NEDLAC waits for court declaration on mandatory vaccinations

NEDLAC waits for court declaration on mandatory vaccinations

2021-12-08 07:20:00 AM

NEDLAC waits for court declaration on mandatory vaccinations

Labour Minister Thulas Nxesi says NEDLAC believes the promotion of vaccines remains the most best way of preventing the further spread of COVID-19 and lockdowns.

COVID-19 in SA: Death toll surpasses 90,000 markPresident Cyril Ramaphosa is choosing a consultative approach to decide on the imposition of vaccine mandates.A mandate -- which some companies have already undertaken – means a person should be vaccinated to access the workplace, travel or attend public events.

However, Nxesi says NEDLAC will wait on the court.

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It's not going to happen here. Yini iNEDLAC Look at this fat cat. I bet half of his salary may empower 20 young unemployed individuals. The poor won't even say no because they need the bread ans they rather die. The rich will leave the jobs n fight in court. One year later the rich win the poor remain an experiment. This is sad,IMF is our president, Bill gate is the deputy

COVID-19 Vaccine | Nedlac supports mandatory jabsLabour Minister, Thulas Nxesi, says mandatory policies will depend on risk assessments. Mandatory vaccine is needed especially to people with stubborn minds.CovidVaccine South Africa can jump start its economy if it does the following: 1-Remove the race based BBBEE laws! 2-Remove all labour law red tape! 3-Reduce Corporate Income Tax to 22%! (This will be lowered to 27% next year tho) eNCA DStv403 Nedlac can support whatever they want. WE, THE PEOPLE don't supoort Mandatory Vaccinations. What happened to determining what the people want? Is this world dictated by 'scientists'? If THE PEOPLE don't want Vaccines, why force? We will RESIST!

Nedlac backs calls for vaccine mandates for workplaces, public areasNedlac says it still believes that more should be done to incentivise and encourage citizens to get inoculated. Not true. NEDLAC_SA said the debate should go forward... Meaning this is still open for discussion.

Nedlac backs call for mandatory workplace jabsGovernment, business, organised labour and other social partners are reaching consensus that mandatory vaccinations would have to be imposed by workplaces if the spread of Covid-19 and its variants is to be effectively combated. Where is attendance register from NEDLEC Congratulations to the lucky winners yesterday.We are still giving out a payment of R17000 to R19000 to the first 30 people to comment CASH just like we did yesterday .

LISTEN | Human trafficking boom as SA kids sold for sex and labourHawks investigate more than triple the number of cases this year than in 2020 Maybe if they had worked over the 9 wasted years, they'd be up to date. I was down and under at a point until I saw testimony, I was introduced to him and I started an investment trade my life took a better turn I highly recommend you to trade_with_sean Whe we scream our lungs out about this and the untraceable ppl that are allowed in our society, the lack of borders management we are called of all sorts of names Beneficiaries of human trafficking pay politicians to call us xenophobic

‘We can no longer afford the blackmail that Eskom is too big to fail’: Stinging words at Nedlac summitThe belief that Eskom needs to be saved no matter the cost is tantamount to blackmail and hampering the supply of sustainable electricity to SA, the convener of the Nedlac community constituency said on Tuesday. If you can't save Eskom resign and let those believe Eskom can be saved to chair the project of keeping the lights on and making Eskom to be profitable again.. What's tantamount to blackmail and hampering the supply of electricity to SA is you and Ramaphosa. He is probably promised something ... That statement is attached to a statement. Indirectly pushing for privatization of Eskom. We are in deep trouble...

President Ramaphosa expects report back on vaccine mandates soonPresident Cyril Ramaphosa on Sunday said he was waiting for a report back from a task team he established to investigate the possibility of making vaccination mandatory. Hell will break loose Venda le la gafa nna I refuse to vaccine 🙆🙆 He better vaccinate venda people not us .kuzinyiwa angalokoth hambo mtshela kuth asifuni asizalwa uyena