelsonchamisa articulate as always 😊😊 unfortunately his people are relaxing, they are on a honeymoon face of their lives in Mzansi, they wont go back until they killed us all, that's what Zimbabweans do best in South Africa. Hallelujah Sadc must help Zim Somagwaza3 Why are you guys not showing memorial ya Patrick Shai? Do you know how much he made for SABC or you all interns there?

fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck ZIMBABWE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The ANC that was assisted by fellow African countries died long time ago, what you see now is political gangsters Indeed neighbours should assist because when Zimbabweans try to protest against human rights abuse👇this happens How can we do that when there is South African politicians and their apologists, who want to make us the next Zimbabwe.

No we don’t have to do any thing, until we finish cleaning our own house

🇿🇦 I’ve received R100,000,00 within 7days of crypto trading with the help of Mr Hendricksnino12 he’s reliable and trust, ⚡𝐍𝐨 𝐡𝐢𝐝𝐝𝐞𝐧 𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐠𝐞𝐬 ⚡𝐍𝐨 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡𝐝𝐫𝐚𝐰𝐚𝐥 𝐩𝐞𝐧𝐝𝐢𝐧𝐠 Contact him now by clicking on the link below 🦵🔑🦵 The sheer arrogance though, but he's not lying Greener pastures are gone in the process of dragging Zimbabweans and other unwelcome visitors back to their dark holes .

Assist us to monitor 2023 election if you do it right you wl never see Zimbabweans in your country again. CCC CITIZENS Where is Emerson Mnangagwa he is very quiet about this issue. He has too show leadership